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SP, Del Rio, Texas, 1984 by Center for Railroad Photography & Art
Via Flickr:
Initial inspection of Southern Pacific Railroad’s no. 4449 locomotive at Del Rio, Texas, after tender coupler pin failed on westbound trip in June 1984. Photograph by J. Parker Lamb, © 2017, Center for Railroad Photography and Art. Lamb-02-090-02


Friday night drove down to Del Rio, TX to fish Lake Amistad. Saturday morning my friend and his grandfather and I hit the lake early in the morning. Weather was cool, cloudy, a bit breezy and rain was in the forecast, luckily it only misted a little bit. We trolled around part of the lake looking for some action for awhile. Finally we decided to head over where highway 277 goes over the lake. This area showed some promise, there is a sunken bridge, lots of weeds, and a lot of other spots bass like. Picture on the left was the biggest of 4 I landed on Saturday.

On day 2, we couldn’t get on the lake till later in the day, we did a little bank fishing with no luck so we decided to head home and catch some z’s. That evening we headed out but no luck so we just decided to keep going and stayed late on the lake and drank a bunch of Budweisers.

So Monday morning we went back out to the same spot and pulled in a few more. The weather was weird from the get go. Wind changed directions on us 3 times, and it felt like we went through all 4 seasons in one day. The picture on the right is a 4 pounder and one of 3 I pulled in.

The trip was great, in total we caught 22 fish and 14 of them were keepers. Mostly used plastic worms, Yamamoto senkos and power bait 10in ribbon tails, and on the 1st day bass were jumping so I went with Stike kings sexy dawg and landed 2. Got a lot of meat to fry up! I’ll Cook them soon and write about that some other time.

okay but my favorite part about the scene in halo 4 with chief and del rio and the whole asshole “aging spartan” comment del rio makes (hA I HATE YOU DEL RIO)

but besides the whole John disobeying authority (which is an entirely different matter that i could talk about for years

is that everyone else agrees with John

Del Rio, the captain of the ship, the commanding officer of the entire operation at Requiem and Chief’s like “aw hell nah” and everyone is just like “….yeah i’m with him”


Del Rio
St. Vincent
Del Rio

We were down on Tenth
You told me I look spent
Gave that look you give
And rushed me to the river
We filled our cups
We drank to drinking up
Then, when we were done
We threw ourselves in the river
Getting some strange looks
Back from the shore
And you, you pinched my arm
Said, “Look who’s looking up”
And you, you saved my life
Too many times to count
Del, Del Rio

Thinking a lot about Texas today.