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Unspoken Truths

Supercorp Oneshot:

If you’re familiar with the movie ‘What women want’ (Mel gibson/Helen hunt) this is a play on that – essentially due to a small accident in her lab, Lena gains the ability to hear women’s thoughts. This leads to a particularly fun encounter when Kara Danvers comes to interview her ;) 

*I realize there’s the slight issue of invading privacy here, but this is just meant to be fun and happy nonsense. Enjoy!

The lightning flashes outside: bright, sizzling, burning. Lena can hear the distant rumbles of thunder despite her dungeon location, the basement lab of L-Corp, far away from any storm or any interruptions. She’s so close to finishing her work – a few more tweaks, and she’s sure she’s got it this time. A quick adjustment, a turn of a screw, and–


The thunder quakes above, rattling the entire building, and the lab goes dark and silent. A power outage. Of course.

“Shit!” Lena throws her goggles down in disgust, tossing them haphazardly aside, hearing them land but quickly losing sight of them in the darkness. She begins blindly shuffling across the room, bumping into tables and chairs, feeling along the wall for the door to the storage closet, where the back-up generator is located. She quickly pulls out her cell phone, using it as a flashlight, before finding her target.

She reaches toward the panel, fumbling with wires, deftly working and not really thinking about the trace amounts of the rare element still caking her gloves. Her only prerogative is getting through this quickly so she can get back to work. A frayed wire pokes out, and she reaches for it, just as another loud clap of thunder sounds overhead.

Somewhere in the distance, lightning strikes at just the right moment, sending a perfect current through the remaining wires, shooting through Lena’s outstretched hand, shocking her entire body with fierce, hot electricity.

An hour later, she wakes up on the floor of the lab, dazed and confused, but otherwise, unharmed. The lights are still off, and she struggles to regain her footing. She clenches and unclenches her fingers, finding them tingly from the electrocution, but seemingly functioning.

“That was lucky…” she breathes to herself, shaking her head at her own reckless behavior.

When she finally returns home, still rattled but mostly composed, she’s buzzing with strange, palpable energy. It isn’t until the next morning that she finds out just how lucky she really is.

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anonymous asked:

aedion apologizing to lysandra for calling her a bitch

I have a thing for shower sex, apparently. Oh well.


I was tired of knocking, but my fist continued tapping on the heavy, wooden door to our bedroom.
“Lys….” I groaned.
“Go away!” She yelled, for the tenth time. “I’m getting in the shower!”
“Any room for me in there?” I dared.
No answer.
I knocked. “Lysandra, let me in, please.”
The water turned on, no doubt her way of tuning me out.
Sighing, I marched back to the kitchen and found a bobby pin lying on the marble countertop. I stuck it in the lock, and pushed the door open seconds later.
She stuck her head out of the curtain, her dark, brown hair soaked and dripping. “I locked you out.” She glanced down at my hand and scowled. “You ruined one of my bobby pins? Those are scarce, you know.”
After tossing it in the garbage can, I sat on the bathroom counter. “I’m sorry. Not for the bobby pin, for-”
“You called me a bitch!” She yelled, after disappearing behind the curtain.
“You we’re acting like one,” I mumbled, as I watched her shadow dance behind the thin, ivory fabric.
A wet loofa came from the shower and hit me in the face.
Laughing, I didn’t bother to wipe the water drops off my skin as I responded, “Listen. I didn’t say you were a bitch directly, I said you were acting like a bitch. You can’t tell me that you never think I’m being an asshole.”
“You are an ass,” she replied, certainly.
“I am,” I agreed. “But I’m your ass. You love me anyway.”
Silence greeted me, and just as I was about to get up to leave, her head peeked out from behind the curtain, once more, and a light had sparked in her bright, green eyes. “Your ass better hurry up before the water gets cold.”
Jumping to my feet, her voice rang out from behind the water as my shorts hit the ground. “And you’re taking me to dinner tonight!”
My shirt was pulled over my head as I replied in a haste, “Yes, ma'am.”
Her lips were on mine before I could even get my feet in the tub.

elaineloves2sing123  asked:

Hi, can you write about Manon being angry about something and Dorian can't help himself and he just kisses her. Thank you :)

I loved this prompt! I always worry about writing from Manon’s POV, because she’s so complex and I feel like I won’t do her justice. But, anyway, here is a modern Manorian AU! It’s short, but sweet. I hope you like it.


