You know what really gets me ticked off about not getting tickets? Not the fact that I myself didn’t get any but that A WHOLE LOT of Emblems didn’t get any. I swear this is how the tickets went. It’s just not fair! I know what South Coast a& foreign fans may be thinking.

“Oh at least you have a show there.”

Trust me, I’m grateful they’re coming here at all but what’s the point if shit like this is gonna happen?! It’s just annoying -_- I hope you don’t get annoyed yourself by my complaining.

I may even still get tickets. Mom said if one of the sites go down to 75$ each (They’re currently ranging 90$-250$) we may be able to scrounge up the money to go but that’s not the point. My family doesn’t have that kind of money and if I didn't just get Heart surgery this past October and if I was a usual fangirl (this really isn’t my thing, lol, so this is all new to me) I HIGHLY doubt that would even be happening. Hence the word scrounge.

And what about the people who can’t afford that? Who could barely afford the 30$? THAT’S what get me! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to get them but what about those worse off then me? If this was the one thing they were looking forward to and now because of these assholes, they can’t go. I honestly believe Emblem3 would NOT want this. If only they knew and could somehow stop them.

*SIGH* Thanks for reading my rant, if anyone even does. Not like I can do anything anyway. :-/ Happy for those who DID get them. You’re gonna have a blast!