e7 ao


I got my Eureka seveN storyboards for episodes 27 and 42!! 42’s is huge, so much to flip through! And the seller literally did the nicest thing and added in a piece of official merchandise (mousepad) signed by Eureka’s and Renton’s seiyuus, Kaori Nazuka and Yuuko Sanpei!! ;3; There is good in the world!


A couple months ago, justlikeswitchblades asked me about uploading the entirety of my E7 collection. I had some time today so I rummaged around, got it gathered together and took pictures! 

One of the items not included in this photoset is a mech figure of Ray’s red Spearhead which I bought recently, but I’m just waiting for it in the mail.

Under the cut is a full list of the items in this photoset.

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