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Put on the famous #burlesque performance gown of #gypsyroselee for a very special project for #vlv …stay tuned! 💋

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April 1961. Golden Nugget, a city block in the distance, during construction of the casino’s wrap-around neon display designed by Kermit Wayne at YESCO.

“Another skyline change will be etched on Casino Center’s horizon with the installation of a new quarter-million dollar neon sign on the Golden Nugget … Installation of the sign should begin early in April, with completion late that month .. the sign will circumvent the building, extending down Fremont Street, and wrapping around the corner and continuing down Second Street” – Las Vegas Review Journal, 3/1/61. Kodachrome scan by VLV.


Say hello to all these beautiful ladies! Too many to tag!!!!
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Little BTS action (thanks to awesome @dressedtokillyou) from my shoot with the fabulous @ginabarbaraphotography. Cannot wait for these images! 🔥
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Jiving Contest - Final Six
Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend, #14
The Orleans Casino, Las Vegas
April 24, 2011

This is Tony and I dancing! if you know what song this is … kudos to you!

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IN vlv how did the boys look like,how did you imagine them?

Liam looks largely as he does in the fic post. Zayn looks like he does in the fic post for the first half of the fic; for the second half, he has the buzzcut he had right after leaving 1d. for the others, I pictured them as they did kinda of just before/right around the time Zayn left…..that’s when I came up with the fic idea, so that’s how i was picturing them at that time :D

Viva Las Vegas → Gustvera

Grant was excited to be in Las Vegas for the weekend. After long days of filming The Flash, he needed this break to just let loose and have a good time. Some of his friends were going with him and he knew it’d be a blast, especially since he hadn’t seen many of them in a while. Being stuck in Vancouver left him minimal time to go to LA and other places to spend time with his loved ones, so he was going to make the most of this weekend. Once arriving, Grant started getting busy at the casino, hoping to win some money. He wasn’t all that great at gambling, but he figured why not. Grabbing a drink and walking towards a table for Blackjack, Grant furrowed his brows as he saw a familiar face. “Rivera? Is that you?”