“I don’t understand why you’re mad.”
Manon rolled her eyes, and went back to angrily sorting through the box of blankets and towels she had been unpacking. The couple had recently moved in together after dating for two years. She loved him, but living together was….an adjustment.
And it was only day three.
She knew she got frustrated easily, she knew she let minuscule obstacles become impossible mountains in her path, but she just couldn’t help it.
“I need a minute, Dorian.”
Manon dropped the blanket she was holding and rubbed her temples. “Do you have to ask so many damn questions?”
She shouldn’t have looked at him. She should have ignored him, and continued her unpacking. Because now, he was watching her with those big, sapphire eyes, his dark hair a mess from his slumber, sticking up in every direction.
He was, undoubtedly, adorable.
“Tell me why you’re mad, then I’ll leave you alone.”
She knew he was upset, knew he was worried.
They’ve lived together for less than a week, and she was already acting different.
“How are we gonna do this?!” She yelled, gesturing around their studio apartment. “We don’t even have enough room for everything, and yet we can barely afford what we have!What were we thinking? We aren’t ready-”
Before she could finish her rant, Dorian was pressing his lips against hers. Relief instantly flooded her body as she slowly let her guard down. He was the light to her darkness, the only peace in her endless storm.
He pushed back her long, white hair. “You’re stressed.”
“You’re talking to me in your calm voice,” Manon observed, golden eyes narrowed, although a small smile had formed on her lips. “Stop talking to me like I’m a dangerous animal.”
A dark eyebrow quirked up. “You are a dangerous animal, Manon Blackbeak.”
Dangerous, indeed. A devious smile replaced her innocent intentions as Manon grabbed Dorian by the waistline of his sweatpants and pulled him toward her.
“We can do this,” he assured her, before kissing her softly. “You’re not in this alone, not anymore.”
Running her hands down his chest as the sunlight poured through their floor length windows, Manon’s doubt disappeared as she asked her prince to take her to bed.

‘BabyGirl’ Part 1- Serpent!Jughead x Reader

For an anon request ☺️ I twisted this request around quite a bit Im sorry. This is a little less angsty (with mentions of an argument) and a little tiny hint of smut and los of teasing. I do hope that this is all okay for you. 

WARNINGS: Hint of smuttiness and teasing - swearing (Slight mention of a daddy kink)   MASTERLIST  Part 2

Originally posted by jughead-thethird

You waltzed into the bar that night. You and Jughead had, had an argument that morning about how you were his and his alone. How you would never show that you were his and it frustrated him. This all came from one incident last week when some young serpent at school decided to press you up against your locker in the way Jughead did and try and have his way with your lips. What Jughead hadn’t seen as he had pulled the twit away by his neck was that you were very ready to knee him heavily in the groin. You wore his jacket around your shoulders tonight and a constant smirk. You were used to arguing with him. You knew how this would play out.

It wasn’t long after you had downed one shot that you felt his hands on your waist, tight and demanding. Just how you liked it.

Jughead had changed since becoming a serpent. He was more confident and more at home and my god did you love it. Betty gaddamn cooper had left after she found out but you were always there and that’s what put you here, in this bar again but with his jacket  - not your own, and his lips inching evidently towards your ear,

“And what do you think you are doing wearing this?” His grip tightened on your waist before trailing down your hips to thumb and the very very short skirt. His body was pressed up against yours keeping you facing the bar,

“I’m being adventurous” you purred. You knew exactly what to do with him, “I thought you would want people to know I’m yours.” You turned your head to look at him still not able to turn around fully and pretending he wasn’t on about your skirt.

“Don’t play with me, baby girl. And there are more ways of showing you’re mine.” He almost growled the last word as his darkened eyes locked with yours before his lips planted themselves firmly on your neck, sucking and biting quickly and leaving a deep purple mark.

