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Please send us more messages about how *totally* cheap it is to get photo IDs while also ignoring that all states are different and getting those IDs also takes hours and transportation. Time and money that is very inconvenient to a lot of people. Also conveniently ignoring how difficult it might be for people with disabilities to go to the DMV and stand around for hours. While further ignoring prisoners and people with criminal records that are literally barred from voting but yes please keep telling us how *easy* it is to vote and there *literally* no excuse for not voting or whatever. 

Little Targets

Another illustration that I don’t think needs an essay to go into the depths of the context of this; self-explanatory. This is dedicated to Michael Brown..Eric Garner…Tamir Rice…Trayvon Martin…Antonio Martin…the list is too long…let’s not make it infinite.

The cost of shooting.

Some people might be shocked the first time they go to the range at how much it can cost to shoot. 

Typical full service ranges offer alot of services. I always recommend new shooters go to a range and get some instruction. Before buying a gun always try to rent a gun and try a few models you are interested in before buying a gun. 

Typically ranges charge $10-$15 per shooter. Generally this allows you and 1 gun a shooting lane, and 1 paper target. Depending on the range this may be limited in time usually to 1 hour especially at busy ranges. Some range also charge an additional fee around $5 for each additional gun you bring in.  Additional targets are usually available for purchase from $1-$3. Most ranges will also loan out ear and eye protection, or alternatively sell cheap ear plugs and safety glasses for a $1-$3. 

Many full service ranges will have guns for rental. Typically rentals might cost between $10-$20 for a pistol. Some ranges even rent class III machine guns but typically the rental will be $25 or more for machine guns. Most ranges require that you buy THEIR ammo for use in THEIR guns. It’s pretty fair that they do this because it is their gun and they want to make sure you use quality ammo. The indoor range I go to usually will give you a small test before they rent you a gun. They hand you the gun unloaded and ask you to make it clear and lock the slide to the rear. 

Most ranges sell ammo but be careful and watch the prices. Some ranges actually have great prices on bulk ammo, but for the most part they are expensive. Some ranges only sell frangible ammo which is typically very expensive. You can expect to pay between $.50 and $1 per round for ammo from the range. 

I typically shoot 150 rounds if I’m shooting pistols, 120 or less rounds if I’m shooting rifles. Sometimes much less if I am precision shooting and taking my time. Depending on how much I paid for the ammo the average range session will be between $45-$100 in ammo. 

It’s not uncommon to end up spending $75-$120 on an average day out at the range. 

I have rented machine gun more times than I would like to admit, it’s very funny but very expensive. for example I rented a tommy gun for $25, and 100 rounds of ammo for $50 bucks. $75 total and it went up in smoke and a hail of lead in less than 5 minutes. It’s fun but you can really blow through some money fast with machine guns. 

I’ll make another post about what to do at the range next. stay tuned.