PP3 - Subcontext Bechloe - Chapter 12 - The Cookie

Beca stood in a swanky hotel in the South of France, glancing around at the impressive interior while she walked with the rest The Bellas. She glanced to her right, the knot of jealousy in her stomach tightening as she watched Chloe slowly walking alongside Chicago.

“Ooh lets get a selfie!!” Ashley called out, and Beca let out a small groan as she was tugged by Flo into a small group photo with herself, Ashley and Fat Amy. She’d hated photos back when she’d first joined The Bellas. For some reason the girls always insisted on taking them. Nowadays she was able to look back on those photos and was relieved that she’d taken part in them. It was nice to be able to reminisce about their Barden days.

So Beca forced a smile on her face while Ashley took the selfie. It was rare to be involved in a selfie and not have Chloe by her side. Chloe was often the selfie initiator within the group..

Beca stepped out of the huddle, muttering something about how that was the only photo they were going to get out of her, and turned to look over at Chloe and Chicago, a lump forming in her throat when she saw Chloe looking up at the handsome man as though he were the only thing in this world. And it killed the brunette, who quickly turned away, stuffing her hands in the pockets of her leather jacket, not really knowing what to do with herself. She needed a distraction.

Fat Amy mentioned something to her about free cookies, motioning to a posh plate of cookies to their left, but Beca didn’t really have time to respond before Ashley called out, “One more!” and Flo dragged them back into a group huddle once again. Beca sighed, throwing her thumbs up to make the photo as dorky as possible. Surely that would be the only additional photo..

Chloe looked over at Beca while she listened to Chicago telling her how being in the army was like having a family and that was something she also shared with the Bellas, “…you guys come together for this tour and when it’s over you go your separate ways but..” tears began tainting Chloe’s eyes slightly as Chicago continued his sweet analogy, “…you’re always going to be there for each other, right?” Chloe watched as Beca peeled herself out of the huddle that the redhead knew her best friend would’ve hated, knowing that Beca only tolerated one photo rather than several.

“You’re never really alone.” Chicago added kindly, and Chloe watched Fat Amy hold a cookie out to Beca, the brunette flinching, then realising what it was so took it between her teeth. Chloe smiled softly, adoring the sight of her petite best friend munching merrily on the cookie. The man had a point. From the moment Beca had come into her life she’d never felt alone. In fact as the years had gone on their friendship had grown into this unbreakable relationship that Chloe valued beyond any other relationship in her life. Beca was her person, and always would be. And because of this it probably meant having to let her go again so Beca could be with someone. Last time it was Jesse. This time, Theo..

“Wow, that was really cheesy.” Chicago finished sheepishly, and Chloe turned to look at him, loving how sweet the soldier was.

“No,” she said softly, “I liked it.”

After a couple of moments Chloe turned to look back over at The Bellas, Fat Amy having now wandered off, leaving Ashley showing Flo and Beca the selfies she’d taken. To Chloe’s surprise she saw that Beca wasn’t looking at the selfies at all and instead was looking over at her with an expression that Chloe couldn’t read. The redhead took a deep breath when she watched Beca look away as Flo said something to her.

“Um, could I ask you something?” Chicago asked tentatively and Chloe turned back to him, raising her eyebrows expectantly with a small nod and a sweet “mmhmm!”

The soldier looked a little nervous, “I know this isn’t really any of my business but..what’s the deal with you and Beca?”

Chloe’s heart skipped a beat at the sound of Beca’s name being mentioned. If she were truly honest and didn’t get so flustered when talking about Beca to other people then she would’ve simply answered his question with a shrug and a “We’re just best friends.” But this was Chloe Beale. Being asked about her secret crush. Her response was going to be far from cool.

And as Chloe spoke quickly, becoming more flustered by the second, she used her hands more to explain things:

“Oh..me and Beca? Yeah we’re..um..well you know, we’re best friends. Like, the best of friends. We’ve lived together for 6 years. We know each other inside and out..not..not sexually..well..we have been sharing a bed over the past couple of years..” Chicago, who had been smiling slightly in amusement at how sweet Chloe was when flustered, suddenly dropped his expression into one of surprise at the mention of Chloe and Beca sharing a bed, but Chloe hadn’t really noticed, “And we’re kinda in this weird funk at the moment where we cant really sleep in seperate beds anymore because we’re so used to sharing a bed that we’ve been sharing hotel rooms every night this week..”

“So you’re..sleeping together..?” Chicago asked cautiously.

“Yep.” Chloe answered quickly, then realised how that sounded, “No!” she quickly added, “Uh..not like that..we just share a bed and..and sleep..or, you know, just chat..about whatever..” Chloe could feel the heat rising in her cheeks as Chicago furrowed his brow. She looked over at where she’d last seen Beca, but her stomach knotted when she realised that her best friend had wandered off with a couple of the other Bellas. Chloe glanced around to see if she could see her, but she’d gone, and the redhead’s shoulders sank.

“Okay so..you’re just best friends who happen to live together and share a bed.” Chicago summarised in a slightly suspicious tone. Chloe turned to look back at him and she let out a small sigh. He wasn’t a complete stranger any more. So she decided that telling him wouldn’t be the end of the world.

“Look…I-I haven’t really told anyone this before but…” Chloe paused, biting her bottom lip nervously. This was so risky. Admitting it outloud would be the first step in letting go of these feelings she had for Beca. Admitting it outloud would mark the start of the end of this chapter in her life. And Chloe hated change. “I’ve had this..crazy crush on Beca ever since I met her seven years ago. And it’s stupid because she’d never feel the same way about me-“

“-You don’t know that.” Chicago interrupted positively, an encouraging look on his face, “Based on what you’ve said to me and the way the two of you interact, I was under the impression the two of you were already together!”

“Oh..” Chloe said, her eyebrows raising while Chicago chuckled.

“I think you should go for it. Tell her how you feel.” Chloe swallowed loudly as the soldier continued talking, “I mean, from the sounds of things you’re both pretty much there.” And Chicago shrugged as he added, with a kind smile, “You just haven’t properly told each other how you feel yet.”

“Right..” Chloe said quietly with a small nod. The guy had a point. “Except..there’s one small hitch in that plan..” and Chloe let out a heavy sigh, shaking her head sadly, “Theo..”

“Oh..” Chicago answered, raising his eyebrows in surprise, “I didn’t realise they were-“

“-Yeah..I mean..she’s not said anything but-”

“-But you’re her best friend, so you know.” Chicago said in a sympathetic voice and Chloe just nodded, tears in her eyes again. “Hey, I know a nice bar down the street. Why don’t Zeke and I take you and the Bellas there? You guys can have an afternoon drink in the sun..”

A small smile washed over Chloe’s face and she nodded gently, “Yeah, that’d be nice. Thanks.”


Now your character Chloe and Anna Kendrick’s character Beca…are you aware of this fanbase that ships for those two characters to get together?

Yes! We learned about it pretty quickly after the first movie was over, and I remember Kendrick looking it up and asking “Do you know that there’s people that write about us”, and I found it so fascinating and also such an honor because I met a girl who realized she was gay from the fan fiction that was written about Chloe. It’s such an honor to be a character that can make people realize things about themselves.

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