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that AWFUL writer feel when you’ve got both an idea for a story AND  a working title for a fic

but can’t for the LIFE of you think of a plot or where to go with the story, but you REALLY want to be able to write it because it’s a really neat idea


I have this idea for a moana fic inspired by this beautiful piece of fanart where I take on my own interpretation of how I think water spirt moana could actually work in the movie universe

basically the story takes place on motunui decades after the events of the movie. moana’s super old and (partially because I’m a jerk ) the fic would open with moana dying. her people send her out to sea as a burial because they know that’s what she would want most.

maui’s there. of course he is. sometime after the ceremony he’s quietly walking around the beach when the ocean starts going crazy splashing at his ankles. he thinks the ocean is just trying to comfort him, so he doesn’t pay much attention to it, but he doesn’t really push it away either.

that is until he sees a bright flash of blue light. he looks out at the water just as a large wave rises up and sort of looms over him for a short moment before falling into the shape of what moana looked like when she and maui had just met. like in the art piece, there’s a spiral in her chest similar to that on her necklace.

maui’s a little taken aback. almost doesn’t believe that it’s actually moana. but then she says something to him, maybe she makes some sort of wisecrack joke. and maui just. attempts to throw his arms around her because he can’t believe it’s actually her and that she’s actually standing in front of him talking to him. of course the hug doesn’t really work. she’s made of water.

he asks how this is possible. she explains that when she was sent out to sea, the ocean gave her her own heart. moana opens her now-starry necklace and there’s a clear-blue stone inside. it’s beating.

after they get everything cleared up, they run off on some adventure. moana finally gets to explore more than she ever could when she was alive and she’s super excited. she convinces maui to come with her by playing off some sort of “you have literally the entire ocean protecting you” speech.

and off they go.

I really want to go into detail about this adventure, but I’m having a lot of trouble coming up with where they could go. I’m thinking maybe they return to te fiti for more answers about water spirit moana. but other than that I’m having trouble coming up with some plot points

if anyone has any helpful suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

(The title I’m thinking of using is The Ocean is a Friend of Mine)

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when u find out someone rly cool that u wanna be better friends with is against self diagnosis…

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y’all. i was planning on getting all my work done fast today so that i could work on the blog requests, but. guess what.

i’m sick.

and like it took me like four hours to read four pages (i mean, it was nietzche, but still) and now i have to write a paper on it?? so like. i’m d y i n g.

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i’ll try to work on some HCs/requests tomorrow when i’m doing chill things, but no promises (i might fall asleep in the library instead oops)

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