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Prompt: Chloe helps Beca clear out all of Jesse's stuff in her room after they breakup.

There wasn’t much left over, if she was being honest. After three years and constant contact, Chloe expected more to be packed away in Beca’s room - like fossils that were waiting to be discovered. So when Beca called her, frustration rich in her voice, she drove over quickly from the gym, hoping she’d find some time in the coming day to do the things she set out to do. But when she got there and realized what they had to do, it seemed easy enough. She leaned over to the movie rack, plucking out a DVD. 

“It’s all movies,” Beca said from the bed, scratching her forehead. “And, like, clothes, I guess.” 

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Prompt idea: beca sings make you feel my love by Adele to Emily. Like every time she cried or couldn't sleep beca would sing it.

Here’s the song

Beca never handled emotions well. There was always a kind of distance that occurred whenever someone cried - like she was suddenly incapable of comprehending what was going through their head - and that tended to add an air of discomfort to the arm that she put around the other person’s shoulder. She was separate from them in that moment, put on a staggered scale and made to try to reach out without success. 

It was only when two specific people cried did she feel that real sense of empathy - the kind that tears at your heart and pulls you closer to them because you know that just the presence of your touch is the most you can give. 

She learned this with Chloe, because she wasn’t one to hide her tears from anyone. She chalked the comfort up to the fact that she was in love with someone who wore their heart on their sleeve, and cuddled into her when she started getting emotional about starving cat commercials. She worked on instinct with the redhead, needing to be close more than wanting to be, because if she could do anything at all to stop the tears then she would. She’d scale buildings to make Chloe feel better, because if she was crying, then Beca was too, in some capacity. 

It made sense, then, when Emily came along, that Beca sacrificed no small piece of her heart to permanently erasing the little girl’s frowns. 

So she started singing early on, because one of the only things that calmed Emily’s baby cries was the sound of her voice (after two months of nightly singing, Beca lost her voice, and the household was filled with Emily’s wails for four nights in a row). 

And it seemed to help, more than anything else, to lift the weight off of both the girls’ shoulders. So she kept it up, using that as a means of guiding Emily to sleep and pushing her awake when her tiny arms became incapable of carrying everything. 

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I think Bechloe is proven to be real by all the small things they do in the movies that most people would usually overlook. Like the fact in Pitch perfect 2, Chloe’s the one to start the cup song around the camp fire. The song Beca sang for her audition in the first movie. The quick small glances at each other throughout both movies.