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[Teaser] 수란(SURAN) - 오늘 취하면(Feat.창모)(Prod.SUGA)

Sura 213 A.D, she was one of the Greatest Heroines of Persian History, A strategical and Military Genius during the Parthian dynasty. She was the daughter of Ardavan the Fifth, the last king of the Parthian Empire (Ashkanid Empire). She is mentioned in the history books as her father’s right hand. Sura had the rank of: Ashkanid’s General, Sepahbod (Lieutenant General). She had a grudge against King Aradeshir because on 225 A.D. Ardeshir (Son of Babak) went to a great war against her father (Ardavan V) and killed him in the war. Ardeshir restored the central power in Persia and completely changed the feudalistic system of Ashkanid Parthians. He set Zoroasterianism as the official religion of Persia. His move paved the way for future rulers to use Zoroastrianism as the base of their actions and established a very strong monarchy based on the Achaemanid system. The name “Sura” means: Flower face.