e: the hunger games

the signs as YA book series
  • aries: the hunger games
  • taurus: divergent
  • gemini: percy jackson and the olympians
  • cancer: mara dyer trilogy
  • leo: shatter me
  • virgo: the lord of the rings
  • libra: gone
  • scorpio: the darkest minds
  • sagittarius: the mortal instruments
  • capricorn: twilight
  • aquarius: harry potter
  • pisces: anna and the french kiss

The deleted scene between Peeta and President Snow makes my skin crawl, not only because of what is happening in the moment, but because it made me wonder how many similar conversations happened between Snow and Finnick. 

How many times did Finnick walk into Snow’s office to see the President watching surveillance footage of him and Annie together? How many times did Snow welcome him in, call him “my boy,” try to force a sick father-son relationship on him? How many times did Snow sit Finnick down to patronize and threaten and manipulate him? 

It’s easy to forget that Snow and Finnick knew each other for ten years. For ten years, President Snow tried to twist and mold this young Victor into a political tool, into a compliant slave. For ten years, they must have had countless “conversations” in his office. 

It makes my skin crawl.