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Sherlock: Irene Adler [ENTJ]

Te: Irene does everything for a purpose – ultimately, to ensure her own survival and gain leverage over powerful people. When she can’t solve a problem, she talks through her ideas out loud in order to validate and better understand them. Irene is all about taking control of her situation – either through domination or depriving others of essential information (no clothes = no deductions, sorry, Mr. Holmes).

Ni: Once aware of her objective, Irene foresees what is going to happen next – she anticipates Sherlock’s arrival, and plans carefully her reactions to him. Even when she is caught off guard and undermined, Irene can swiftly plot another step that will take her to her desired end. Unfortunately, she also focuses on one major goal, which means all her vital information is in a phone that can be taken away from her.

Se: Her ability to think on her feet and take immediate advantage of a situation comes in handy, as well as makes her an exhibitionist given to occasional impulses that undermine her earlier strategies. Irene can make spontaneous decisions that later backfire into unforeseen consequences. She’s very observant, and able to follow Sherlock’s logical line of thought, although he sees things a moment before she does.

Fi: Survival is her primary goal, but Irene sometimes lets her own emotions and reactions infringe on her decisions; despite her best intentions, she still falls for Sherlock Holmes – both as a challenge and on a deeper level. Her motivations are for her own survival and she will use anyone’s “tastes” to do it. Irene lives according to her own values and rules of behavior, rather than adapting to social beliefs, and gets a kick out of shocking people.



“It hurts to love. It’s like giving yourself to be flayed and knowing that at any moment the other person may just walk off with your skin.” 

Susan Sontag, born today in 1933

John, Mary, Sherlock. Three pieces I’ve drawn in these last two days, inspired by His Last Vow

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It Suits You.

In the first episode, after the lipstick incident, Molly changes the part of her hair from the middle to the left. Sherlock comments, though manipulatively, that it suits her, she helps him with something or other and here we are anxiously awaiting season 4. 

Watching season 3 I started to wonder if Molly kept her hair parted on the left through the seasons. So, after watching His Last Vow, I did some homework. The following are my notes from the rewatch:


8min middle
52min left (when she changes it and he tells her it suits her)
18min left


42min (for party) straight back gift bow on right
45min (after party incident) middle
1:02 (sherlock xraying Irene’s phone) left
not present
37min left
1:02 left
(both pulled back, but still on left)


~2min proposed scenario 1 left
38min middle (throughout until the engagement party)
1:22 (engagement party after Sherlock takes her with him and tells her how important she is to him and he realizes that she’s engaged) left

12min (at wedding and for duration of wedding time line) straight back, similar to Christmas party in s02
18min (flashback talking to lestrade, after engagement party) middle with braids in back.
18:30min (on phone with Mrs. Hudson presumably after the Lestrade meeting) left
43min (helping sherlock prepare for the stag night) left

12min (does his drug test and apparently is not engaged any more, but slaps the shit out of him like she means it) middle
34min (mind palace after he’s shot) middle
45min (after sherlock is shot and lestrade is trying to find him) left
“Just the spare bedroom, well my bedroom. We agreed he needs the space.”

Interpretation of Analysis:

Molly has 3 hair styles: middle part, left part, and her going-out ‘do.

In terms of relationships with others, I think it can be safe to say that we as humans do things that we know our other likes/enjoys. To Molly, Sherlock apparently likes the left part. 

If we look at the pattern in the first two seasons, Molly only goes back to parting in the middle once: after Sherlock embarrasses her at the Christmas party and she finds out about the texting with Irene. 

After Sherlock identifies the body and is upset by it she goes back to parting on the left (“We all do silly things.”) in the scene where Sherlock x-rays Irene’s phone. 

Even when she’s parading “Jim” about, seemingly to try to make Sherlock jealous, she still has her hair parted on the left.

Applying this Data:

In the newest season, when we meet Molly again (not in the bungee scenario, that’s not verified reality) she’s gone back to parting her hair down the middle. It’s been two years since Sherlock’s gone off. Perhaps she’s “forgotten” (I only put forgotten in quotes because I don’t think she intentionally did it before, I think it was unconscious) the change because Sherlock wasn’t around. Maybe she’s moved on in some way. Either way, when she arrives at John and Mary’s engagement party, her hair is parted on the left again.

At the wedding she’s got her hair pulled back similar to Christmas in season 2. However, there are two flashbacks in The Sign of Three. In the first, she’s talking to Lestrade, perhaps closely after the engagement party. Sherlock had said all those lovely things and maybe old feelings came back, but they “go to the pub on weekends” and she’s “met his mum and dad.” Molly got her head on straight, realized she was with Tom and that was that.

Next we see her, though, she’s talking to Mrs. Hudson, it’s closer to the wedding, and her hair is parted to the left again. Even closer to the wedding, she helps Sherlock with the “practical experience” of the stag party.

At the wedding, Molly seems frustrated with Tom and in the end when Sherlock is playing for the Watsons, she’s physically separated from Tom, watching Sherlock perform.

In the beginning of HLV, Molly is parting down the middle again. She slaps the holy hell out of him and scolds him. In Sherlock’s Mind Palace she’s middle parted. When Lestrade and John are out looking for Sherlock after he’s escaped the hospital, she’s left parted and says: “Just the spare bedroom, well my bedroom. We agreed he needs the space.”

In HLV, I think Molly and Sherlock are already together. At the beginning she seems overly worried to just be doing a drug test. Let’s go to that last line she utters in the episode: “Just the spare bedroom, well my bedroom. We agreed he needs the space.” I don’t recall ever seeing Molly’s place, but as they’re engaged, I think it could be safe to assume that Molly and Tom were living together. After they broke up, she may have needed a place to stay. There’s a spare room at Baker St. now that John’s away.

So, what else would this entail? We already know that Sherlock trusts Molly a great deal (see: faking his death). Likely, he’s told her about his newest case. If she’s staying in John’s room, she would no doubt hear Janine and Sherl’ carousing (though they never consummated the relationship) and then he disappears for the night going who knows where.

She may have agreed to his methods, but she probably wouldn’t like them. Sherlock keeps saying that “It’s for a case.” It sounds a bit repeated, to me.

After she slaps him she says “How dare you throw away the beautiful gifts you were born with,” acknowledges John and goes on to say, “How dare you betray the love of your friends?" Then Sherlock says the snide "sorry about Tom,” as if he’s trying to pick a fight. 

Molly’s never addressed Sherlock like this. At the Christmas party, she says the obvious, that he says such awful things. But when she slaps him, there’s a familiarity. Perhaps it’s just the time they’ve spent together, but I think it comes from her being in a place where she’s okay with speaking to him so.

With all this said, I’ll concede that I may be a little biased as I am all for team Mollylock or however it goes. I don’t know the cannon, so I’m not familiar with how their story should play out (if there’s a Molly in the books).

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