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important note ;

I know other writers for the Trait family (Sins, Virtues, etc included) have said this before, but I feel it needs to be reiterated due to a few threads I myself have encountered:


Even the notions of Sin and Virtue? We use those titles because that is what most in existence know these Traits to be. When you think of being greedy or prideful? You think of the idea of Sins. When you think of chastity or charity? You think of the idea of Virtues. These are, yes, instilled within us by religion – but the Trait family in the world we created them in, their ‘verse’ so to speak, came before religion.

God has nothing to do with Balance’s or Chaos or Order or Time’s creation in this verse of ours.

In this verse, in this world, we’ve established? These are natural occurrences

That is, of course, not to say that you as a writer or your muse are not allowed to view things religiously. Go right ahead. But our muses, we ourselves, do not view it as such. And it is not right to make it out like we should cater our muse to those beliefs. Before someone states we’re doing some kind of disservice to the Lord with this? Some of the writers are religious.

They are old creatures, they’re powerful. You can destroy their forms, but they are something present in every human, even some animals – they are emotions and beliefs – they are concepts that keep the world in balance whether you are religious or not. Erase one trait or ideology? The freedoms we have could be thrown off-kilter.

Basically, at the end of the day, all I’m really saying here with this? To expect any of us to bend our character or our headcanons, or whatever? That would be like asking a Castiel RPer not to write him as an angel of the Lord because your character or the verse they hail from might not view angels as Supernatural portrays them. That’s not how RP works, folks. That takes fun out of it. Your character is welcome not to view Pride or Greed or Empathy or Ambition as eons old powerful beings – BUT that is what they are in our verse and that won’t change because your character chooses not to believe or they/you disagree.

We don’t expect you to change your muses or yourself (beliefs, ideals, what have you) for us, don’t expect it of us. 

trait family: rebirth ;

As it’s been seen, Empathy has done something called ‘reprogramming’ – it was specifically done to her by Balance. It is not something any of the other Traits (Sins, Virtues and Ideologies included) are technically capable of. It’s something specific to Balance and Empathy, as Empathy is technically? Balance’s other half.

But, in lieu of that? Empathy and Balance set in motion something healthier for the other Traits to institute, if necessary, as reprogramming can be harsh. Something equatable to reprogramming to a certain degree. And that is called:


A rebirth in it’s essence? Is essentially a reset, like rebooting a computer. It effects each Trait differently and is used by each for different reasons. For example, Ambition used it for a form of an evolution, rebirthing herself to have a clean slate – to evolve and move forward. Another example? Pride has done a few rebirths, it is why she has a set of retired forms and a set of rarely used forms – each is a result of a rebirth. Her reason for each rebirth was to prevent herself from crashing as it enforces a regeneration without a negative connotation.

A rebirth is not technically a Trait 'dying’, it’s more of a type of sleep as their forms either expire/retire or fall to the wayside while new forms are created, so to speak.

Basically? Rebirths are used for the following as reprogramming is essentially relegated to Empathy and Balance:

  • evolution of sorts
  • preventing a crash

[ You are not required to hold this headcanon yourself – I discussed this with both Ambition and Empathy before typing this up. And you are welcome to have your own variant reasons for 'rebirth’ for your muse as it would understandably vary depending what they represent/what their influence is. ]

important note ;

The following posts pertain to anything involving the ‘Trait Family’ that has been posted by any one of us to help out newcomers.

Sometimes you will find important things in the Trait Family tag: here.

Random opinion:

I love the Trait Family. I think the idea of the Trait Family is brilliant. It’s really disappointing to see them getting hate over their who idea.

I’ll support the Traits even if I don’t interact with them. I think they’re amazing, well thought out OCs.

That’s my opinion. I’m just stating it.

important note ;

As a Trait/Sin/Virtue/Ideology RPer? I will not be integrating the Boston Marathon tragedy into RP in terms of the whole ‘who caused it thing’ or the 'which one of the traits or whatever was involved’. Not only is it a 'too soon’ kind of deal for me, but it just feels like it would discredit the pain some are going through over this. I don’t want to devalue the tragedy by integrating it into my roleplay. And I really feel, no one should.

I am not even sure if I will include much about it after the fact or later on in RP. And I will not answer asks about it in my RP either.

If you are integrating it into RP and or memes already? Not going to lie, I am disappointed in you. It’s an immature reaction and it’s massively insensitive.

