I will break down the gates of heaven
A thousand angels stand waiting for me,
Oh, take my heart and I’ll lay down my weapons
Break my shackles to set me free

‘Mockingjay – Part One’: On YA Dystopias, Trauma, and the Smokescreen of the “Serious Movie” @ btchflcks

“Director Francis Lawrence paints a grim portrait as the film explores the consequences wrought by the earlier events of the series, touching on torture, the large-scale destruction of warfare, violent suppression of insurrection, the mechanics of war propaganda, and the trauma the series’ violence has inflicted on its characters. But Mockingjay’s dark trappings mask the way the film foregrounds Katniss’ desperate romantic plight at the expense of both other aspects of her character and coherent dystopian critique. In doing so, Lawrence spins the illusion of a gritty, realistic criticism of war and propaganda headed by an independent, emotionally complex female character without truly providing the substance of either.”

Top 10 Hunger Games Characters (in order, though the last two are interchangeable)

1. Peeta Mellark
2. Finnick Odair
3. Johanna Mason
4. Katniss Everdeen
5. Haymitch Abernathy
6. Madge Undersee
7. President Snow
8. Effie Trinket
9. Commander Boggs
10. Caesar Flickerman

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anonymous asked:

Salut, I have an idea for a prompt, in case it is okay for you to mix the real world with the fictional world. Could you write something where Effie wears a dress like Elizabeth did for the Met Gala? This Haymitch approves post here inspired me. :)

Here you go =) [X]

The Dress

“If we’re late this time it will be your fault!” Haymitch bellowed at the top of his lungs in the direction of the bedrooms.

He had been waiting for her for ten minutes already – something that never happened. He tugged on his jacket and loosened his tie, uncomfortable in the formal attire. He didn’t see why they needed to always wear fancy clothes to all those parties. Capitols partied every day.

Finally, her door opened and she stepped out.

And Haymitch’s jaw dropped.

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