“Juggle! We’re in public”

“And you still decide that something so short is appropriate. Therefore I think this is appropriate.” His lips connected to your neck again and you sighed in content that you had gotten what you wanted - his full attention.

“Juggie, babe, come play pool with me?” You asked doe eyed as he looked down at you,

“Not tonight. Not while you are wearing that. Flaunting your ass to the whole bar? Not on baby girl. That ass is mine” he squeezed your behind firmly then placed a light smack on it.

“Oh I just remembered” you said sarcastically as you finally managed to turn in his arms, “I can do what I want” you smirked and pushed away from him, joining some of the guys in a game of pool.

You liked teasing Jughead for one reason - he would finally release his full dark side, he was dominant and possessive and you loved it on nights like this. You made a point of laughing a little louder and sweeter, and you certainly made a point of bending over the table a little in his direction, either squeezing your chest or allowing your skirt to ride up even more. The guys knew you were Juggies. Damn, every one knew you belonged to Jughead and with him being the leaders son, they didn’t touch you. They knew better than that. The third time you bent over you felt someone’s hips press up against you, their hands on your waist again and a hint of excitement in their pants. With his firm grip and large hands, Jughead managed to pull you up so you were standing flush against him once again and with a single nod, the guys you were playing pool with had left, heading for the bar.

“You need to cut this out, Darlin’. Now.”

“And why the hell should I. We’re having a lovely game here aren’t we boys” you shouted to them and smirked at how they were a little to scared to answer. Jughead had managed to establish quite the reputation for dealing with people who tried to deal with his woman.

“Now you are playing dangerously.”

“And when have you ever known me to be tame?” You teased back wiggling yourself against him. With a firm tug and a grip that would surely leave a mark - that you were sure he would add to later, he pulled you tighter against him and moved to wrap his arm around your waist pulling you away from the table and towards the back door.

As soon as he got you out into the abandoned alleyway you were up against the wall, “how dare you be like that in there” he demanded, “blatantly flaunting yourself like that like you were everyone’s to fuck and see! That’s not how this works (y/n).” You refused to give in and simply leaned closer.

“Yeah? And what are you going to do, Jughead?”

His lips found yours ferociously, his tongue winning immediate dominance, before he detached your lips and moved downwards. Down your neck and pulling his jacket away from your shoulders so he could reach your very exposed chest. The cold air had chilled you but you felt two warm hands slipping up your skirt almost ripping it with how tight it already was,

“Don’t wear shit like this unless you want shit like this to happen, baby girl” you sighed and smirked but he had caught you. “you did this on purpose, didn’t you. You wanted people to see you, you wanted me to do all the hard work with you didn’t you”

You hummed against his lips as you pulled him closer, “yes daddy.”

“Fucking hell, baby girl” he retracted his hands from your skirt quickly and grabbed your wrist harshly as you continued to smirk. His dads trailer wasn’t too far away so, ignoring the fact you were wearing heels, he pulled you to it. Throwing open the door and pushing you in before him he closed and locked the door. Immediately his face was close to yours again,

“You wanted me to get like that hmm? Lose control with you? Expose you fully, didn’t you?” His voice was so low it was almost a growl, here he was. The darkness. You nodded refusing to speak and break the smile on your face, “fine then” he pushed you into the bedroom and you went to lay on the bed but he tutted, “na ah, not yet baby girl.” Kicking off his shoes and socks he laid out on the bed, his hands behind his head as he watched you, eyeing you up with care. “You wanted to be exposed so badly, then strip for me, baby girl.”

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Tonight’s Dinner

Oneshot featuring Adrienette and a Snapchat gone wrong, based on something that happened with me and my friends xD

Rating: mild T

Word count:1097

It had started out perfectly innocent and amusing enough.

Marinette and Alya were discreetly taking pictures in their respective classes, sending the photos to each other on Snapchat. They were completely random; sometimes they were selfies accompanied with the caption of ‘save me’ or ‘I’m so bored’. Others were of the back of people’s heads, or the teachers’ desks, or even the teachers themselves, caught in an unintentionally humorous pose in mid-speech.

