e: crixus

I gotta say, one thing that has been absolutely fucking beautiful this season is how Crixus, the tough as nails anti-hero in Blood and Sand, has kind of been forced to become this soft, supporting boyfriend of Naevia and her severe PTSD. 

He’s been so fucking adorable as he’s helped her fight, not left her side and i’m watching the finale now and the way he’s standing as Naevia fought Ashur, so fucking brilliant. 

They both are the new hetrotp.

Sometimes I think about Crixus and Naevia and how Crixus broke into the fucking mines and got himself enslaved and thrown into the arena all over again, he literally went to hell and back, just for her and then when they finally made it back to each other he taught her how to protect herself and never rushed her, never forced her, never made her feel guilty or dirty for what she’d gone through and all he did was love her until she was ready to love him back again and he just loves her so much and their love story makes me wanna cry and omg how can you not love these two they are perfect