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If I go back, it’s not for Beacon Hills.

170527 yh_next instagram update with Justin:

[저스틴🌱] 안녕하세요 위에화 연습생 16살 저스틴입니다!
101에서 많이 배우고 좋은 형들이랑 만나서 너무 좋아했어요!
저한테 계속 응원해주신 여러분도 너무 감사해요~
앞으로 더 열심히 연습하겠습니다 😖
pa. 의웅이형이랑 형섭이형도 응원 많이 하자요~! #위에화엔터테인먼트코리아 #연습생 #저스틴 #위에화새싹즈#YH_NEXT #YUEHUA #위에화 #위에화연습실

[Justin 🌱] Hello, it’s Yuehua’s trainee Justin!
I learnt a lot with the nice hyungs I met, I really liked it!
You kept cheering for me, thank you everyone~
I’ll practice hard 😖
pa. Euiwoong hyung and Hyungseob hyung let’s do well~! 

trans by: R @ fyboys101
take out with full credits


ルーナ… 今まで聞いてやれなくてゴメン。
Luna… I’m sorry that I couldn’t hear you out until now.