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Random opinion:

I love the Trait Family. I think the idea of the Trait Family is brilliant. It’s really disappointing to see them getting hate over their who idea.

I’ll support the Traits even if I don’t interact with them. I think they’re amazing, well thought out OCs.

That’s my opinion. I’m just stating it.

[What do you do with an over powered family of gorgeous, assholic, meta-gods?

Well, if you’re Nate, you fuck with them like you would a group of pretty popular high school girls. He leaves the gift on the table, a note written on it in surprisingly nice handwriting.]

To the fairest of them all, a symbol of my passion for your hopeful consideration.

                                                                        Love, a Passionate Admirer  

[Now to sit and watch the games begin.]

just a note ;

My decision to separate Pride and Consequence from the ‘Trait Family’ does NOT mean I am no longer roleplaying with other traits, etc. It simply means that the likelihood either will recognize the vast majority of them as ‘family’ is SLIM TO NONE. This is my manner of freeing them both up to more roleplay, even if it’s limited to those I have spent time plotting with before threading.

This just means I will no longer be doing greets or starters unless it has been discussed prior with the other writer.

important ;

This is just a note that my three traits: Pride, Humour and Consequence? Will ONLY consider certain traits/ideologies/personifications or whatever as ‘family’, and such cases are generally pre-plotted via Skype and or asks. So please, if I do happen to follow your muse in turn, do NOT expect mine to deem your muse family – and given some of my headcanons for each, do NOT expect a pleasant response to the implication that your muse thinks they are their 'family’.

I am not trying to be a bitch nor am I trying to come off as pretentious or any such thing, but my muses have very specific attitudes for each of them when it comes to 'family’. Pride specifically has a habit of a more volatile nature with those in the 'family’ – there are few she genuinely respects and considers as her true family. Consequence can be volatile, but it depends on how you treat her. Humour is the least likely to be angry or abrasive on the topic, but given her memory issues she may still be a bit grumpy.


I’m going to do some cleaning up of this account!

I’m going to fix the relationships – knock it down to only those who are directly and consistently involved in Pride’s life. I knocked off the ‘retired’ forms/visages as well, I never used them and they’re more a representation of the times, so to speak. It is now just Pride’s main forms and her rare forms. I just feel that in lieu of the events that took place not that long ago I would start a bit of cleaning. Pride will also no longer be directly a part of the 'Trait Family’ as a means to open her up to more roleplay. There will still be some that she will always consider family, openly or not.

But for the most part? I think with the 'family’ dwindling as it is that it’s perhaps time to bring Pride and Consequence into their own verse, as it were.

Alright, so! There’s been quite a resurgence with the Traits and all of that. And it seems as if, it might be time for another index:

Of all faceclaims that each one is using. To avoid confusion, I suppose.

If anyone is interested, I don’t mind making that index and linking it onto my blog for all to find.

So, yes, no maybe so?

If you want to be on it, just submit the name of your personification and all of their faces with it being preferred, secondary, you know the whole thing. I’ll mark the preferred with an *.

anonymous asked:

do you have any connection to those new traits that are popping up like daisies?


The simple answer? No.

The detailed answer? Pride has not even really been part of the former Traits since a certain dramatic event took place, as I had indeed posted about. I can find the post explaining it, if you would like me to.

Also, as for these new ‘Traits’ that have been cropping up, I don’t really follow any of them and the ones that Pride would actually consider ‘family’ of any Traits? Gluttony, Empathy and a couple others. Prior to the drama Pride rarely considered any of the former Traits to be ‘blood’ relatives. But I don’t believe I will follow or interact with the other Pride, etc. I don’t know quite how I feel about the resurgence and I’m wary that it will not bode well given the events that took place around a month or more ago now. My wariness is not meant in offense to the writers of the new Traits, but more that I am finally comfortable again and would really like for no further drama to occur.

Also, in my sidebar it does state limited roleplay, as well as on the ‘status’ page.