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I just remember sth from 8x18 and I need to talk about it!! Dean: "Well, I don't know. You tell me. Are you okay?" Sam: "I'm fine. Are you okay?" D: "Me?" S: "Yeah. Um, Cas dinged you up pretty good." D: "And?" S: "And I just wanted to make sure you're okay." D: "What like my feelings?!" S: "If that's what you want to talk about, sure." D: "Okay. I'll tell you what. Why don't I go get some, uh, herbal tea. And you can find some cowboy junkies on the dial"

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Yes. This ^^^^ This moment is such an underlining for Dean I-am-averse-to-them-because-I-am-terrified-of-feelings Winchester, right? And how Sam knows he is and here gently tries to prod him to actually open up for once. I love this piece of dialogue (put then there are few bits of dialogue this subtext heavy that I don’t love) because it also gives us the difference between the brothers –>

–> Sam doesn’t mind being open, thinks it’s a healthy thing to be honest, because he’s always been honest with himself about who he is and who he wants to be: it’s just that his choices were based on defying “orders” as much as they were based on his own hopes for the future, and all the events that have lead Sam to where he is now have happened to guide him onto a path where he’s not constantly rejecting his heritage based on his anger with his father, but rather embracing it as a true part of himself.

–> Dean is so stuck in his feelings-are-for-weaklings-and-weaklings-can’t-protect-anyone mentality that he immediately dismisses Sam’s very gentle queries, and what’s so smartly done in this scene is that we’re told exactly how aware Sam is of this, of Dean’s inner struggle, of how he bottles everything up. 

Sam uses the word “okay” twice, and, honestly, his “Cas dinged you up pretty good” is a statement that really should have lead Dean to assume Sam is asking him if he’s okay physically, right? Bruises, cuts, broken ribs. But nope. Dean is the one who draws the conclusion that Sam is asking if he’s emotionally hurt. Which of course he is. Demonstrated to us by how he assumes the question is about his feelings and underlined by this:

Sam: If that’s what you want to talk about, sure.

Sam the-logical-and-ever-observant Winchester is here stating to us - the audience, so that we don’t get the chance to miss it or wonder about it - that Dean brought up the topic of feelings. This dialogue is all about giving exposition of how Dean is rattled after his fight with Cas and he’s totally emotional about it. Sam reads Dean like an open book: Sam would not have even begun to prod if he couldn’t tell Dean was totally emotional about it.

And of course Dean will have none of this bullcrap, making a snide joke of it and getting the hell out of the car. Only furthering the fact that he doesn’t outright deny it. Sam’s calm “I’m fine” would’ve been a more effective demonstration of exactly how unemotional Dean is, while his actions and complete denial only works to tell us just how upset he is.

Aw Dean. I have this overwhelming feeling this side of your character is going the way of bye-bye. Cannot wait to get to know you in S13!!

That Voice in Your Head

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You can hear your Soulmates voice in your head.




You have always had a voice in your head, little did you know that it was your angel …

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The reader is an unidentified creature trying to figure out her identity and purpose in the world of Supernatural. She has no memories of her past, driven simply by her need to protect the humans like the ones who had sheltered her upon arrival. But then her whole world changes after she meets the infamous Winchesters and their friend the blue eyed angel.

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