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The more I see this ‘she’s a villain’ argument, the more infuriating it gets.

Let’s take it out of the fairytale for a second and give it a real world context.

If you were a rape victim facing your rapist in court, and their defence goes ‘well, they’re a really terrible person, that’s just what they do’ you would probably be horrified, to say the least. Could you imagine how it would feel to hear that? Also, they would be laughed out of the room because it’s ridiculous.

And to people who would argue ‘it IS a fairytale, it’s just fiction, it doesn’t matter’ - it does. It matters for the same reason we need more representation in media and fiction - because people look for things they can relate to. And the more real life victims see scenarios like this in media and have them go unacknowledged and swept aside because ‘men aren’t rape victims’ and ‘they consented before they knew it was someone else’, the more they believe that what happened to them wasn’t a crime, and spend years suffering in silence as a result. IT. FUCKING. MATTERS.

(I don’t wanna hijack anyone’s posts so I’m making my own.)

No one (except anons of course, hiding behind grayface) is saying that Gothel’s rape-by-deception of Hook was ok. No one’s condoning it. As far as I can tell, most are condemning it, which they should. I had such high hopes for that being consensual before the reveal, mostly because spec had already been going around that the witch was going to do exactly what she did: trick Hook by pretending to be Rapunzel, and I wanted that spec to be wrong. And I know, I know, that Gothel is a villain, evil, and would gladly do unconscionable things to get what she wants. I know that was the whole point. It was an evil thing, done by an evil person.

I don’t think that’s enough, though. Mostly because of the rampant consent issues on this show, often with little to no consequences or follow-up. See, while it makes sense that Gothel wouldn’t bat an eye at this kind of behavior, the fact is, the writers did not have to do it this way. They had a choice. They could just as easily have had Gothel fully admit to being the witch, tell Hook that she would gladly help him get his revenge if he would help her escape, and then they bang. Hook was still a villain at that point!!! Why would Gothel’s villain status deter him? I mean, there’s still a lot of folks who headcanon that Hook and Cora had a thing, and Cora was pretty dang cold. In fact, if memory serves, Hook actually tried to manipulate her (with seduction/flirting) when he thought he was losing her partnership.

If Gothel had come onto him, as herself, and he consented to sex, then they could have played out the rest just the same. Obviously she boned him under false pretenses so she could have a child and leave the tower, but considering the risk of pregnancy would have been there regardless, it would have been far less problematic on screen without the glamour spell. Simply because viewers are sick as hell of the “questionable consent” trope in this show.

So. Was it “in character” for Gothel? Yes. Evil and disgusting? Yes.

But was it necessary in order for the main plot to move forward? No. No no no. It was not necessary. And if you’re a writer, I would hope that the question of necessity would matter when you’re creating content for a (once) popular family show. It was done for the shock. It was done because they wanted it to be this biG TWIST.

Look, overall I loved the episodes last night. I loved the KnightRook, I loved Henry and Jacinda, loved Regina in Hyperion Heights, and the drama with Tremaine and Drizella. But I can’t and won’t feel any other way about the writing choice of Gothel tricking Hook into bed, other than gross.

Imagine: Felix forced you to admit you have a chrush on Pan.

Felix: “Come on Y/N, you can say it, we’re alone. ”

Y/N: “Say what? Felix there is nothing to say about it.”

Felix: “Y/N, it’s oblivius you have a chrush on him, at least to the boys and me.” *smirks*

Y/N: “Alright, fine, maybe I have a little chrush on him.” *blushes*

Felix: “Say it!”

Y/N: “Okay, okay, I, Y/N, have a chrush on Peter Pan, the one and only!”

What you didn’t know, Peter was listening, because it was Felix’ mission to ask you out.