     "No, no, no–“ 

     She’s accustomed to this. She’s accustomed to feeling the essence of her kin flicker or fade, because it’s never a balanced week without a family member dying by another’s hand. But this time was a little different.

     It hit a little harder.

     'See you soon.' 


[What do you do with an over powered family of gorgeous, assholic, meta-gods?

Well, if you’re Nate, you fuck with them like you would a group of pretty popular high school girls. He leaves the gift on the table, a note written on it in surprisingly nice handwriting.]

To the fairest of them all, a symbol of my passion for your hopeful consideration.

                                                                        Love, a Passionate Admirer  

[Now to sit and watch the games begin.]

trait family: psa

A few have come to me about the ever growing Trait Family situation, I am not claiming I own the idea or that I am the first, but it seems that people like my organization when it comes to things. 

I am not, we are not, trying to dictate what muse you are choosing – or what should pop in your head for creation… This is just getting to a point where it’s so huge and so hard for us to keep track. Of course, we wouldn’t mind seeing the Sins or Virtues turn into a complete set. And it’s not a terrible thing to see people striking up more Traits, though, admittedly they’re more Ideologies than anything.

Don’t get me or us wrong, it’s great to have this fun, but the bigger this gets? The more likely toes can be stepped on, the more likely it is someone will get upset about one thing or another and we’d love to avoid that.

And of course, you can still create whatever you want… But, this post is to say, that at this point? Not every Sin or Trait or Ideology that exists right now will treat your muse as family. 

trait family: common misconception


So, due to some rather obvious misconceptions that others have had about what constitutes as what for the ‘Trait Family’, I’ve spoken with Balance’s writer as well as a few others over time and determined a clarification that needs to be made. Not every member of the 'Trait Family’ is necessarily a 'trait’ – as trait, as a word, is implicative of something pertaining to or describing someone or something; i.e. greedy people, ambitious people, etc.

Some of them are more along the lines of an Ideology, which in reality can speak to the Sins and Virtues as they are a bit of both, so to speak. While pride can be viewed as a concept, you can be a prideful person – and so on and so forth.


Balance, for instance, is an Ideology or a Concept, if you will. Thus, she is not created by god(s) OR humans; she is present in existence as it stands. Whereas something like Chastity would qualify as created by humans, in essence by religions and cultures to a large degree.

BUT: No matter what the case, whether born of human ideologies or the simplicity of nature and existence? They are cosmic beings and a number of them are pre-humanity; a number of them are born of humanity and some of them are born of life — life as a whole, not just humanity, i.e. the dawn of time kind of deal.

important ;

This is just a note that my three traits: Pride, Humour and Consequence? Will ONLY consider certain traits/ideologies/personifications or whatever as ‘family’, and such cases are generally pre-plotted via Skype and or asks. So please, if I do happen to follow your muse in turn, do NOT expect mine to deem your muse family – and given some of my headcanons for each, do NOT expect a pleasant response to the implication that your muse thinks they are their 'family’.

I am not trying to be a bitch nor am I trying to come off as pretentious or any such thing, but my muses have very specific attitudes for each of them when it comes to 'family’. Pride specifically has a habit of a more volatile nature with those in the 'family’ – there are few she genuinely respects and considers as her true family. Consequence can be volatile, but it depends on how you treat her. Humour is the least likely to be angry or abrasive on the topic, but given her memory issues she may still be a bit grumpy.

anonymous asked you: how does the gender thing work for you guys?

This probably varies per writer, though I don’t know…

But anyways. I see them as technically genderless as they are the personified entities of whatever they represent. But, they all have some degree of gender preference – if you look through some their forms/visages pages? You’ll notice some have more male than female and others have more female than male. Some even have a rather equal assortment of gender.

This sort of applies to race as well – they are all technically raceless. Yet, some may like to have an array of different races where others may find comfort in one in particular.

In the end neither gender nor race truly matters or defines the Trait, Ideology, Sin or Virtue in question.

Alright, so! There’s been quite a resurgence with the Traits and all of that. And it seems as if, it might be time for another index:

Of all faceclaims that each one is using. To avoid confusion, I suppose.

If anyone is interested, I don’t mind making that index and linking it onto my blog for all to find.

So, yes, no maybe so?

If you want to be on it, just submit the name of your personification and all of their faces with it being preferred, secondary, you know the whole thing. I’ll mark the preferred with an *.