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honestly i love the sound of an e/r reunion. like they havent seen each other in 10 years and they meet again by chance and its all happy crying and hugging and all of their problems seem to fade away because they're together again

Picture this:

Enjolras and Grantaire went to the same school when they were kids. And their relationship wasn’t a friendly one. Enjolras was that kid who always seemed to know everything better than anybody and it annoyed the HELL out of Grantaire. On the other hand, Grantaire was full of potential but would never use it and Enjolras absolutely hated that.

So they had feuds and petty little arguments. All of that fuelled by the fact that Grantaire had a secret crush on Enjolras and he couldn’t possibly let him know.

Cut to 8th grade, and Enjolras moves out to Paris. Grantaire misses the feuds. He misses the annoying mister-know-it-all answers. He misses the blonde curls. He hates that he misses HIM.

Cut to 10 years later. Grantaire moves out to the capital and rents an apartment with two other guys that soon become his best friends. And the said best friends keep pestering him to go to that social justice groups of theirs. After two months of avoiding it, Grantaire finally goes.

The guy that welcomes him feels strangely familiar. There’s something of a déjà-vu in him, when he shakes Grantaire’s hand. Grantaire has it just on the tip of his tongue.

“I’m glad you could come! Joly and Bossuet talked a lot about you! I’m Enjolras!”

A record breaks in Grantaire’s head and he’s squeezing Enjolras’ hand so hard he may as well break it in a second.


And it’s 7th grade all over again

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hc: nico, reyna, and thalia being the Intimidating Badass Squad who everyone is terrified to even make eye contact with. they act super tough but they also have friendship bracelets and slumber parties where they braid each others hair and gossip

•the ‘im not here to be polite OR heterosexual’ squad
•they have a groupchat. it mainly consists of nico and thalia exchanging memes at three am
•at their sleepovers they have intense movie marathons. they try to get nico Up To Date with pop culture. he isnt allowed to leave the couch until hes watched at least three harry potter movies.
• people see them huddling together lookin all serious and speaking in hushed tones and think they are Plotting Something but they are really just exchanging pokemon cards
• thalia always gets into Twitter Drama™ and The Squad™ always supports her 100% like they r making vague tweets and throwin shade @ the other parties involved they Destroy The Opposition
• memes said and done, they really do support each other and they have all opened up to each other and its really good and pure and healthy im crying i love themm :’)


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