"I Lost 12 Pounds in 6 Weeks with Little to No Exercise" with e3 Energy Evolved

“I Lost 12 Pounds in 6 Weeks with Little to No Exercise” with e3 Energy Evolved

This e3 Energy Evolved member story just came in and we want to share with it you. Kacie came to us not in a great place with her health, as a busy mom, wife, and interior designer.

No matter what she tried nutritionally and for exercise, her weight was either stuck or gaining. And even though she was reading up on all sorts of wellness and nutrition resources online, she was getting nowhere.


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6 Tips That Stop Your Mind from Bullying Your Body

I had the worst five alarm hormonal fire mind battle today, and I heard sirens in the distance; it was a roller coaster of crappy food cravings, no energy or focus to workout, random bouts of tears, and short-of-breath moments.

We women particularly struggle with this mind battle and let it halt our progress when we’re trying to take care of ourselves or our own health and body goals. For me…

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The Truth About Gluten

The Truth About Gluten

Having grown up in an Italian family in North Jersey, nothing could compare to the smell and taste of the fresh Italian bread baking in Mom’s oven. (Well, maybe the sauce to dip it in, but that’s a different story). I remember many Sunday mornings taking a short drive with my father to the bagel store to pick up a dozen freshly baked bagels. I mean, they were considered a “healthy” food back…

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Ayurvedic Approach to Natural Fat Loss and Energy

Ayurveda is an ancient, long-standing mind-body-health approach traditional to the Indian culture. Translated, the word “Ayurveda” means “the science of life.” Ayurveda focuses on our body’s unique energy vitality, and teaches us to live in harmony with nature.

Ayurvedic medicine believes the answer to healing is quite simple: harness your body’s natural ability and internal power to heal itself

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