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Here’s another fic rec because why the hell not

I posted my first fic rec exactly six months ago, so why not celebrate with another of these? They’re in no particular order (or rather, in the order I read them in, which is very unimportant), please check the ratings and warnings on each of them.

Hey baby, can you bleed like me? by @kyluxtrashpit, 11.5k, E;
Kylo is no stranger to being a fuck up, but he never expected to fuck up killing himself. Trapped in a mental health ward with the full belief that there’s nothing they can do for him, he finds unexpected solace in his asshole roommate. 
Heed the warnings if you get triggered by such topics but oh dear lord, it’s so therapeutic and calming to me? There’s a quite complex, vivid backstory to it and I love it.

Observations on Treachery, In Which The Charge Against Maj. Armitage Hux is Fully Refuted, Written by Himself. by @irisparry, 5.5k, M;
The charge against me is a connection with one Luke Skywalker, for the purposes of delivering classified First Order intelligence. My real crime is an amorous connection with his apprentice, for a considerable time while our true identities were concealed.

Major Armitage Hux writes his way out of hell.
Hux’s hilarious proclamation that he wasn’t guilty of selling information to the enemy, because he was busy having sex with Ben. The language alone is wonderful, and Hux’s is so spot on convinced of his own brilliance, it’s hilarious.

I tell you miserable things after you are asleep by @huxes, 7.5k, T;
Hux and Ben are falling apart.
Modern AU. They hurt each other so much and yet they keep getting back together, and it’s all fucking beautiful. And sad. Not to be read when you’re feeling down.

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anonymous asked:

What change do you think has had the biggest impact on T/S's career this year? i.e on-ice coaching staff, b2ten, living in Canada, new perspective on skating? I'm almost thinking that b2ten has had a bigger impact than even Marie-France and Patrice - not sure if that's just because they talk about it all the time lol

I’d say all of the above. The new environment, the new coaching staff, the city… But I really think B2Ten made the biggest difference in the way they perform rn. Especially the sport psychologist they’re working with who goes to every event (HPC, Olympic Lab, etc.) and comps they’re attending. I think rn they have the mental prep they need to be successful this season too. In the past, I think the mistake on the twizzles Tessa made at SCI would’ve hunt her forever, but I think with the help of their psych they were able to move past that pretty fast.

I also think that the more nurturing approach that MF has with VM works well for them, especially with Tessa. MF is very warm and motherly with them and I think that’s reassuring for Tessa and I guess for Scott too.

The word ‘lepak’ has recently been found in the Oxford Dictionaries

Lepak [leˈpaʔ] means to hang out, and is often used in a way that implies that the activity is non-productive.

Frankly, what comes as a surprise is not that it’s a Malay word that has been added to the Oxford Dictionaries (ODO). You’ll find that plenty of Malay words have made it into the mouths of native English speakers before (though, admittedly, ‘lepak’ has yet to make a mainstream presence there).

What does surprise me is the meaning of the word itself. As evidenced above, most Malay words that made it into English dictionaries did so because there was no other word for it at the time. Most of these words were borrowed during the age of colonialism, when new words were needed to signify the new things that British officials were seeing in Malaya - such as gingham, raffia, rattan etc. 

A well-known theory on word borrowing is called the lexical gap theory (Zenner and Kristiansen 2014) - this means that words are borrowed from other languages to fill ‘gaps’ in a language, whereby there are concepts that need names, but have no existing names in that language. It then so happens that other languages have names for these concepts, so we take those names from them and use it for our own. Malays had names for gingham (ginggang), rattan (rotan) and raffia (rafia). These were subsequently adopted by those native English speakers of the British officials, and Anglicised (made more English-sounding). This is not something only done by the British; it is a natural process of language development. We ourselves have taken many English words, such as komputer, televisyen, radio etc, because we did not have names for these concepts.

But what stumps me is that there is no lexical gap here. The English language has multiple existing names synonymous with the meaning of lepak, including hang out, chillloiter, dally, etc. So why the need to add this to the dictionary?

It could reflect growing usage. No finer example exists of a word being added to the dictionary because of growing usage than the word ‘selfie’ - this term has been around for years, but was only recently added to the ODO because it has become so prevalent, especially on the English-speaking side of the internet. But I, personally, have not seen very many non-Malaysians use the word ‘lepak’. There could be, of course - it just has never seemed widespread.

Zenner, E. and Kristiansen, G. (eds). (2014). New Perspectives on Lexical Borrowing p.184. Walter de Gruyter: Berlin.


↳ The Evil Within : The  E x e c u t i o n e r 
Final dlc; The game from two new perspectives; as the dangerous Keeper and in first-person. “In the final DLC, open the safe door and see the action through the eyes of the menacing Keeper. Experience his power and brutality in first person as you square off against most iconic adversaries of The Evil Within.”

Alexander James MacKenzie Academy for the Genetically Gifted.


Founded in 1956 by Alexander James MacKenzie.

Headmaster: Alexander James MacKenzie.

Located in the English Countryside.


Alexander J. MacKenzie Academy is an institution where humans with genetic gifts learn to tame and use their special abilities. There is the school, which we teach these skills and academic classes for those who wish to take them. The ability classes are available all year, and it is required that the students take them. Academic classes are available during the average school year and are currently out for the summer. There are dorm rooms where the students live during their stay. These dorms are separated by male and female and a common house is located between them. The common house has lounge rooms and the kitchen that has a hired staff. The  campus is vast and has large fields of grass, a forest and a beach.

Rooming Arrangements:


Shawn Lowe — West Meyers

Collin Ackles — Jason King

Benjamin Hawkins — Nikolas Orlov

Anthony Costanzo — Charles Gilbert

Lucas Gorski — Oliver Langer


Blair Acosta — Simone Randeau

Shelby Acosta — Christine Chau

Elisa Holmes — Skylar Sula

Morgan Hunter — Chloe Osborne

Ellen Simpson — Victoria Ramsey