[CH+] Infinite Members’ Preference Test - Sunggyu

There’ll be preference test results released for each member on CH+, relay style, so the first one is Sunggyu’s. Translation by Yeolsprout (whom I’m so glad to see has come back online!)

Part 1 of the Infinite Members’ Preference Test


Hello~ First and foremost, we’d like to apologize for being so MIA since well… the start of the year really. Although we took a long unannounced hiatus, we haven’t completely abandoned our blog! It’s really lame, but we’re just really busy and our schedules changed and no longer line up. We barely have a chance to talk to each other with the crazy time difference between us. We’ve also took some time during the break to focus on real life, but don’t fret! We’re still here, patiently waiting for a comeback like everyone else.

The reason for this post is really because I wanted to answer the asks that have been piling up in our box but felt wrong just answering without any explanation to our 6 month absence. We don’t want anyone to think that we’ve been ignoring you! We’ll try to be more available until the next comeback! Please forgive us! We’ve also been consumed with the months of torture that Woollim put us through this summer (I’m definitely the sweep anything stressful under the rug in order to protect myself from hurt kind of person as well). 

Anyway, we’d like to just say that we have, and always will support everyone in all endeavors throughout their careers/lives. We are proud of our boys and that will never change. Well, without further ado, and I apologize if it feels like spam, on to the asks!

I just hope that Hoya is happy and successful with everything he does. He has great talent so I have no doubts he’ll be great.

And the same for Infinite. It may not be the same without Hoya but they will still be the Infinite we know and love who puts out great music.

You gave me the happiest heart rush in my life. 
-INFINITE: Memories

Dear Hoya,

Thank you so much for the past 7 years. I wish you nothing but happiness and success in your future endeavors. You, along with all the other members, have allowed me to create beautiful memories that I will never forget. I am nothing but grateful to all the effort you put into Infinite and the love you have for Inspirits.

Thank you so much Lee Howon •_•