e: naomi

I need;

a table for 3 with the usos and tamina

a table for 3 with the usos and roman

another ride along with tamina, Naomi, and the usos

a ride along with the usos and roman

a 365 on the shield

a 365 on roman reigns

a 365 on the usos heel turn

A wwe 24 on the shield

a table for 3 with naomi &tamina no one else tbh

a table for 3 with Naomi, Charlotte and becky

a table for 3 with finn, luke and Karl

a table for 3 with sami, Neville and Kevin

a table for 3 with sami, kevin and finn

a table for 5 with the usos and the new day

Superstar ink with the usos

superstar ink with bray

superstar ink with corey graves ( just him talking about his own tats)

a updated superstar ink with baron corbin (I want to see how his leg sleeve is going)

all the episodes of total divas (I’ve already watched all the trin and Jon moments on the ones that are on the network)

Ride along with finn, gallows, and Anderson

Ride along with naomi, Charlotte, becky and tamina

Jacob: Okay, my family owns this little cabin, and I can drive us there tomorrow morning. I have no idea how we are going to raise a kid, but we’ll do it. And Naomi, don’t ever ask me not to leave you. I am right here and I will be here for as long as I can. You’re going to be a great mom.

Naomi: How are you not mad?

Jacob: Why should I be mad?

Naomi: You have a crazy girlfriend whose brother might be dead and is pregnant. I mean, I would be pretty mad if I was you.

Jacob: And that is why you are you and I am me. I don’t think I would ever be as brave as you are. You are just so strong, but don’t even know what you’re fighting. 


cmon choreography!