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all tea, all lemonade, but the katy vs. taylor drama is the stalest, coldest, dried-up tea bag on the face of the planet. like?? at this point… WHO CARES/?!? this shit happened in 2013, FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO. yall have been fighting about this for ages now… time to move on….. katy perry hiring taylor swifts dancers isnt all that newsworthy or important and just a petty fight between two millionaires… 

Katy Perry is a complete idiot. She responded to the Manchester attack carried out by a terrorist who was able to exploit open borders....... by calling for more open borders

Yeah it’s easy to call for “no borders” when YOU live inside the secluded border of an 18 million dollar mansion, isn’t it Katie? 

the rest of us down here in the real world actually have to live with the consequences of open borders, the very kind of open borders that let the Manchester bomber go to Libya and Syria for ISIS terror training and then slip back into the UK

We’re not worth two hundred and eighty million dollars we can’t travel around in chauffeured luxury vehicles and private jets. 

We’re not the so frigging arrogant elitists and out of touch that our staff aren’t even allowed to talk to us.

After the u.s. election Perry re-styled herself as an icon of the “anti-Trump resistance” embracing her role as an ambassador of “woke pop”

this is the same clown who called for a “revolution” after Hillary lost.

Hey Katy you’re not Che Guevara, you’re a dumb bimbo who dresses up like a slut and sings about popsicles.

Don’t you just yearn for the days when celebrities occasionally told the truth about the world, rather than this sterile virtue signaling where they all just say exactly the same thing?

The only celebrity with the balls to tell the truth is Manchester’s own Morrissey

Who blamed mass immigration and political correctness for what happened this week and for that he was smeared as a “far-right racist”

Well he’s been proven completely correct.

The bomber was acting suspiciously for months loudly chanting Arabic prayers in the street showing sympathies for Isis at his local mosque the neighbors did nothing they didn’t report it - no doubt because they feared they’d be labeled as far right racists.

Listen, leftist idiots like Katy Perry have no argument when it comes to open borders and Islamic immigration.

That’s why they have to use Muslims as rhetorical human shields, so when you attack their argument they can claim you’re attacking Muslims, that’s why they deify Islam and Islamism because if you remove that human shield from the equation their argument vanishes.

I’m sick of Katy Perry and all the other celebrities with their lame virtue signaling you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

Spewing empty platitudes about ‘uniting, loving each other’ doesn’t accomplish anything.

It’s just a coping mechanism so people can hide from the fact that they’re completely powerless in the face of evil

It would be pretty harmless but many of the celebrities doing this are the same ones who exploit people’s grief and emotion to shout down people like me as 'racist’ for trying to politically push for policies that will genuinely reduce the risk of terrorism.

Reduce the risk of little girls being maimed and mutilated that’s why this needs to be called out and that’s why Katy Perry needs to

bswanson  asked:

Bad Blood comes out in 2015, does Katy come out right away to defend herself if shes so upset ? no. she comes out 2 years later and right before the release of her album to try and give her side of the story, yet Taylor is the snake?? come on. If Katy were really upset she would have said something right away. this is for album sales and anyone should be able to see that.

Yeah some people don’t really think about how “snake-like” she’s been. She’s the one saying “oh I just want this feud to be over so we can support each other” like bitch if you wanted it to be over you wouldn’t have written a song 3 YEARS LATER lol. She’s shamelessly using her name for promo and is not working because no ones buying her music…