Everyday Everlark Headcanon

The first winter they get snowed in since arriving back in District 12, Peeta teaches Katniss how to play Chess. She’s confused at first, but soon enough, she’s memorized every piece and every move, and develops the same kind of focus she has when she’s hunting.

She’s good. She’s really good.

So good that Peeta, despite the good-natured soul that he is (especially when it comes to Katniss), begins to feel frustrated and even a tad resentful at how quickly she caught on to something that took weeks for him to fully understand.

Katniss senses his frustration after she wins her third straight game, and decides to make things more interesting for him. “One more,” she says. He gives her a small smile and shakes his head, claiming he wants to paint for a little while. “Okay,” she sighs, “But I was thinking, maybe I take off an item of clothing for every piece you take, and you do the same…” He turns and looks at her with wide eyes, lips slowly curving into a sly smile.

“Reset the board.”


It is an old and rarely used gesture of our district, occasionally seen at funerals. It means thanks, it means admiration, it means goodbye to someone you love.

Everyday Everlark Headcanon

They still have nightmares, but sometimes they’re not about the Games, or even the War. Katniss still has nightmares of her father’s death, and those seem to hit her harder than others. On mornings after those in particular, Peeta calls in to say he’ll be late at the bakery, and takes Katniss to her father’s lake for a few hours. They don’t say much, but it makes her feel better.

Peeta’s nightmares are a different story. When they’re not about the Games or his hijacking, he dreams about his childhood. Katniss wakes up to mumbles of “worthless” or “good for nothing” or “never enough”. At first, she doesn’t know how what to do after he has these - “Not real” doesn’t seem to fit. She thinks of other things she could say, but after all this time, she can’t bring herself to say them to his face. So, she writes notes for him, and leaves them everywhere - in the bathroom, in the kitchen, at the bakery, under his pillow. You are my everything. / I wouldn’t be here without you. / You deserve to be happy. / I hope I make you as happy as you make me. / You are not alone. / This world is better because of you. / I need you. I do. 

She tries not to be in the room when he reads them, and he doesn’t mention them to her, either. But one day, she looks up in the back room of the bakery, and sees all of them taped to the wall. And she smiles to herself.


This is all about the perfect human being that is Peeta.

Recently discovered this song called “Peeta” by Jonathan Thulin, I know it’s not new, but I must admit that I didn’t know it so, as soon as I listen to it, I had to make something with it as well. The lyrics is just so lovely!

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