Reaction To You Turning Pocket-Sized

Monsta X reaction to S/O turning pocket-sized randomly. This could also work for if you told them you’re pregnant.


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A very worried father indeed.
He would be confused, just confused. Confused if he was dreaming or not, if his eyes were playing tricks on him or not. He’d honestly have nothing to say due to his state of shock.


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Boy would freak the fuck out.
He’d be scared at first before asking 20 million questions, frantic to make you normal again.


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I think his shock would be translated into laughter. Like he would think it was funny he was in such a weird dream, because there’s no way this could happen in reality-


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ignore the snacks
He’d have nothing to say, he’d be in such shock.
It’d take him a while to get a grip of himself.


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Holy shit-
He’d probably ask you how you did that and if you were okay, frantically dropping to your level.
After a bit he’d think it was a bit cute, but his mission would still be to get you back to normal size so he could hug you with crushing you.


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Very similar to Hyungwon, Changkyun would think his mind was playing tricks on him like a bad trip.
He’d laugh and say you were so cute, spazzing out only when he realized he was already awake.


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ignore Kihyun
Jooheon would be scared. Like it’s some sorcery shit or something and he is not about that.
But like Wonho, I think he’d be very curious and ask how to make you normal again.


Wonho is one of the kindest idols I’ve ever seen; his love and care for others know no boundaries. As Monsta X becomes more popular, I hope more fans know there is so much more to him than just visuals. He is an angel, a warmhearted person who dedicates himself to everything and everyone. Wonho always tells us that he’s childish and isn’t always the most mature but his kindness and ability to understand people is anything but. He is a beautiful person, inside and out.

Monsta X -Beautiful MV Explained (kinda)

Jooheon is ring leader confirmed.

While everyone else is asleep in their own, individual rooms- Jooheon is walking the hall which connects all of the rooms to each other.

But we’ll get into that later. First we’ve gotta talk about parallelism, because there is SO MUCH of that in this MV. 

To start it off we have Showki who’s rooms are set up to mirror each others. (They sort of link back to Fighter- Shownu was knighted in with swords and Kihyun had to go collect flowers.) 

Wonkyun has got the color scheme thing going on with the gold, but they’re also their rooms were full of personal effects (like money and letters).

Hyunghyuk’s rooms oddly tie into time with Minhyuk’s room having pendulums and Hyungwon’s having sand (like the sands of time).

In this MV, the main objective of each person in a room is to go out of that room and join Jooheon in the hallway - so they have to face something or let go of something.

We’ll start simple with the ones that make the most sense from directly looking.

Minhyuk has to face the passing of time.

(Love the fact the time is 5:14 aka MX’s debut date XD)

Hyungwon has to face himself.

Wonho has to write a letter to whoever wrote the letter he took out of that box.

Changkyun has to let go of all the money surrounding him. (which is why his room had a fire place and he had to burn the money).

Now when it comes to Shownu and Kihyun it’s a bit more complex. I’m not too sure about it but- it seems that Kihyun has to make the sword which Jooheon used in the Fighter MV for Shownu and Shownu has the make the flowers which Kihyun used. 

Jooheon is the one that hands people the things they need to fulfill their task. For some reason we don’t see Shownu get the potion bottle or Changkyun get the match but I guess Jooheon delivered it. 

Because Jooheon hands Kihyun the hammer-

Wonho the ink and pen- (it’s implied cause it’s the same tray)

Minhyuk the watch-

-and Hyungwon the mirror. (again implied cause same tray)

In the end, all of them pass and manage to join Jooheon in the hallway. 

Not sure how this fits the overarching plot but it’s the most cohesive of the 3 MVs. Sorry for the haphazard overview XD I tried getting this out as fast as I could. 


Oh yeah and Hyungwon’s room was full of reflective surfaces (I wasn’t sure where to put this.)