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Malia and Stiles have been childhood friends until one day she goes missing. Stiles never stops looking for her. Years later he discovers she’s been in a car accident and lost her memories. He seeks her out and makes her remember the girl she used to be.

"Abusive parents" One Shot

Author: that-hipster-homestuck-chick

Original Imagine: 


Warnings: Abusive relationship

Word Count: 463 words

A/N: I can’t say that I know what this is like but I know what it’s like to be mentally and emotionally abused by people. Aka: I was bullied but here!


You shut the door and locked it, leaning against the wall for support. Usually, it was never this bad. They just hit you and called you names but today it was awful. You carefully slid down to the floor and examined the damage. You couldn’t move your wrist, your lip was split open, your ribs felt like they were broken, you had a black eye, and you were pretty sure your nose was broken.

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Baby Derek Preference

Silence. That’s all that you wished you could here, but you couldn’t because Arden Cho and Holland Roden were screaming and giggling in your dressing room.

“Guys, come on it’s not that serious. It’s just a little kiss.”

“Oh,come on Y/N! A little kiss?” said Holland sarcastically.

“Uhm, yeah” you reply.

“Y/N this kissing scene between you and Ian isn’t some little kiss. It’s almost considered full on make-out.” Said Arden.

Ian. The Ian Nelson. He was just so cute; he had the smile, the amazing eyes, and the best personality. What more could you ask for in a guy.

“Y/N, your needed on set!”

“Oww oww (*cat calls*)!” Hollered the girls as you got up to leave.

As you were walking towards set you nervously chewed on a mint because you were nervous about having bad breath and kissing Ian.

“Better make that two mints Y/N” Arden said with a laugh.

“Haha. Like your one to talk.” you reply.

“Alright, alright. Anyways good luck!” she said and strolled away with Holland toward the makeup trailer.

Soon you were on set, and the only people in these couple of scenes were you and Ian.

“Alright guys, so this is the scene where young Derek and Kate are walking around in the woods after school and they end up confessing their affection towards one another; the scene will end with the big kiss.” Said Jeff as the two of you stood in your perspective spots.

The scene starts with you and Ian walking around talking about how much you both hate school. Then it changes to a conversation about you guys being opposites. The werewolf boy and the daughter of a family of hunters.

“Derek, I don’t think this… whatever we’re doing is going to work out.”

“Why not?”

“I’m suppose to despise everything about you. I shouldn’t even be talking to you right now.”

“You know what Kate, I don’t care if your a huntress and I’m part wolf. I.. I lik- No I love you.”

The camera man zooms in on your faces.

“Really?” You ask.

“No I love you back jeeze way to kill the moment Kate.”

“Oh, I know how to fix it.”

Next thing you know your both leaning in towards each other. All you can think about is how you hope your lips aren’t chapped and that Ian doesn’t ignore you after this. The moment when your lips finally touch you feel so relaxed. The kiss began to get so heated that you didn’t know that Jeff had yelled cut, or that your hands were around Ian’s neck and his around your waist.

“Y/N! Ian!” Tyler Posey screams.

You both pull away blushing so much your faces are fire engine red.

“Well kids I would say nice acting, but we can all tell that there was more to that kiss than just doing your jobs.” Said Jeff.

You look over to Ian who is looking at you. 

“Well, Y/N how about we go off somewhere where to talk for a bit” Ian says with a wink.

You agree and walk away hand in hand.

“I told you they would be going out after this scene. Now all you losers need to pay up.” Posey said walking around with his hands out to collect his new found fortune.

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It isn't

And they tell you to “get over it” because everyone dislikes something about themselves.

What they don’t understand is that it isn’t mere dislike that makes you like this. It’s hate that drives you to the cliff of suicide after speed bump after speed bump when they could have asked you why- the cutting, the ED. It’s pain that drives you not to open your mouth to come out, or to order your meal at any restaurant, or to wear anything except a sweatshirt size XXL.

It’s crippling fear that keeps you from using any public bathroom, afraid you won’t pass, or from going to school because you don’t want to be harassed, or from getting a job because it will force you to come out yet again. It’s shame that holds the words down your throat while your heart suffocates and screams for help.

It is the belief that society has forced into you, that you are inherently WRONG to be the way that you are.
It is not a choice.

It is night after night of holding blades over your arteries, dealing with the devil over your life. It is the 3 AM phone calls from your girlfriend, begging you to still be alive.

It is panic attacks about leaving the house. It is doctor visits, one after another, until maybe you can find one who sees you as human. It is shaking so have that you can’t hold your phone, waiting for someone to react to your coming out.

It’s cringing when people still call you by your birth name on purpose, it is not understanding what you did wrong to deserve this.

It is overdosing the same night you get home from the hospital. It is trying to explain, and then realizing that they could never understand because they compared it to being fat. It is being ashamed about your identity, it is being interrogated about your genitalia and childhood experience.

It is being shunned, it is being misunderstood, it is being kicked out of the only place you felt safe; it is homelessness.

Stop making it more excruciating that it is on its own.