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Tobio’s rude command slapped Alvar, his spitted words like sharp fingers. But it were the droplets of actual spit hitting his face that made Alvar jump to his feet in disgust, nearly knocking down Tobio, who still stood on his knees.

“Like beasts.” Alvar commented, much to himself, avoiding any glance in Tobio’s direction, for a moment inspecting the dusty wooden floor bearing the scratches of their encounter. Noticing his fine clothes now resembling cleaning rags, he shook his head, once more bearing the beret he had rescued from a dirty corner, wrinkled and wrapped in cobweb. “Never.” Alvar stated, in a whisper, again much to himself – though Tobio was close enough to hear it. While brushing off and straightening his suit, Alvar squeezed between the sculpture and the bench to leave the dark of the niche. Had it really been that narrow, and shallow? How had they actually fitted, and done what they… “This will never again happen.” Alvar affirmed.

But his sentence held no weigh of prophecy – since, after a couple of weeks of distance and estrangement, each fallen to his side and studies, with enough time to think through, and repent, regret, doubt, evaluate the act, sense the bond, reminisce, appreciate the shared secret, further fantasize, touch oneself while longing for the touch of the other – until, finally missing one another, Alvar and Tobio had gotten together again.

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Snakebites ~S.T.~

Summary: you get snakebite piercings on your lip.

Requested: yep

Note: sorry it took so long.

“Sammmmmmmmm” I groan from his couch.

“What y/n” he says almost annoyed.

“I’m bored, I wanna do something spontaneous or fun or crazy” I say sitting up and resting my head on his shoulder.

“I’ve been wanting a dermal piercing on my neck tat” gage says from the floor.

“I CAN GET SNAKEBITES” I say excitedly. I feel sam tense up underneath me. I get really confused before I realize snakebites have always been a turn on for Sam.

“Dude that would be so dope on you. Right sam?” Gage asks sitting up as well. All sam does is nod.

“You guys want me to take you to the place?” Sam asks already grabbing his keys.

We all nod and head into the car and sing along to Sams new song.

We get to the place and there’s no wait so we can get our stuff done. After all the paper work, we get my snakebites done first.

Once we’re done with that we get Gage’s tattoo pierced. The whole time, sam was staring at me and I pretended not to notice.

I’ve always liked Sam but I know he’d probably never like me back. I wasn’t as adventurous or talented at anything as the type of girls sam usually went for.

Once Gage was done we dropped him off at his house. When Sam was driving I recorded him on snapchat while he was quietly singing. Halfway through the video he turned to look at me and smiled wide. I began laughing and aweing at how adorable he looks. I put a laughing face and a red heart and posted it to my story.

When we got to my house sam suggested we take a picture to show off my new piercing. He went on snapchat and playfully bit my cheek while I tried to pout my bottom lip while smiling. The picture came out really cute and sam sent it to me and we both posted it on all our social medias.

Immediately we got comments and replies, asking if we were dating. We both chuckle at all the people saying we’d look cute together and we need to get married.

“You know they’re right?” Sam says smirking

“About what?” I ask my face getting 10x hotter.

“That we’d be a cute couple, and that we should be dating” he says getting closer to my ear.

“That doesn’t really sound like a question Tabor” I say trying my best to be confident but no doubt stuttering.

“Y/n” He turns my head gently to face him. “Would you like to be my girlfriend?” He says biting his lip nervously.

“Samuel, I would love to be your girlfriend” I said close to his face. He smiled widely and kissed me. I whine because my piercings are still fresh and they hurt a little bit. He just pulls away and kisses each stud gently before kissing my forehead.

“Those look so good on you baby girl” he says before pulling me into hug.

Like not to be me, typic lol DRAMA XD me, but this is truly disgusting. I saw the anons about those little girls and I am fucking DISGUSTED. I’m disgusted by this fucking community and I sincerely hope you never come in contact with a child irl ever again.


Hi baby chicks! 🐣Thank you for that 1 month experience. I hope di pa kayo naluluto ng mga nakabili sa inyo hehe ½ joke but yeah. Had fun taking care of you despite the scorching heat and smelly feces. Mwa mwa

Chick duty done 🐥