Wes trying to make you ride a motorcycle because were scared to go on it.

“Come on, babe, we have one chance to ride this,” Wes whined like a kid.

“You’re a celebrity, Wes, you could ride one of these whenever you want,” I argued.

“Not really, because I’m always busy with tour and music stuff,” he rolled his eyes. “And I really want to do this.”

“But -”

“And this is one of the best motorcycles of this nation,” Wes continued as he pointed to a red motorcycle. “We gotta ride them, (Y/N).”

“Wes, I’m scared to get on,” you say, getting closer to him as you pressed your hands on his chest. ‘What if I get hurt?“

"That’s impossible, I’m not letting anything hurt you,” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing both of your foreheads together. “Because I’m going to ride with you and hold you very tight.”

“Very tight?” you asked with a smile on your face, a flirty one.

“Very, very tight,” he grinned.

“Then let’s get to it,” you smirked, pecking his lips before putting on a helmet.


Having to see Keaton changing in front of you.

“Keaton, what are you doing?” you ask him, interrupting the conversation that you were having with Drew.

“What does it look like what I’m doing, I’m changing,” Keaton said.

Your eyes slowly scanned his body, admiring his amazing body. HIs stony abs were looking great and his V-lines were perfectly sculpted. You didn’t knew you were looking too hard until Drew caught you off.

“Ooohh, (Y/N), are you loving that peep show back there?” Drew teased you while liftng his eyebrows to Keaton’s direction. “I know I’m loving it." 

"Maybe little bit too much,” you smirked before you heard Keaton grunting.

“This thing is stupid,” Keaton said with frustration, tugging his swimsuit up.

“Do you need some help?” you ask him.

Keaton immediately smiled, “Yes please.”


You were the guys’ photographer and they wouldn’t stop bothering you when you were doing your job.

“(Y/N), take a picture of me looking like a hot badass, I know you love it when I look like this,” Wes said, flirting with you.

“Don’t even bother, she loves me better, especially when I flex my biceps,” Drew said while flexing his arms to grab your attention. “Right, baby?”

“Haha, you guys are crazy,” Keaton smirked while winking at you. “You guys think she’s into you, but in the end of the day, is the cuteness that attracts her.”

The guys continued to fight over you as you wanted as much to get your job done. However, you couldn’t help it but have three hot guys bickering over you.

Wes Imagine #1: You Surprise Him At His First Concert

“Aight guys, you ready?” Drew had his bandmates huddled in a tight circle, attempting to give them a pep talk before Emblem3’s first concert of their mini tour, even though they were as pepped as they could get. 

“I guess,” Wes sighed, looking down at the floor. Drew licked his lips in thought and then slung his arm around his best friend’s shoulder, squeezing him tightly. 

“Come on, man. You know Y/N is still rooting us on from that college seminar.” He coaxed and Keaton nodded in agreement. Suddenly, Wes’s phone beeped and he pulled it out, smiling at the name on the screen. Drew let go and peered over his shoulder, trying to read the message. 

“What’d she say?” Keaton asked, playfully elbowing his brother in the ribs. A blush creeped across Wes’s face as he showed the boys what you had texted to him.

Best of luck, babe! Do your best and show those Cali girls what you’ve got! Just not too much, okay? ;) I’m thinking of you <3 Love you xoxoxo 

“Awwwww!” Keaton pulled a stupid face and Wes punched him in the arm, but with a huge smile on his face. 

“She loves you, dude.” Drew reminded Wes, giving him a pat on the back. “Now let’s go do this thang!” He piped up and Wes grinned, now pumped up. The boys ran on stage to greet their hundreds of Emblems that were in the crowd and played their songs, occasionally stopping for a picture or two.

“That was crazy!” Keaton hollered as they ran off stage, grabbing water bottles.

“Completely!” Drew added and Wes nodded, gulping down his water. 

