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L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Makeup

For the past few months, since I have been on a “college budget” I have been trying to find myself some new everyday makeup that is inexpensive but also good quality at the same time. It has also been a journey to find something that also fit well with my skin type and tone.

After months on trying and testing things, i finally found something in the drugstore market that is not only affordable but a great product as well.

The products that i have here are from L’oreal’s Infallible Pro-Matter collection. I have the powder and foundation in the shade “Sun Beige” and the setting spray. These three products have been a favorite staple to my makeup collection and also given a great dupe to some of the high end products I own as well.


Package: I would say that the packaging is very simple and not over the top. With it’s matte finish, it almost looks like as if it is a high end product. The color scheme makes it seems as if it isn’t a drugstore product at all.

Scent: I would say that they all have a minimum scent. From my past experiences purchasing L’Oreal foundations and even powders, I would come across this problem which would make me break out and end up disliking a product. This is also great especially if you are someone with sensitive skin which can irritate them. The setting spray is also great since it doesn’t have an alcohol like scent like other setting primers usually have.

Swatch: Usually with drugstore foundations, they tend to lead towards people that have there pink or red undertones. They also lead towards people with light and fair complexions. For someone like me that is yellow and more of a olive/tan complexion it’s great especially since it doesn’t turn out grey like other drugstore products. I would also say that it is true color since sometimes foundations can either turn out lighter or darker than what the color of the packaging says. As for the primer, I would say that when you spray it out, it drys out matte which is great especially if you have oily skin. Even though it is a matter setting spray, it doesn’t dry your skin out and does keep your makeup lasting all day long. Best part? I would say that they are very light weight and doesn’t give that “cake-like” feeling which is okay to use on a daily basis.

Does it work? From the powder, foundation, and setting spray I would say that they do follow the disclaimers especially when used all together.I have used all these products individually and even with other makeup products I use and they still do the job.Since I have sensitive to combination skin, I haven’t had any experiences with breaking out or even getting extremely oily which is a plus. I would say if you have oily skin, there is very minimal amount of blotting involved and even re-application since it stays on since I’ve had the experience with 12-hour days.

These three L’Oreal infallible products are amazing especially if you are looking for something “high-end” like without spending a fortune. It is very long lasting and definitely something to try if you are really trying to find something to obtain that “matte-like” finish. You can purchase these products now at any Target, Walmart, ULTA, or any other drugstore today.