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Admission #213: Thundercloud

R2: Guys, we’ll definitely shorten this list up. I’m a white cloud.

R2′s intern: Me too!

:other interns nod enthusiastically:

other R2: Thank goodness, I’m a white cloud, too. 

R3: I’m such a white cloud, I’ve never even ran a code before!

Me: Soooo I have some news that everyone is not going to like hearing. 

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“I just noticed this about Just Friends (this is before the finale and I have a prediction.) the song at the end when Stars being angsty is of course a reprise of too little too late from friendenemies, but I found it weird that we couldn’t hear the line "now it’s too little too late.” I think it’s foreshadowing. Marco’s probably going to try to make it up to Star, but she’s broken. It was omitted, I think, because it stands out more now.“
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crazykittansmile  asked:

I'm kind of confused by the finale...why was Sarah SO mad at Eddie and saying this was ruining everything good about him? I know she's probably not too pleased that he is trying to dethrone her as the leader, but isn't she at least happy that he's back in the movement? Also, why haven't they discussed leading together? I know Season 3 will likely be about the 3 of them trying to hold the power.

Sarah wasn’t mad. She was heartbroken. 

She had compromised herself with the blackmail to save the Movement, but at least she was going to be able to save Clarksville. 

Eddie bargained that away to save her. She didn’t feel worthy of being saved from her own actions, must less at the cost of the lives of the people of Clarksville. 

Eddie was supposed to be the purer one. The one chosen by Steve. The one that made her see the world differently, that’s why she chose him. 

And here, already, he’s polluting himself, giving up the good of so many for what are really his own selfish ends. To save the mother of his children. Just like Steve said, a leader shouldn’t have a family because he’ll put their needs above others. Eddie isn’t even in charge yet and he’s already doing that.

She doesn’t want him to lead because she doesn’t want to be dethroned, but because she knows what leading does to a person, and she doesn’t want that to happen to Eddie. 

Season three will likely be the two of them stepping on each other’s toes try to lead together, providing an opportunity for Cal to slither back to the top. 

elephantandthedove replied to your post “I think we now know more about Shelby’s past from one scene than we do…”

I will say that Eddie finding her on the street was pretty heartbreaking.

I cheered when Abe said he was going to go find her. 

And pissed when it became clear that she didn’t have the better life I was hoping she’d have free of the Movement. 

I get why. She had zero security net, etc.

But it’d be refreshing if at least one time, one person they came to recruit for the Denier Army said, wait up, my life is way better now that I’m out, no thanks, bye!


When Nate Dogg & Snoop reunited to make a diss record about grandad on The Boondocks