My quick thought about E307.

I enjoyed reading a lot of different opinions about this episode. I also liked some debates about it as long as it’s respectful and insightful. So, I just wanted to write my thought about this controversial episode.

I confessed that this would not be my favorite episode. There are some flaws. It might be the lack of understanding about the characters by the new scriptwriter Karen Campbell or the skill of the editor Melissa Lawson Cheung. It’s hard to tell because the TV production is collaboration. But after I read the article of Hollywood Reporter, I really like the approach by Matt B. Roberts. I can always trust him for sure.

Anyway, these are the five things I liked.

- Jamie was really appalled by Brianna’s bikini. I am really looking forward to seeing a protective father Jamie in S4.

- Madame Jeanne. I even like the ‘partners in crime’ chemistry between Jamie and her. Cyreille Debreuil played her very well. I liked the basement scene very much. It reminds me the scene of S2 in brothel with Jamie and Comte St. Germain. Bad Jamie is, in fact, very attractive.

- Fergus and Young Ian, of course. They will be great new characters in the rest of the season and S4.

- Jamie’s super hero landing with a perfect drape of his shawl. Why not?

- Jamie’s face watching the burning his print shop. It broke my heart. Sam’s acting was just superb.

Now, a few things that made me questionable.

- Claire questioned Jamie about his parenthood. Jamie is always a great father figure. Claire knows about it. So why?

- Claire’s attempt to save exciseman. I suppose the writer wanted to show some kind of bond between Mr. Willoughby and her. But still it’s a little bit off.

Overall, this is a bridge episode of the print shop fire and the next big revelation. I really hope the new writers are as good as Richard Kahan of E205.