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Favourite Musical Theatre Character Portrayals: 
Laura Osnes as Bonnie Parker in B o n n i e  a n d  C l y d e

“Bonnie has to be up there because that was the first role that I created for the first time and I feel like that role was my baby. The role started to be created around me and who I was and what I was bringing to the role and I was a part of it for three years, with two out-of-town runs before coming to Broadway. I have this tremendous sense of ownership over it, which is so special and I’ve never felt that for any other show or any other role.”

  • Neverland
  • Jeremy Jordan
  • Finding Neverland at the American Rep

Jeremy Jordan sings “Neverland” during the August 3rd, 2014 Matinee of Finding Neverland at the American Repertory Theater.

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