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Surprise on Stage

Request: Hey!!! Can u write an imagine where y/n is also a famous singer

a/n: gonna start doing the requests in this type of format instead of writing them under the ask!! I want people to know that I’ve gotten their request and that I’m not ignoring them! So I thought this was a good way :)


Seeing your face on the cover of a magazine on the streets didn’t bother you as much as it did when you first started out in the music industry.  A few years ago, you would always pick up a magazine with your picture on it, buy it right on the spot, and immediately read what the tabloids said about you.  But as you’ve grown as an artist, you’ve met certain people along the way that have changed you, for the better.

One of those people just so happened to be your boyfriend, Shawn Mendes.  The two of you had only just recently made your relationship public, but in the year that you’ve known him as a person, and as a great friend in the industry, he taught you that 98.7% of what the media writes about is fabricated.

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Tron (1982)


140816 KBS Love Request
I’m In Love

fandomoutcast  asked:

For the who holds what, may I please request Sakura? Thank you!

The umbrella, when it rains - She does. Sometimes you try just to make her laugh. Once, she had you on her shoulders while you held up the umbrella, and it actually worked semi-okay. I mean, it wasn’t exactly raining hard, so one could argue that you didn’t take that technique through a true stress test, but you know, it worked.
The popcorn at the cinema - You do. In this relationship, you’re the main popcorn consumer out of you two (or rather, she doesn’t eat a lot of it at all, so even if you had a little it would still most likely be more often then her). Sometimes, you do things like tell her to watch this then miss your mouth completely when you try throwing popcorn at it. She just gives you an amused look.
The baby, when it cries - She does. Sakura seems to know exactly what is needed to calm your baby down – whether it’s food, a change of diapers, or some plain ol’ attention in the form of some TLC. You learn to sit back and watch her work her magic. More specifically, her unending patience.
The ice cream cone, when they share - She does. At least, usually, it’s easier for the both of you. Sakura does find it endearing when you’re on your tippy toes and offering her the cone, though. It reminds her of a cute animal.
The remote, when they sit down to watch a movie - You do. You’re usually the one that recommends stuff for her to watch, she doesn’t really seek stuff out on her out all that much. Sakura trusts your judgement for things like these.
The basket, when they go shopping - She does. You think someone aiming to be the strongest person in the world lets the people she loves carry the shopping basket? It also leaves you free to get her some treats that you know she probably won’t buy on her own.
The door, on dates - You do. Sakura always appreciates cute gestures like these – things like pulling out her chair for her, learning how to make her favourite blend of tea, waiting for her with a towel after her sessions at the dojo… her heart always flutters whenever you’re chivalrous, so you make it a habit to do it often. Despite what anyone else assumes about her appearance, there are definitely times where she likes being reminded that she’s a young woman in love. With you.
The other’s hand, most often - You do. Particularly when you’re feeling anxious, slipping your hand into hers makes you feel so, so secure. I mean, not that you don’t know that Sakura would never allow anything to happen to you, but it feels extra concrete when your hands are laced, somehow. Sakura’s also fond of how you play with her fingers.
Their breath, upon seeing the other on their wedding day - You do. Being her significant other, you’re privy to her insecurities, particularly the internal strife she faces between being true to herself and feeling as if she’s worthy of the ‘strongest person in the world’ title that exists. When you tell her that being feminine doesn’t take away from that (and for those that did feel like it did, they were clearly blinded by outdated genre roles), your earnestness is enough that she feels at home in a gorgeous wedding dress. You almost forget to breathe when you see her at the other end of the aisle, wearing a gorgeous white-accented with pink design that’s lined with pink flowers.
The camera, when they take pictures together - You do. Sakura’s a bit shy about initializing photos, so it’s up to you to take the first step.  She’s also a bit worried about her facial expressions in them, but you make sure to assure her that so long as she doesn’t mind the photos, all she has to do is be herself. 


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