Neither had gotten caught, which Marinette figured since the steady influx of pictures from Alya kept right on coming.

She had to bite her lower lip to keep from laughing when she saw the newest picture. This time, it was of Chloe pulling off a particularly miserable look, with the caption, “when ur not able to suffocate Adrien for 5 seconds”.

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drarry + amortentia

Harry had just taken his seat next to Ron when Professor Snape swept through the door, his billowing black cloak bringing with it a cold wind that crept throughout the classroom. A shudder ran across the students, diminishing as it reached the Slytherins, who had grown adjusted to the piercing rush of the frigid air. Without a word, the greasy professor conjured a softly bubbling cauldron onto the surface of his desk.

“Today’s task,” he began in a slow drawl, “is to successfully brew the potion shown before you. I will not provide you with its name just yet, only the ingredients and instructions necessary to brew it.”

Just as those words left his mouth, pieces of parchment appeared in front of each student. Harry was a bit startled, as he had already begun to doze due to the sluggish pace of Snape’s speech. He adjusted his glasses and gave his hair a ruffle, leaning in to examine the page before him. After a bit of studying, he determined that it was a recipe of sorts, which was to be expected in a potions classroom. With a small sigh, he leaned back a bit on his stool and directed his attention back to the looming man before him.

“At the end of class, I will review your potions and reveal the name of the potion that you will have attempted to brew.” Harry let out another sigh at the professor’s emphasis on the word, “attempted,” which gave the impression that Snape didn’t really expect any properly brewed potions.

“Are there any questions?” the tall man finished. Immediately, Hermione, seated next to Pavarti, raised her hand, waving it about a bit in the air. Snape gave her a disdainful glance, and then proceeded to say, “Good. Now, begin brewing your potions.”

Hermione’s forehead wrinkled a bit in frustration, but she quickly shook it off, beginning to look over the parchment set before her. Just as the classroom began to spring back to life, Snape’s voice interrupted the commotion.

“Oh, I had almost forgotten.” he said with a sinister smile that made Harry grimace in disgust. “To add an element of challenge to your brewing, you will now be working with new partners.”

A collective groan echoed across the classroom. “Silence!” the slimy man demanded. “I will give you your partners now. Granger and Parkinson. Goldstein and Nott. Goyle and Brown. Weasley and Zabini. Longbottom and Crabbe. Potter and Malfoy-”

Harry immediately ceased listening after the dreaded words escaped Snape’s far-too-happy mouth. He dared a glance over at Malfoy, only to find the blond git glaring straight back at him. They engaged in a bit of a glare-off from across the room, until Harry was pulled out by a tap on his shoulder.

He looked up and was met with the chiseled face of Blaise Zabini. “Potter, if you don’t mind, I believe that I am Weasley’s new partner now.” the boy said with a slight smirk. Harry glanced over to Ron to find him positively green, and patted him on the shoulder with an unspoken “good luck” lingering in the air behind him as he regretfully made his way over to Malfoy’s table.
Harry kept his head down as he took his seat next to Malfoy, attempting to focus only on the parchment and not on the tall, pointy boy who seemed to be all angles next to him. Malfoy clearly wanted to ruin everything good in Harry’s life, taking it upon himself to break the tension-filled silence at their table.

“Potter, as much as I hate, and I mean absolutely despise, saying this, I think that we ought to work together, rather than fight over this.” At Harry’s incredulous look, he continued. “I would like a passing grade in this class, and I assume that you would as well. You’ve proven to have at least a bit of a brain hidden inside that abnormally large head of yours, so I think that if we… put aside our differences for the time begin, we will have a good chance of brewing this potion correctly.”

Harry continued to stare at Malfoy as if he had grown a third eye, and Malfoy, though tempted to now feel his forehead to ensure the absence of an abnormal growth, shoved down the urge and quickly continued. “Now, please do not let me lead you to believe that I doubt my own skills in potions brewing. No, quite the contrary, Potter. I do, however, doubt your ability to restrain yourself from wreaking havoc on my cauldron, so I think it would be best for us to work together, rather than against each other, for the time being.”

