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So I’ve always been curious about the Hansen’s attire.

Everyone else had standard black combat boots, but not these two. Well I did a little research and kind of found out some interesting things about them.

Interestingly enough, they’re actually a pair of Motocross boots that were featured in “Mad Max” which was a movie that is actually set in Australia.

  • The actual brand name is called “Alpinestars Hi-Point Motocross Boots”.
  • They’re famously seen in Mad Max, however they’re black, but have the similar six strap, metal plating style: 

External image

  • The shin plate version (seen in the movie) of the boots that were imported into the USA usually carried the name of Hi Points.
  • They were Italian made by a brand called Alpinestars
  • They were very popular during the 1970s and the 1980s. 

They’re now considered “vintage” and they’re super hard to find. (Trust me I’ve looked). So any of you Hansen cosplayers (or really anyone who loved the style like I did) plan on spending a lot of hours searching the internet and through flea markets or throwing down a lot of cash for these boots. Most that I’ve seen online go for a few hundred dollars. (I’ve seen a pair in mint condition go for $800 dollars.)

GDT, how did you find two pairs of these in mint condition? Teach me your ways I want a pair for myself. 

Figured I’d share this information with fellow Pacific Rim fans. ^_^