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170116 Idol Star Athletics Championships 
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[FANACCS] 160118 Mamamoo @ 2016 ISAC
  • Mamamoo partcipated to the 60m track (Solar) and archery as last year’s champions (Wheein, Hwasa & Moonbyul)
  • Mamamoo were on the same team as Nine Muses, EXID, Sonamoo, Girl’s Day, GFriend and MINX ©
  • Their team name was “Yeovengers” (여벤져스) as in girls + avengers. Their team color was orange. ©
  • Mamamoo’s banner was voted #1. On the banner:  Moonbyul : Bow shooting goldfish - Solar : Happy, Angry, Sad, Joyful (Emotions) - Wheein : Always 10 10 10. Hwasa : Final predator.  ©©
  • Mamamoo x Nine Muses : Wheein had to tiptoe when the whole team was taking a photo because Nine Muses was covering her. ©
  • Mamamoo x ARMYs (BTS’ fans) : Fans waved to Wheein and she sent them back hearts. The fans returned the hearts. They had a mini heart battle © - ©
  • Mamamo x EXID : Solji talked with Mamamoo - Moonbyul and Hani high fived when they found out they’re the same age - Solar was showing interest in Solji’s blanket so she let her touch it.   © - © - © - © 
  • Mamamoo x APINK : Eunji took a photo of Mamamoo’s banner. Eunji held Wheein’s hands. Eunji with Solar&Byul. Moomoos started chanting MamaPink when MMM+Eunji were passed by. ©
  • (spoilers) Solar came in 4th for running. Her time was 11.26.
  • Mamamoo x Red Velvet : MMM talking with RV. Seulgi and Wendy were sitting with them - Mamamoo stood up to cheer for RV when they were running for sprint. Seeing RV doing so well, Wheein hugged and patted Solar to cheer her up.  © - © - ©
  • Hwasa said “They (RV) are the only group I’m close to, so I hope both teams will do well” ©

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