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psst, if you accept freezerburn prompts, could I suggest some bodyswap? bonus point for those dorks accommodating to their new height.

Thanks for the prompt if anyone reading this has been to my ask box lately too I just want to say thank you and that I am working on a few things so stay tuned for your requests.

To avoid too much confusion I will refer to them as the person they are and not the body they are in so when I say ‘Weiss punched the wall’ I mean that she did it whilst in Yang’s body.

This got quite long but I’d love to come back and do a continuation of it some time.

Warnings: Bad language and boobs of course.


1496 words

A New Perspective

She thought they had come away unscathed. How badly mistaken she had been.

Weiss felt that something was wrong long before she opened her eyes and realised she was certainly not in her bed. She jolted immediately up into a sitting positon, ignoring the peculiar fluttering of blonde hair in the corner of her eyes, and noticed that she was in fact in Yang’s bunk.

Weiss prided herself on her intelligence and her mind didn’t betray her when it came to an almost instant, if worrying, conclusion.

She wasn’t in her own body.

She looked down as she threw the comforter off of her unusually tall figure and was faced with breasts.

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A New Perspective || Fire-Lord-Hotman || Closed

Katara was moving from house to house, checking if any of her people were hurt. There was a couple, but not as many as she thought there would be. For the chief’s daughter, she lived up to her title, taking special care for everyone who needed it, with a gentle smile on her face. Even if it was fake. Her thoughts were somewhere else, mostly on her hus—Zuko. He told her he wanted a break before he left. Zuko hadn’t even come to fight like he promised. Forget it, it’s no use thinking about him when you know you have things to do. After you heal the injured you need to go get your daughter. Keep your mind distracted for now. She moved onto the next house, offering water and asking for the wounded, doing it repeatedly until she new there weren’t anymore people. Katara went back to her father’s house, exhausted, feeling so worn out that she plopped on the couch and instantly fell into a light slumber.

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If you're up to it, I'd love to see a bodyswap continuation! White rose/bumbleby preferrably, but the pairings are up to you :D

I’m sorry this took so long! But thanks so much for the prompt.

This is a direct continuation of the first part I wrote here.

As a reminder: To avoid too much confusion I will refer to them as the person they are and not the body they are in  so when I say ‘Weiss punched the wall’ I mean that she did it whilst in Yang’s body.

Warnings: some sexual references and very mild language.

Bumbleby and White Rose

2695 words

A New Perspective Part II

It seemed that Weiss and Yang had an incredibly difficult task in impersonating each other.

“Uh Weiss…” Ruby began.

“Yes?” Yang answered, feeling so out of place in discovering Ruby was almost the same height as her now that she was in Weiss’ much shorter body.

“Are you injured or something? You’re walking kinda weird…”

“Oh… I’m fine thank you.” The hesitation was not standard and had Ruby creasing her brows in worry.

“If there’s something wrong you know you can tell me.” Ruby offered as she gathered an essay she’d fallen asleep writing the night before.

Blake looked over the top of her novel and added, “it’s because you’re not speaking to Weiss.”

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Alexander James MacKenzie Academy for the Genetically Gifted.


Founded in 1956 by Alexander James MacKenzie.

Headmaster: Alexander James MacKenzie.

Located in the English Countryside.


Alexander J. MacKenzie Academy is an institution where humans with genetic gifts learn to tame and use their special abilities. There is the school, which we teach these skills and academic classes for those who wish to take them. The ability classes are available all year, and it is required that the students take them. Academic classes are available during the average school year and are currently out for the summer. There are dorm rooms where the students live during their stay. These dorms are separated by male and female and a common house is located between them. The common house has lounge rooms and the kitchen that has a hired staff. The  campus is vast and has large fields of grass, a forest and a beach.

Rooming Arrangements:


Shawn Lowe — West Meyers

Collin Ackles — Jason King

Benjamin Hawkins — Nikolas Orlov

Anthony Costanzo — Charles Gilbert

Lucas Gorski — Oliver Langer


Blair Acosta — Simone Randeau

Shelby Acosta — Christine Chau

Elisa Holmes — Skylar Sula

Morgan Hunter — Chloe Osborne

Ellen Simpson — Victoria Ramsey


Donald Byrd - Chant
Taken from the LP “A New Perspective”, released on Blue Note records in 1963.