e: 213

Admission #213: Thundercloud

R2: Guys, we’ll definitely shorten this list up. I’m a white cloud.

R2′s intern: Me too!

:other interns nod enthusiastically:

other R2: Thank goodness, I’m a white cloud, too. 

R3: I’m such a white cloud, I’ve never even ran a code before!

Me: Soooo I have some news that everyone is not going to like hearing. 

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“I just noticed this about Just Friends (this is before the finale and I have a prediction.) the song at the end when Stars being angsty is of course a reprise of too little too late from friendenemies, but I found it weird that we couldn’t hear the line "now it’s too little too late.” I think it’s foreshadowing. Marco’s probably going to try to make it up to Star, but she’s broken. It was omitted, I think, because it stands out more now.“
- anonymous

“Someone had taken the 2 from the numbers 213 so I walked over to the door removing my key from my front pocket and removed the number 1 and 3 and put them in my back pocket.

To this day and at this time, even as I write these words, I have no idea where or what I did with them but I do remember thinking that if people are going to start taking shit then let me be the one to take these before someone else takes them.”

–Vernell Bass, Across the Hall