e: hi

Levi blushing whenever he thinks about how erwin looks at him. Levi getting flustered whenever erwin praises him for anything (excellent combat, good tea) Levi finding himself thinking about erwin when he’s meant to be sleeping instead. Levi staring at him when he’s not looking (hange notices, they just smile and doesn’t comment) levi quickly looking away when he’s caught staring. LEVI PINNING HARDCORE


Everyone is entitled to their opinions and everyone is entitled to their beliefs … but if the opinions and feelings are rooted in denying certain people basic human rights, I’ve got a problem with that.

arm wrestled dum-e today. does it count as arm wrestling when his whole body is an arm? or is it just wrestling then

steve drew me, and then tony added dum-e to the sketch. nice to see them getting along.

this is just before the table snapped under us. that red stuff is blood from the nosebleed i got, and that white is when dum-e decided that spraying me down with the fire extinguisher would help with the nosebleed

it did not.

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Mamma Mia

So I just remembered that 1D did a short ABBA cover a while back. It starts at :34.


joshua birthday countdown: d-1

joshua’s lines through the eras [ cr 1. 2. 3. ]