e: festival

Festive Enjoltaire
  • As much as Enjolras hates the whole consumerist atmosphere surrounding Christmas, he’s still heavy on the holiday spirit. It’s a holiday about being with your family, and les Amis are his family. And just as important, Grantaire is his family
  • Enjolras partakes in a lot of charity events in December. He really wants to help out. He once sold mistletoe with Grantaire at the mall. Needless to say Grantaire took every opportunity he got to kiss Enjolras that day
  • Grantaire bought way too many Christmas lights because he wanted to reproduce “Starry Night” on the wall. Enjolras had to put an end to it
  • Grantaire wears the absolute ugliest Christmas jumpers. He offered a pair of antlers to Enjolras, but he’s a kill joy
  • They tried to make a gingerbread house once. Keyword being “tried”. Enjolras got frustrated and Grantaire got hungry. Not a good combinaison
  • Grantaire put an angel on top of the Christmas tree, and when I say an angel I actually mean a picture of Enjolras in his best resting bitch face
  • Grantaire wraps his Christmas presents in white paper, so that he can draw on it afterwards and make it unique. Enjolras always keeps the wrapping religiously, because his boyfriend always puts all his heart and soul into his art, and he really appreciates that