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WAIT has anyone asked for that nagron soccer au yet bc that is my fav one ever and also especially apt considering (also nagron autocorrects into ALL CAPS and i find that hilarious)

YOU WOULD also i imagine agron to basically be sergio ramos just fyi just like a pique-sized giant instead (also this is more agron-focused but nasir is still there obvs I JUST WANTED THIS MOMENT because futbol okay)

When Spartacus returns to the field - his injury determined nothing more than a flare up of the perpetual shoddy knee he’s been dealing with for a year or so - Agron jogs over to him, his hand already lifting to tug the captain’s armband off and return it to its rightful place on Spartacus’ upper arm.

To be honest, with Spartacus off the field, it should have never even come to Agron - instead, it should have gone to Crixus, the next senior-most member of the team - but Crixus had been sent off with a red card last game, leaving Agron next in line.

“Keep it,” Spartacus says firmly, gesturing Agron back to his place in the midfield. Agron mouths wordlessly for a moment, the armband already half off and dangling in his fingers. He wasn’t precisely captain material - too abrupt, too quick to act - the armband was meant for Spartacus, there was no way- "Agron, just wear the damn thing,“ Spartacus interrupts Agron’s thoughts with a grin, forcibly nudging Agron away. "It’s your team now, Cap.”

As Agron trots back to his place, already imagining what dumb shit the commentators are saying about that exchange, he passes by Nasir, who stops him briefly as the whistle blows to pause play.

Nasir tucks the armband higher up Agron’s arm, letting his fingers linger as they adjust the elastic. He beams up at Agron. “Don’t fuck up, Captain,” he says with a laugh, before sending Agron back off with a slap to his ass. “We’re counting on you.”

“Fuck off,” Agron calls back, a grin creeping across his face. Captain Agron Schmidt, he thinks carefully, quietly even in his own mind. Doesn’t sound half bad.


Spartacus is the definition of an amazing service dog. I’m really fortunate to have an animal help and I’m also really grateful for all the people who helped raise the money or even just supported me. I know on here I complain a lot about how hard it is to be out with her, but it’s not her. sadly a lot of people are mis/uninformed of service animals and the rules behind them. A service animal is a medical device. You wouldn’t point out some body’s wheel chair, so don’t point out some ones service dog. Do not speak to people through the dog either, we are not our disabilities. Anyways, I’m sure you guys get sick of all these random posts about her but I’m really just insanely grateful for her and everyone who helped.

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Agron/Nasir - #18! Sorry for the two prompts I didn't realize there were more numbers. Pick whichever one you like best!

18. waking up with amnesia au

so i modeled this after the fluffiest and greatest trope to ever enter fandom and that’s the one based on that viral video of that guy waking up from surgery and falling in love with his wife all over again which is literally my favorite thing eVER and this made me so happy to write

Agron’s vision flickered in and out, and it took him a moment to realize it was because he was blinking rapidly through no real choice of his own. His eyelids felt heavy, but he managed to keep them open long enough for a face to come into view. Agron’s heart thudded in his chest. It was a nice face. Agron still felt blearly and not quite all there, but he felt his hand being taken up in the hands of this nice-faced person and he felt lips being pressed to his fingertips. Agron thought he might be smiling, but the morphine was making it hard to handle his own facial muscles.

“Agron,” the voice that came out of the nice face said, “God, I’m so glad you’re awake.” Agron agreed with this sentiment wholeheartedly, especially if it meant that this beautiful human continued to hold his hand and be nearby. “Do you want something to drink?” Agron nodded as best he could and the man held a straw up to his lips with a seriousness more appropriately suited to carrying out a military mission. Agron took his chance to stare up at the man – he looked tired, but there was no mistaking how incredibly beautiful he was, with his dark eyes, and perfect nose, and hair that Agron wanted to bury his face in.

“Are you – are – did the doctor send you?” Agron asked once the straw had been pulled away, his voice hoarse. Did the man work here? Would Agron get to keep seeing him? The man started for a moment, looking worried, before the anxious look faded into a soft smile.

“The doctor said you might be a little groggy and confused,” the man said – which didn’t answer the question.

“Are you a model?” Agron asked, blinking again. “You are just the hottest man I’ve ever seen.” The man’s lips quirked into a smile. “Just like, damn. Are you – will you – are you a doctor?”

“No, babe,” the man said, his lips quirked into a smile full of affection, his hand going to Agron’s cheek. Agron felt himself pressing into the touch. “My name’s Nasir, I’m your husband.” Agron felt his eyes widen and his mouth drop open.

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