For a moment, Harry thought he saw a glimmer of hesitation in Malfoy’s eyes, but he quickly doubted himself as the grey eyes returned to normal. “Alright, Malfoy. Truce?” he said, with an extended hand.

Malfoy eyed the slightly calloused hand put before him, having a sense of déja-vu. “Truce.” he agreed, taking Harry’s hand and shaking it firmly. They both stared down at their hands between them for a moment, before quickly coming back to their senses and releasing their grasps, Malfoy clearing his throat and Harry rubbing the back of his neck.

“Well then, Potter,” Malfoy drawled, smirk returning to his pointed features. “Let’s get started.”

Harry took a deep breath and nodded, focusing his attention back to the parchment laid out in front of him. His eyes skimmed the words on the page, which might as well have been hieroglyphics, for he couldn’t understand the potions-language at all. Malfoy spared him an amused glance, and then decided to take pity on the other boy.

“Alright Potter, I’ll do the hard work, and you can be my second-in-command. Go ahead and fetch the ingredients on the list, will you?”

Harry didn’t bother arguing, and instead set off to the potions cupboard where various other students were gathering. Soon, he was walking back out with different jars and phials balanced in his arms and setting them on the table beside the cauldron Malfoy was currently heating with his wand.

The two boys worked in silence, with only the occasional request from Malfoy (Harry refused to refer to them as “commands,” since that made him sound like he was submitting to Malfoy). Soon enough, Harry was giving the potion a final stir, and Malfoy deemed it to be acceptable.

“Wow, Potter, I must admit that I’m surprised. We make quite the team when we aren’t talking to each other.” Harry responded with a lopsided grin, making Malfoy’s heartbeat speed up a bit, although he showed no sign of it on the outside.

“Yeah,” Harry replied. “Our potion smells great, too. Actually,” he continued, a small frown appearing on his face, “it kind of smells like… you.” Harry finished, looking up at Malfoy slightly, seeming almost embarrassed.

Malfoy wasn’t sure of how to react. “What do you mean, it smells like me?” Malfoy leaned down to the cauldron, lightly sniffing it. “What?” he murmured under is breath.

“What, what is it?” Harry inquired.

“Potter, this might be the oddest thing I’ve ever said to you before, so I apologize in advance. But, this potion sort of smells like you.”

Both boys looked at each other in confusion, and just as Harry drew in a breath to respond, Snape began speaking.

“Alright, that will be enough. It seems that most of you are finished, though you took quite a bit longer than I had expected.” The displeasure in Snape’s voice was clear. “We only have several minutes left in class, so I will study your potions afterwards. Now, though, I will tell you what potion you have all been brewing. It is known by the name of ‘Amortentia.’ Does anyone know what this potion’s purpose is?”

Hermione spoke up without being called upon. “Amortentia is the most powerful love potion in the world, Sir. It causes one to fall in love with whoever has dosed them with it. Its smell is unique to each person, smelling of what each person loves most, sometimes objects and sometimes the person with whom they are in love.”

Harry didn’t hear Snape’s response, he was too busy trying to slow his breathing back to a normal pace as Hermione’s last words clicked into place in his mind. The words “sometimes the person with whom they are in love” echoed in his mind, and he subconsciously turned to Malfoy, who was sitting at his side.

Malfoy had a somewhat horror-stricken expression, and a flush was rising up his neck and onto his cheeks. Both he and Harry were startled out of their thoughts with a brief, “Class dismissed.” from Snape. They eyed each other warily, unmoving in the crowd of students packing up.

“Huh.” Harry said.

“Huh.” Malfoy echoed. “'Huh’ indeed. Well, Potter, it seems to me like we have a lot to discuss.”

- - - - -

and that’s it! i’ve seen several amortentia prompts in my time on tumblr and i thought i’d provide y'all with my own take on it. i am by no means a writer, and this is the first thing i’ve ever written and released. so, here it is! feedback is appreciated :) btw, i’m posting this on mobile, so sorry in advance for any mistakes.


I like the tense of this moment in the game

OneShot ©  Eliza Velasquez and Nightmargin

OneShot OST by Nightmargin