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I see many people are confused as to what is going on, as well as about what I’ve said about OnionTaker, so here’s my attempt at clarifying The Problem™ to you, my fellow SONEs. Read attentively.

Let’s start with OnionTaker, who seems to be the person most of you have been relying on the most to acquire information regarding this critical situation. The first thing you have to bear in mind is that, contrary to popular belief, he is NOT a simple “insider.” He is an SM Entertainment employee specifically paid to work on the internet, which means he only tells fans what SM either wants him or allows him to. That being said, it should be obvious to you that not everything he says is 100% accurate, and sometimes, perhaps not even true at all. He posts exclusive pictures and spoilers about upcoming comebacks to lure fans into trusting him so that they will later accept anything he says as the utmost truth. Do not fall for that trap. And if you do choose to follow him or if come across his Tweets, always, always check his replies, because the information you might find there can be much more precious than whatever he has to say.
Bonus point
: Korean fans do not like him. And knowing k-SONEs are the group of fans within the fandom who possess the most information about everything, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to imagine or understand why. 

Now onto SM Entertainment. We’re dealing with a cunning, scheming, and unmerciful company here. The release of every single “scandal” involving an SM artist is carefully studied and sometimes even planned by the company itself, and is based on ulterior motives. Every single thing that has been released about the girls thus far and considered a scandal has either been approved by SM before hitting the news or crafted by them (except for Tiffany’s snapchat incident). They select which news they are going to release or not, and they do that based on their own agenda. The girls, as well as the media (Dispatch, for instance, has enough in its hands to blackmail SM for the rest of their existences)are merely toys. 

SM has been pressuring Taeyeon, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sooyoung, Yoona, and Seohyun to renew the contracts ever since January this year, and the fact that they were resisting SM’s impositions led SM to boycott their latest comeback. Yes; the arguable “failure” of the Holiday Night comeback was entirely calculated and promoted by SM Entertainment as to threaten the girls. In addition to that, news regarding their contracts were not supposed to be released until they were all renewed, and SM’s decision to go public with this matter was supposed to both add more pressure to the girls and give them an uncooperative image, so that they would lose the support of their fan bases. The media is not the one to blame for the things that have been going wrong for SNSD lately; it is SM. 

The best thing we can do now is support @SNSD_FAN_UNION, which is a Korean fan base that is organising a protest against SM’s menacing attitude towards SNSD and the fans. Refraining from commenting about the matter on the girls’ Instagram profiles would also be reasonable, as they do not need more pressure than they’ve already been receiving. Support the girls, support your fellow SONEs, and keep an open heart and mind. Remember that, in times like these, we musn’t be selfish.