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The OUAT fandom
  • Swan Queen shippers: So, we ship Swan Queen. Isn't it an awesome, beautiful ship? Too bad the writers are still queerbaiting.
  • Rumbelle shippers: We feel you. They screwed up our ship too. We see the chemistry btw.
  • Outlaw Queen shippers: We totally respect Swan Queen, but we ship Outlaw Queen. It was nice to see Regina happy for a change. But, yeah, one of them is dead so that sucks.
  • Swanfire shippers: Sorry you guys have to go through that, our second half also died and we still miss him. :( Most of us now ship Emma/happiness, so we're with you, Swan Queeners!!
  • Snowing shippers: Hey y'all, we just want to send you some love, our ship isn't handled in the best possible way either, but at least they are both alive and canonically true love.
  • Swan Queen shippers: Group hug!!
  • *Rumbelle, Outlaw Queen, Swanfire and Snowing shippers join in for the hug*
  • CSers: HA!!!!!!!!!! Your ships all suck. So glad Neal is dead, Rumbelle and Snowing only steal screen time from Killy the saint and ew.. two women as mothers of a child and lovers? It's a family show for God's sake! NOW BOW DOWN TO THE GLORIOUS ONE AND ONLY SHIP!!!!

reasons why season 3 episode 5 “good form” is iconic and unforgettable:

- the mcfreaking ponytail that changed my life

- david saying “you’d have liked my brother” as his version of a Sick Burn & killian saying “you’d have liked my brother” bc his brother was his hero & idol Jokes On You, David Nolan,

- that one bit where david literally swoons into killians arms

- “you couldnt handle it” “maybe YOU couldn’t handle it” SmoothTM and SuaveTM CombacksTM property of captain killian jones

- davids happy golden retriever face when the poison drains out of his system

- “im not complaining” “ok, im complaining”

- when ur stuck in the amazonian rainforest saving ur abducted kid so instead of a Romantique First KissTM u just gotta go for some hardcore making out in the middle of the jungle instead

- & then leave the not-quite-bae staring into space for like 10 minutes afterwards like a lovestruck Fool while u go get stuff done

- u kno waht? rudolph the red eared pirate tbh

- also t b h smol leftenant jones??? biggest nerd in his majesty’s service??? bless his awkward heart

- when david thinks hes Gonna Die & hugs emma real tight n emmas like ????????????????? dad ur bein Extra & weird & davids just like ‘haha no this is my Normal Dad Reflex what r u talkin abt”

- snow: david r u sure everythings ok 

- david, close 2 Tears but laughing nervously: yah im fine i just LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH!!! not dying at all!!!!! cool!!!! let me hug u one last time. i mean one MORE time, hha, haha,,,

- The Princess Bride ReferenceTM

- davids Dad Smile when hes like “hook saved my life” & everyones like REALLY???? FORREAL??? that part was pure   

- anyways this was a good ep i should watch it again

The thing is I’m not pissed that this episode had a severe lack of CS

I’m pissed that they made Princess Emma this complete airhead with absolutely no fight in her. I hate that they had to make Emma into this pathetic and weak shell of herself in order to prop up Regina. 

I’m pissed that they just completely disregarded their own canon in order for this AU to happen.

I’m pissed that Regina has still not freaking learned anything from the split queen nonsense.

Mostly I’m pissed that they took the opportunity to have something so many fans have wanted and have looked forward to for YEARS and shit all over it.

  • Killian Jones: *struggled with alcoholism and overcoming a physical disability*
  • A&E: LOL one-handed pirate with a drinking problem haha!
  • Regina Mills: *has to fight the impulse to murder innocent people because she's sad*
  • A&E: So complex. Such a relatable, sympathetic struggle. Being a decent person is so hard :(

I’m so confused as to what actually seeing it in person is supposed to do? We have a play by play of the scenes from multiple people and perspectives, we have pictures, we know EXACTLY what happens, what more “context” could there be?!?

Why does seeing it in person change anything?

He was dressed up to be a joke for a few minutes in a way that was fat shaming and making light of alcoholism. He gets knocked out. Again.

The established maxims of True Love in the OUAT universe were shoved aside for a pointless laugh. They just undermined the entire concept of True Love finding each other no matter what and still being drawn to each other.

Emma couldn’t even say out loud what the real Hook means to her. They “kind of live together”.

Hook was basically just wandering around the episode contributing nothing in both realms. But yay Captain Charming scene and yay Captain Cobra Swan hug I guess.

Belle is even worse off, she’s just dead.

Hook is in no way critical to the episode, his appearance served no purpose other than to get a laugh from gross subject matter, and CS have now broken the pattern of being in love in every universe.

Robin is a supposedly a different character completely but Regina still loved the other version of him. Why? Because they LOOK the same?

So Emma isn’t attracted to a different version of Hook because he’s older and fatter but Robin has a completely different PERSONALITY and Regina still risks everything to bring him to Storybooke.

And August, who abandoned Emma and SENT HER TO JAIL is once again retconned into being some noble guy who gave her hope.

Cool story bro. Fuck off with this nonsense.

Welcome to the Family, Princess

Request: Hello! Please could you do one where y/n has been brought to neverland but she hates it. So when Felix is put in charge of her, he shows her that they aren’t all that bad and that they and pan have their good points and with felix’s help she learns to love neverland and the lost boys and they become close. And if possible could you add in the thing pan says to Henry “we can be your family ” I just feel Felix has a nice side underneath the rest of it ya know?? Thank you. Xxx

Rating: K+

Pairing: Felix x Reader x Peter Pan

A/N: this is irrelevant but I pictured Felix going “not all lost boys” with a fedora on when I read this request hehehe.

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EXCLUSIVE: 'Once Upon a Time' Bosses Spill on Robin Hood's Return, Captain Swan's Domestic Bliss, Proposal Plans and More!
Let's just cut to the chase: You have questions and we have answers.

@LizaLaRumbelle: Anything to look forward for Rumbelle? Their story is so painful so far.
Agreed, it really has been, but we might finally be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. “I would say that [Belle] and Rumple have had a really, really, really difficult path,” Kitsis said. “And what I can tell you is, deep down, Rumple loves her. It’s just very messy, it’s very confusing, but hopefully it will be fun to watch. And they’re going to have a baby and that puts everything into perspective.”

Horowitz added sweetly, “They have a deep connection and a deep love between them, so yeah, it’s constantly tested, but at the core of it, there is love.”

Okay, now I know how to feel about this… “Let’s win this thing”? LET’S?!?! Im sorry but you stupid hoe and your partner have done nothing but put us down, ignore us and alienate us in all this time but when It’s about popularity for your show then you even “Congratulate” us? No bitch, this ship It’s ours and everything that we have acomplished It’s been all us, even with all the shit that we have to put up with. If this ship has been sailing It’s because of us and everything we’re willing to do for this women and their son. Get the fuck away from my ship unless you’re making it canon PROPERLY. It’s too late to put on a white hat motherfucker.

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