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Interview: Carl Sagan

Mary Hynes speaks with astronomer Carl Sagan about his latest book

When questioned on the view of the universe having a designer/creator 

“…you can say ‘look you can go back as far as you want but somehow the stuff of the universe had to come from somewhere and isn’t that what god did?’  But that’s only true if the universe was always here….most of us would be surprised to hear that the universe is going to end one day.

We expect the universe to go on forever into the future.  Why do we have the idea it doesn’t go on forever into the past?” - carl sagan

Alexander James MacKenzie Academy for the Genetically Gifted.


Founded in 1956 by Alexander James MacKenzie.

Headmaster: Alexander James MacKenzie.

Located in the English Countryside.


Alexander J. MacKenzie Academy is an institution where humans with genetic gifts learn to tame and use their special abilities. There is the school, which we teach these skills and academic classes for those who wish to take them. The ability classes are available all year, and it is required that the students take them. Academic classes are available during the average school year and are currently out for the summer. There are dorm rooms where the students live during their stay. These dorms are separated by male and female and a common house is located between them. The common house has lounge rooms and the kitchen that has a hired staff. The  campus is vast and has large fields of grass, a forest and a beach.

Rooming Arrangements:


Shawn Lowe — West Meyers

Collin Ackles — Jason King

Benjamin Hawkins — Nikolas Orlov

Anthony Costanzo — Charles Gilbert

Lucas Gorski — Oliver Langer


Blair Acosta — Simone Randeau

Shelby Acosta — Christine Chau

Elisa Holmes — Skylar Sula

Morgan Hunter — Chloe Osborne

Ellen Simpson — Victoria Ramsey


Donald Byrd - Chant
Taken from the LP “A New Perspective”, released on Blue Note records in 1963.