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Monsta X Reaction to Them Being Horny


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-Smut alert!-



Shownu: You two would be watching a movie together. You place your hand onto his knee and snake it up his leg. You make your way toward his crotch as you watch his expressions from the corner of your eye. His eyes go wide as you place your hand on his already growing bulge. Soon he gets embarrassed at the bulge in his pants, he starts to giggle, though he would never deny the hand job you gave him. He would get super into it very quickly.

Wonho: He is sitting on a chair in your room, he asked you to give him a lap dance cause he knows how sexy you can be if you want to. As you graze your chest on his back you place your hands around him. You give him a nice show which is proven by his roaming hands around your body. He can’t take any more of your teasing and gets up. He grabs you by the waist and kisses you deeply as he leads you two to the bed to finish what you started. 

Minhyuk: You two have been sitting on the couch in silence for a few minutes enjoying each others company. Your head resting on his shoulder you look up at him, he is staring intently at your lips and you move to kiss him. Your make out session lasts a few minutes before you notice the bulge in his pants. You get up and straddle him making sure to rub yourself against his member. He would love the way you take control and would reward you later on, putting his head in between your legs to throw you into complete ecstasy. 

Kihyun: He has been tutoring you in music for an hour now. Your session with him is up, though he doesn’t seem ready to go yet. He would make you sit on a stool as he moved closer to you. He would grab you by the waist kneeling in front of you and kiss you passionately. He would get so heated that he would pick you up and place you on the floor on your back. He would trail kisses down your torso until he reached your thighs. He would be so turned on that he would be trying his hardest to make you feel as pleased at he could. 

Hyungwon: Standing in the kitchen making food together you walk by him to get to the sink and your hand accidentally brushes against his junk. He grows hard immediately, which you notice though he thinks he has covered it up from you. He has an shy look on his face as he continues to cut the tomatoes. You grab both of his hands in yours and face him toward you. “Does my oppa need some help?” you say to him, smiling mischievously. Though he would be embarrassed by it at first he would soon give into your mouth magic. 

Jooheon: He walks in on you getting out of the washroom in just your towel after a shower. He looks surprised but slightly pleased at the same time, laughing a little. He doesn’t seem to notice the growing bulge in his pants though you do. When you point it out to him he would get all smiley about it, not trying to cover it up. He would show you later how you made him feel when you walked out nearly nude. 

I.M: Giving you every reason to jump on him, while you two were in a tent in the middle of a forest camping, as he rubs his hands up and down your legs. You notice his member coming up to say hello as he does this but you don’t say anything. He kisses you deeply pushing you against the ground a little too hard. You laugh at his clumsiness and he tortures you with his fingers going into you, as he smiles cockily at your moans. 


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Monsta X Reaction in Bed


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-Smut alert-



Shownu: He’s running his hands down your body as he puts himself into you, slowly. “Oh, jagiya, you feel so good.” Both of your moans meld together to create beautiful music. He leans into your body and you feel and hear him blow into your ear sensually. 

Wonho: You’re rubbing his cock up and down while he rubs small circles into your clit. As you push him on the bed he makes a surprised sound but seems please with your dominance, smiling up at you. You get on top of him with your face in between his legs. As you encircle his tip with your lips he gasps out.

Minhyuk: Your on your knees in front of him and his hands are resting behind his head as he enjoys your lips on his dick. When you swirl your tongue around it, you hear him in take a sharp breath through his teeth. You continue this action and he throws his head back making a sound of pleasured frustration. 

Kihyun: He has you pinned against a wall as he smashes his cock into you roughly. He breaths heavily into your ear. “Ah! You’re so tight.” He whispers into your ear as he continues to push into you. You feel his finger make its way to your clit and he begins to rub you. Your hand grabs onto his hair from the back and he makes a pleased sound at your roughness. 

Hyungwon: “I love you, baby.” He says to you in a breathy tone as you straddle him on the couch. You move slowly up and down on his cock as he matches your pace. His beautifully sultry voice is in your ear the whole time making the experience that much more pleasurable. 

Jooheon: He moves his hat higher up so he can kiss you deeply. He’s in between your legs, dick rubbing along your slit. He enjoys the foreplay so much that he starts to breath heavily into your ear. When he finally enters you he whimpers slightly out of pleasure. 

I.M: As he sits on the couch he looks down lovingly at you as you have both hands wrapped around his cock and your mouth around the tip of it. When you let go with your hands you begin to go down lower and lower until his dick is at the back of your throat. He grabs you by the hair and gasps quietly. His head is thrown back now as he moans along with the rhythm.

*Note: If you watch this gif for a long time, it starts to get really sexual. Don’t ask how I know that…*


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Monsta X reacting to you tripping and falling in front of them


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Shownu: He would most likely giggle about it, feeling some second hand embarrassment for you. Though he would surely help you up after. 

Wonho: He would laugh loudly at you, probably be doubled over from it. You would probably have gotten up before he stopped laughing and realised he should have helped you. After he would try to apologize by playfully teasing you and tickling you.

Minhyuk: He would be very worried about you, thinking maybe you lost your balance. He would help you up and dote over you until he knew you were okay. Asking questions such as “Have you been eating enough?” “Do you need any water?” and “Are you bleeding anywhere?”

Kihyun: He would react quickly trying to catch you as you fall, though he would probably fail and have to help you up from the ground, he might laugh a little while he helps you. You two would laugh about it after ward.

Hyungwon: He might laugh quietly but try not to show you. He would help you up and ask you if you are okay all the while smiling hugely at you. 

Jooheon: He would giggle a lot at you for falling, showing his adorable dimples causing you not to be as angry at him for forgetting to help you up. 

I.M.: He would act as if he tripped as well and sit next to you on the ground to make you feel less embarrassed. He would probably grab you around the waist tightly smiling at you to make you feel better. 


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Monsta X Kissing Styles


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-these are all my opinion, I have never actually kissed the members personally, therefore they are probably not actually true-

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Shownu: Though he seems like a pretty shy guy, once he was comfortable with you he would most likely be the one in control of the kiss.

-Type: What I could think of for him was an ADD kisser, having so many different techniques and wanting to show you every single one of them.

Wonho: He is no doubt the dominant one. He would seem to get over excited which would make him move pretty fast with it all, probably trying to remove your clothing within the first minute.

-Type: He seems like a biter to me. I mean look at him, that is all. Just look at him.

Minhyuk: He would be a caring kisser, making sure not to cross any of your boundaries and probably asking before he kissed you for permission.

-Type: I was thinking mostly a “no-tongue kisser” but when it got hot and heavy he would make sure to use his skill full tongue.

Kihyun: He would also ask you if he could kiss you before he actually did too though when you say yes he would blow your mind with his skill.

-Type: I think he would also be a biter but in a more subtle way.

Hyungwon: He would be pretty over active, hands grabbing everywhere while your were kissing.

-Type: Huge lipped kisser. This one pretty much explains itself.

Jooheon: He would be down for letting you take control, giving you chances to impress him with your skill.

-Type: He would probably like lip biting as well. Though maybe more if you were doing the biting.

I.M: Where do you start with this boy, he would probably be a lip virgin. Allowing you to take more of the control as well since he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

-Type: The open eye kisser, probably because he was so excited about it he would want to see your face. Hopefully not in a creepy way.


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