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Do you all know Spotify has ALL Blaine Anderson’s song on a playlist? One playlist in order of his performance? I just discovered it! Will make driving more pleasant! And it’s FREE!

Thanks! I just searched Klaine and there’s an account that has all the Klaine duets in order!  Check it out:


AND an account with all the Klaine duets plus solo Chris and Darren incl. Darren non-Glee stuff:


when you finish watching a tv show and you can finally search the tumblr tag for it without fearing spoilers

me : *is the first one to finish the reading of a paper in class *

teacher : Have you finish yet ?

me : yep

teacher : Wow, you’re a quick reader !

me : I read a lot.

teacher : Really, that’s great. What do you read ?

me : *think about all the 60k (and more) fics I’ve been reading since the last few years*… Harry… Potter…

teacher : *confused* the last one was published about 10 years ago…

me : I read it…again… a lot ? 


Seven years ago today on November 9, 2010 Darren made his debut on Glee

Whatever remnants of the Glee fandom there are I hope you recognise Mark Salling for the pedophile he is. I just checked the tag and you all keep tagging his name in things like nothing has happened. The man who played Puck is a pedophile. Don’t treat him like he’s normal. He was a pedophile during the entire filming of Glee