e: andy whitfield


If you’re having a bad day…
You don’t need to have watched Spartacus to appreciate two buff, full-grown men squealing and giggling together in a pit of fake shit. 


This show is pure schlock, but this video actually made me sad. Spartacus is forced to kill his only friend at a party where they thought they would be safe. Even sadder, the actors were good friends in real life, and Andy Whitfield, who played Spartacus, died of cancer not long after. :-/

Quick story: Andy Whitfield, the amazing and wonderful human being best known for playing Spartacus in the first season of the Starz series, died of cancer in 2011. He was in diagnosed with Stage 4 non-Hodgkin lymphoma after the first season wrapped in 2010 and, after six rounds of chemo treatments and being declared cancer free, he went for some routine testing and found out he’d relapsed. Because of that, he had to abandon his role just as he was gearing up to start season 2. Ultimately, he died a year later – 18 months after his original diagnosis. 

Why am I writing this, you ask? Because, originally made in 2015, Netflix has put up the documentary/biography by Lilibet Foster about Andy’s journey and battle against cancer after his relapse – literally from the weekend of when they got the news, all the way to the very end, and “catching up” with family a year after. It really focuses on Andy and his wife, Vashti, but his kids and parents are there as well. It’s a documentary, since they filmed the last year of his life (not knowing that’s what it was), but it also plays like a home movie since Andy and Vashti also filmed some on their own. Its very open and honest on how he, his wife and parents feel, about the process, and its just moving, inspiring and very emotional. I was in tears nearly from start to finish. Its called Be Here Now. I would definitely recommend it if you are battling against cancer, or know/knew someone going through it, or even if you’re just a fan Andy.