I wanted to make another quick clarification post, because I had a couple asks from aces wondering about the use of the word “enthusiastic” to describe consent. Super good question, and I’m sorry I didn’t think to explain this in the other post.

In the context of consent, “enthusiastic” doesn’t necessarily mean jumping up and down for joy (though it might for you!). It more means that the consent was freely and willingly given, not coerced, pressured, or assumed. In other words, if you’re feeling really hesitant but your partner convinces you to go ahead anyway, that ain’t enthusiastic consent. If your partner checks in with you in an appropriate way and you are genuinely interested, want to do the thing, and give your consent without outside pressure, that IS enthusiastic consent, regardless of whether or not you truly feel “enthused” in the traditional sense. It’s a nuance, but an important one.

Technically this isn’t too far off from the dictionary definition of the word:



having or showing intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval.

But since the most common usage of the word is to describe someone who is very excited or overjoyed, it’s worth making the distinction.

being told ur lazy and also having depression is confusing sometimes bc when u dont feel like doing anything u don’t know if ur being lazy or ur just depressed

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