You're Depressed and He Has To Keep Checking On You

I didn’t move, I didn’t blink, I didn’t breathe. I just layed there, my vision blurred as I stared up at the ceiling. I felt my skin becoming clammy as my eyes began to burn, but nothing could take me out of my trance.
I was so confused—so confused as to why I had to feel this way. I didn’t understand how a world that looks so beautiful can be so harsh. I didn’t understand how living and breathing can be so painful to me.
Is there a life after death? Is there such thing as another chance at something you thought you only had once? Does God know that people deserve something so much more than what they’re given? Was there a place, much, much better than this?
I felt myself wanting to breathe, and wanting to inhale the air that had surrounded me, but I didn’t do anything. I didn’t move, I didn’t blink, and I didn’t breathe.
Suddenly, my body was tugged from underneath the water, dragging me out of my world. I gasped for air as I coughed, shutting my eyes tightly as my naked body was placed on his warm one.
“God damnit, y/n,” he sighed, wrapping my now freezing body in a towel, “this is the fourth time this week”.
I stayed still with my chin resting on his shoulder, breathing in his comforting scent. This is all i’ve ever really did now-a-days—stare into pure nothingness as my mind took over my body.
His strong, gentle arms carried me into the air as he took short strides to our bedroom. I wish I could have said I was sorry—sorry for making him think I do this on purpose, sorry for making him worry about me everytime I took a bath. But I couldn’t even croak out a word right now. I could always talk to him. I could always try my best to make him happy to be with me, but my life has been becoming my own personal hell that I think it’s starting to become like that for him, too.
I was gentley placed on the matress as the duvets covered my skin. His arms snaked around my waist as he pulled my body closer to his, as if me being covered in water was completely out of his mind.
“I don’t purposly do this” I randomly whispered, “it’s just that—”
“I know, baby, I know” he whispered, kissing my temple so gentley, as if I was made of glass. And even though I wasn’t, it sure felt like I was.
“I’m sorry” I whispered, “but everything to me is so cruel and dark and—”
“Sh sh sh, baby. You’re alright. I understand, baby. You’ll heal, as long as you’re with me, you’ll heal. You’re safe.”
Somewhere in his words, I started to believe him. Maybe there was blue skies, green grass, and laughter somewhere—somewhere not within my reach. But maybe, if I stay with him, I’ll find that other side. Maybe if I stay with him, it will all be okay.
“I will always love you” I whispered, not moving, not blinking, but certainly breathing.

like larry is real or w/e but watching 1d videos and realizing just how badly niall wanted louis’s approval and to impress him from the very beginning… and how much they ended up loving each other… and how happy they make each other… and how proud louis is of niall and how proud niall is of louis… damb… that shit hurts real bad…

Preferencia #188 - Qué hace cuando un chico se te queda viendo

HARRY: Harry es muy alto,  pero cuando otro chico te mira su altura aumenta. Mientras el chico te mira, él lo mira a él. Claro que no es la misma mirada, la de Harry es mucho más agresiva y en cuanto quien te esté viendo lo nota, da media vuelta y se va. Después de ésta acto Harry se queda con una sonrisa, y tú no puedes hacer más que reír.

LIAM: Generalmente sucede en alguna noche cuando Liam y tú salen a algún club, y mientras tú disfrutas de la música, Liam de repente deja de bailar contigo y se pone tenso. Nunca lo notas, porque tú estás muy ocupada moviéndote y es por eso que el otro chico te está mirando. Pero claro que Liam lo nota, y te acerca un poco más hacia él y te besa. “¿Eso por qué fue?” Preguntas con una pequeña sonrisa, a lo que él responde encogiendo los hombros.

LOUIS: Louis es todo felicidad y risas, y cuando se pone serio de repente es por una de dos razones: O hay paparazzi, o algún chico te está mirando. Y no importan todos los intentos que hagas por tranquilizarlo, ninguno sirve. Cuando es la segunda opción lo que le molesta, observa al chico hasta que éste se dé cuenta. “¿Puedo ayudarte con algo?” Pregunta molesto, y el chico deja de observarte. “Idiota.” Se queja Louis volteando los ojos.

NIALL: Niall podrá ser tranquilo y relajado, pero cuando un chico te está viendo de arriba abajo, de pies a cabeza, Niall no puede evitar el lado salvaje que tiene escondido. Sus ojos se ponen oscuros y todos sus músculos se tensan. “Calma Ni, mejor vámonos de aquí.”  Con mucho trabajo lo llevas a otro lado, ya que él no deja de observar al chico hasta que está seguro que no va a voltear a verte ni una vez más.

ZAYN: Cuando ve que algún chico no deja de mirarte, Zayn puede ponerse muy violento. No vas a mentir, se ve muy sexy cuando está celoso. Y no importa cuántas veces ya ha pasado, o cuántas le has dicho que no tiene porqué ponerse así, el sigue siendo muy celoso. “¡Déjala en paz, quieres!” Es lo que generalmente grita, provocando al otro chico. Tratas de alejarlo para evitar una pelea, pero un Zayn celoso no va a calmarse hasta que da un buen golpe. “Vas a dejar de ver a MI chica, ¿entendiste?” Y con eso se va de ahí.

My mom and the "Unidentified gel" (my mom knows what's up)

Me: (shows mom unidentified gel tweet while fangirling)

Mom: It’s not like he hasn’t tasted lube before…

Me: mom! Now is not a time for joking!

Mom: I’m just saying he knows what that shit tastes like already

Me: alright that’s-

Mom: because blowjobs

Me: I get it…

Mom: he’s got the mouth for it


Mom: tell Harry to stop eating lube

Me: (silence)

Mom: you think it was flavored

Me:(walks out)

Mom: (yelling from across the house) I BET IT WAS SOME KIND OF STRAWBERRY FLAVOR!