“I agree,” A voice added and they all whipped around to see you standing there, wearing an E3 sweatshirt and snapback. Wes dropped his water and ran towards you, picking you up and spinning you around before planting a sweet kiss on your lips.

“Hey, Y/N!” Keaton and Drew waved to you and you waved back, then looked back at your boyfriend.

“You came,” He whispered, in disbelief. “How long have you been here?”

“Since Say What You Mean,” You smiled and Wes kissed you again, squeezing you tightly. He let go and took your hand, staring into your eyes. 

“How about a little after-show celebration? You, me, the hotel?” He winked at you and you chuckled.

“I drove four hours to get here, so let’s save that for later.” You winked back and Keaton and Drew groaned. 

“Then how about some dinner?” He suggested and squeezed your hand. You nodded and the two of you set off to find a random local restaurant and just enjoy each other’s company.

Wes imagine

“ tag you it!”
You run through your house trying to get away from wesley. As your turning the corner and while looking behind you he grabs you and throws you over his shoulder. Wes carries you through the house to his room and throws you down on his bed, you under him he leans down and kisses you and you kiss back.
“I love you” you say.
“I love you too.” Wes says
He stares intensly into your eyes and pecks you one more time.
“your it” he says and he jumps up and runs down the hall. You guys spend all day playing around and being with eachother.


Having a barbeque day with Wesley and your little boy, wanting to create cute family moments.

“Babe, come over here and record this,” Wes said, holding your boy on the hip. “I want him to remember this.”

You giggled as you saw Wes shirtless before pulling out your phone. With your phone, you got the video ready.

“Ready,” you yelled out to him, walking up to the grill.

“Look baby, this is where we grill food,” Wes said in cute little voice to your little boy, moving the spatula around in circles. “You’re going to be daddy’s little helper by helping me cook up a delish meal for your mommy.”


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um one time i drove to this like ghetto area of downtown to buy weed from this guys drug dealer bc he ran out and on the way back my friends mom was like asking where we were and shit so he had to drive my car back (and he was high) bc i didn't know how to get home. and we didn't have time to take him home so i sneaked him into my house and he stayed the night and drove him back in the morning without my parents ever knowing.

hahaha omfg ily and ok this one time last year everyone in my class chipped in to rent this cabin to have this huge party before christmas break and my mom didn’t let me go so that night i lied and told her i was going to a friend’s house but once i got there my other friends passed by to pick me up and i got in the car and that fucking cabin was like an hour away and i couldn’t get a signal anywhere and it was getting late and my mom kept calling but every time i answered the call would drop and a bunch of guys in like college started arriving with like booze and weed and i was like omfg who r u and then out of nowhere this man comes asking for me and hes like ur mom sent me to pick u up and he was a taxi driver friend of hers and i was like shit so i got in the car and no one saw what happened so i just said that i left to another party haha but i wasn’t even grounded or anything the next day i just got yelled at

tell me the craziest thing you’ve ever done and i’ll reply with something of my own


Drew talking about you during an interview.

“Hey Drew, how is your relationship with (Y/N),” the interviewer asked while holding the mike to Drew.

Drew’s smile lighten up as he thought about you, “Our relationship is fantastic, she is the most beautiful and thoughtful girlfriend that I could ever ask for. She makes me feel like I am the only guy in the world.”


Drew teaching your daughter how to draw.

“Look here, babe, at what your daddy is trying to draw,” Drew said as doodled on the blackboard.

“What are you doing, daddy?” your daughter asked him.

“I’m drawing a precious little flower,” he said, the imagine coming along. “For my precious little angle.”

“Awe, daddy, stop with those comments,” your daughter giggled as she blushed. “You’re making me blush!”

“Promise me I will be the only man in your life that could make you blush,” Drew proposed to her.

“That’s insane, because no one else would be able to make blush like my daddy,” she murmured as she ran up to Drew to hug him.

You laughed because you knew that proposal would be broken when she gets older.


makinglovewithdrewchadwick here’s a cute imagine that I know you will love :D