[ENG] 161205 1THEK’s Twitter Update with SEVENTEEN

시상에 이게 무신일이여(╬☉д⊙)
제주도에선 자켓 무덤을 쌓는다고¿
#SEVENTEEN #세븐틴 #렛츠댄스 #내일_공개

What in the world is going on (╬☉д⊙)
They pile up a grave of jackets in Jeju-do ¿  
#SEVENTEEN #SEVENTEEN #Let’sDance #Will_Be_Released_Tomorrow

[Video Translations] 
-[On-Screen] President Boo scolding the oldest hyung on the recording of Let’s Dance *laughs*
-[Seungkwan] “Let’s finish up quickly.” Isn’t it the leader who told us that? Ah, really, really. Sorry.

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