Analysis on Reiner and Bertolt

I feel sympathy for Bertolt. He has to watch one of the people he loves most hate themselves to the point of being unable to cope. He doesn’t get the luxury of forgetting. He has to sit through it all and be the strong one, carrying the weight of guilt for both himself and Reiner. Reiner crying breaks my heart; I can’t imagine how Bertolt must feel. They have to look into Eren’s eyes and witness the damage they’ve been forced to inflict due to an agenda pushed upon them as children. They oppose their indoctrination, yet cannot step away from it. Eren was right about only one thing in his angry speech: Reiner and Bertolt are neither Warriors nor Soldiers. They are just people. Being human means feeling guilt, and no one in the series has proven to be as human as Reiner and Bertolt.