e: 2x03

Sabbath Chicken by Overthinker

Title: Sabbath Chicken

Author: Overthinker

Summary: As Artie wanders through the hospital waiting for his parents to get off work, he comes across Kurt, who is sitting outside his dad’s hospital room. Artie greets him, and Kurt’s response, after a week of prayers from Glee club members, starts an interesting, if short, discussion between the two.

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When rewatching Grilled Cheesus this week, I noticed how Artie seemed to agree with Kurt on his stance on religion - he kept on nodding and seemingly approving of Kurt’s views. There are way to few fics that explores Artie and Kurt’s friendship, but this one does in a very good way. In particular, I loved the Friday night dinner parallels.

@todaydreambelievers : Fic rec for Grilled Cheesus.