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1D Preferences #216: He's jealous of your current boyfriend and confesses his love for you...
  • Liam: "Ugh, look at him," Liam shakes his head and looks over where your boyfriend Jackson is over chugging beer and laughing. You shrug, although you are a bit annoyed. You didn't want to come to this stupid party, but Jackson had convinced you to go with him, after promising he'd spend the night with you. I mean, yeah, it was fine he was socializing and drinking a bit, but you were pretty pissed. Liam takes a sip of his soda and looks at Jackson with anger. If he gets you, he should at least be treating you right and not being an ass hole. Suddenly, a slightly tipsy Jackson makes his way over to where you and Liam are. "Hey babe," Jackson slurs, putting his hand on your arm. You pull his hand away gently. "Jack, you're so drunk," you sigh, rolling your eyes. Liam's jaw tenses as he watches you both warily. Jackson laughs and wraps his arms around you, dotting your face with sloppy kisses. "Get off!" you squirm under his grasp, not wanting to be drunkenly slobbered on and groped. Jackson doesn't let go. "She said get off her, dick head!" Liam says angrily, pushing Jackson away from you. Jackson stumbles back but catches himself. You watch in awe, shock, horror and slight admiration as the events unfold. Jackson laughs. "Why? You don't want me to have her? You mad, bro?" Jackson slurs, stepping right up in Liam's face. The next thing you know, Liam gives Jackson a punch right in the jaw and widens his eyes in surprise, almost as if he didn't think he was so strong. "Come on, Liam. Jackson, we're done," you sniff, taking Liam's hand and walking away. "Liam. Why did you do that...? I mean...thank you for defending me...he was being an ass hole...but..." you look up at him with a confusion. "Because...because..." he runs his hand through his hair and leans in and kisses you. After a minute, he pulls away. "Because, (Y/N). I love you."
  • Zayn: "Why do you like him so much anyway?" Zayn looks over at you, where you're making yourself a desktop wallpaper of pictures of you and your current boyfriend Ben. You sigh dreamily and smile. "Well, for starters, he's got the nicest eyes," you say. "I've got nice eyes..." Zayn mumbles under his breath, toying with a bracelet. "Plus, he's quite muscular and handsome..." you gush. "I'm quite muscular and handsome.." Zayn says to himself, jealous of how much you're admiring Ben. "And he knows me so well..." you say, pasting a picture onto your Photoshop masterpiece of a desktop background. "HE knows you so well? (Y/N), I've known you since we were kids!" Zayn says suddenly, sitting up and looking at you with his deep eyes. "I know that you always wear mis-matched socks because you think it's lucky, that you have a scar on your right foot from when we tried to start a campfire when we were 11, that you don't eat the skin of an apple because you think it's poisonous..." he lists things that Ben doesn't know. Things Ben would never know. Things only he would know. Zayn. "(Y/N)...I only want you to be happy, and Ben is a great guy..." he shakes his head, biting his lip. "But I just...I truly believe I'm meant to be with you, and you're meant to be with me." You feel your heart start to pound, his words sound so right. They make sense. Before you know it, you're both kissing each other, the kiss filled with fireworks you'd never felt with Ben.
  • Niall: "That necklace looks pretty on you," Niall comments, looking at the skeleton key shaped charm on your neck. He takes a lick of his ice cream cone and you smile. "Thank you, Derek gave it to me." Derek. Your boyfriend of the moment. As soon as you mention Derek, Niall's face sinks and he grows quiet. "Niall? What's your problem with Derek? Every time I mention him you look like you want to kill someone!" you say, annoyed at how your best friend can't even be there for you or respect your relationship. Niall's cheeks turn pink and he finishes off his ice cream cone and looks at his shoes, then back to you. "I haven't got a problem with Derek, really," he says quietly. "My only problem with him is that..he has YOU. (Y/N), do you know how long I've waited to have you?" He sighs and he looks at you with sadness, desire, love. "I've known you forever, and every time I see you you have a new boyfriend. It KILLS me inside to see you with some other guy. I've waited for the right time to say this, but there never seems to be one!" You look at him, eyes wide. "Fuck it... (Y/N). I'm so damn in love with you." He leans in to kiss you and you don't move, don't stop him. His lips taste like vanilla ice cream and your heart beats faster than it ever had before. You can't help but think...this just feels RIGHT. For the first time in forever, everything just feels..RIGHT.
  • Harry: "He's an ass hole," Harry rolls his eyes as you tell him about your boyfriend-of-the-moment Toby's latest fail. He forgot your anniversary and is yet to apologize. "He's not an ass hole..he's just...not good at remembering things..." you mumble defensively. Harry shakes his head. "Christ, (Y/N). Even I remembered your anniversary! I'm not even in that relationship and I remembered! Toby also forgot your birthday. Remember that?" Harry points out, crossing his arms. You do remember. You sigh and shake your head. "He's just..." you can't quite think of a defense for Toby. "He's just, what? Not good enough for you? An ass hole for taking what he has for granted? For not treating you how you deserve to be treated?" Harry says, his green eyes staring right into yours. You open your mouth, shocked to hear him saying such sweet and..romantic words. He was your best friend, wasn't that all? He puts his hand over yours and shakes his head. "(Y/N)...I could be so much better than that. I love you SO much, I just...I want to be the one who's hand you hold, who gets to kiss you good night...I don't want to be your best friend. I want to be MORE," he sighs. He pulls you close to him and gives you a kiss, unlike any you'd other felt before. "I want to be able to do that more often," he whispers. "I want you to be able to do that more often, too," you say quietly, feeling like an idiot for not realizing he loved you sooner.
  • Louis: "Why are you wearing so much eyeliner? You look like a raccoon!" Louis says, watching you your desk. He'd come to 'help' you get ready for your date with your boyfriend Landon. But he wasn't doing much helping, he was basically criticizing every little thing, which was quite unlike him. "Gee thanks," you say, rolling your eyes. "I'm wearing so much because Landon thinks I look prettier with a lot of eyeliner, for your information." Louis rolls his eyes. "Well I think Landon is a moron, because you look better without a ton of black surrounding your pretty eyes," Louis says sharply. "Landon is a jerk. He's...changing you, (Y/N)," Louis says quietly. You look in the mirror at your overly done make-up and tight black dress (Landon's favorite dress on you). You almost agree, but you're very annoyed at Louis' criticizing your boyfriend. "Back off, Lou. He's my boyfriend and that's that," you reply, finishing off your eyes with a coat of mascara. "No! You know what? I'm done backing off!" Louis gets up from your desk chair and walks over to you. "I'm done letting that ass wad Landon try to change you into some slut! You look beautiful without that make up and sluttly clothes. You're amazing and funny and sweet and..." he shakes his head and places his hand on your cheek. "And it's driving me insane that every time I look at you, I remember that your HIS and not mine. That your hand is HIS to hold. Your eyes are HIS to look into and get lost in. That your lips.." he leans in and kisses you gently, sending shivers down your spine. "Your lips are his to kiss. But I'm done. (Y/N), I have been in love with you for five years. Doesn't that count for something? I'm done seeing these stupid boyfriends of yours treat you like a doll." You look in the mirror and wipe off your eyeliner and take your hair out of its carefully done braid. "You're right, Louis." you say quietly, pulling him close and kissing him like you've never kissed before.
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