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A/N: this is actually based on true stories and events that have happened to me. These will most likely have a base on self image/body issues because I struggle a lot with that, but I call them breakdowns so that’s what I am calling this. These are some things that I think in my head sometimes to feel better. 

Keaton: As you searched your closet to pick out an outfit for the day, you noticed you only had one pair of shorts left that were clean. “Ugh, Keats did you ever put that load of clothes in the dryer?” You yell down to your boyfriend of 2 years. “No, was I supposed to? I thought you were in charge of laundry, I shrink everything.” He says walking in your shared bedroom. “Yea, true. It’s just I only have one clean pair of shorts left. I really need to get some more.” “Alright.” He said as he jumps to his feet. “Put those shorts on and we’ll head to the mall.” He smiles wide at you. Once at the mall, Keaton suggests starting at the all so popular Forever 21 that you love so much. Once you look for a bit and pick up a few pairs you head to the dressing room. After about 10 minutes had passed you hear Keaton knock on the door. “Y/N, is everything okay in there?” You tried to compose yourself, but were failing as you responded back with a very weak and shaky “Not really.” As soon as Keaton heard this he tried to open the door, but of course you locked it. He let out a forceful but not harsh “Let me in.” As soon as Keaton’s eyes met yours the concerned look on his face grew sad. “What’s wrong Y/N? You look like you’re going to cry.” And that’s when you lost it, letting the flood gates open. “I can’t Keaton. They all don’t fit. Not even a little bit, I can’t even button them! I can’t take it anymore, why can’t I just be skinny and small like you?” He immediately wrapped his arms around you while rubbing your back and let you get out everything you had to. This wasn’t the first time you’ve had a breakdown about clothes not fitting and he knew it wouldn’t be the last either. “Princess, please stop crying.” He says, lifting up your head to look at him. “You’re perfect just the way you are. It’s not you, it’s the pants. You’ve told me yourself how they run small here. You are skinny and small, okay? You are 100% perfect in my eyes.” He was happy to see that your tears were starting to dry and your frown was replaced with a small smile. “Come on, lets go to other store and try there. Or we could ditch it all and just get sweatpants, their more comfortable anyway.” He nudged you with a wink. 

Wesley: It was just a regular day for you and your boyfriend Wesley. He had gotten back from his morning workout when you got out of the shower and after battling over him begging you to take another one with him, you were currently finding something to wear while he took his shower. alone. You thought about what to wear for the day and had some ideas in your head, after picking out a few things and laying them out, you decided on wearing a new outfit you just bought. You could hear Wes singing in the shower as you got dressed which had basically became a routine thing. You rolled your eyes and laughed while pulling up your new pants, but halfway on your pants stopped. They wouldn’t budge. You tried and tried but the pants just wouldn’t come up. But you just bought these past last week, how could they not fit? After much thought with yourself and fighting with the pants, you gave up and just put on a pair of Wesley’s sweats. Once Wes was finishing doing everything in the bathroom he was surprised to find you sitting there in his clothes. You were usually always dressed up and very rarely would wear sweats out in public. But once he came a little closer, he noticed that you were upset. “Hey Babygirl, what’s the matter?” He said, as he sat down and pulled you into his lap. “Do you remember those new pants I bought the other day when we went shopping?” He smirked at the thought, remembering how they grabbed your body in all the right spots. “Yes, I love those pants.” He leaned in to kiss your neck. “I tried to put them on today and they don’t fit. At all. I told you Wes, I need to come to the gym with you in the morning and do my nightly run. Maybe I should cut out lunch too and just drink a shake. I have been getting big right? I didn’t want to think about it but I noticed it a few times. Honestly Wes answer me, am I getting big because I think I am and those pants not fitting just makes me-” He cut off your rambling with a kiss. As you pulled away he laughed. “Y/N, you are not getting big at all. And you don’t need to change what you eat or how you work out.” “But how do the pants fit one day and now they don’t?” As he opens his mouth to answer, he remembers something he found in the bathroom. “Oh, I think I know why.” you turn your head to face his “why?!” “Because it’s somebodies time of the month.” Your face turns red and Wes laughs upon noticing this. You hide your face in his chest as you turn redder. “how did you know that?” he reaches up to play with your hair. “Someone left the box out on top of the toilet. see Y/N I told you. You’re perfect. You didn’t gain any weight, you’re just bloated.” Your face turns even more red as you feel Wes’ chest rumble from laughter. “How about we just stay in and watch movies all day?” He asks taking your head out of his chest. “sounds like a plan.” You respond, giving him a sweet kiss. 

I don’t like Wesley’s but I spent an hour on this so 


Wes: You just got home from having a long stressful day at work. You were told to run from place to place getting this and that. ‘Get me this’ ‘get me that’ was heavily thrown around that day and as you were hurrying to move around people, your heel got stuck on a doorway threshold and you completely let go of everything. Papers flying, coffee shooting out like a volcano from your hot cup. Which, just so happened to get on your beautiful hugging white skirt, surely ruining it. It was by far your favorite skirt for work. After your accident, you had to walk around with a stained outfit. Your papers were completely ruined and you had to print and write out yet another twenty papers. You were ready for the day to end and it had barely started. As the day progressed, the more everyone nagged at you. You had enough and you were soon to snap.

“(Y/L/N), get in here,” your boss yelled at you from his room across from your own little space. You straighten out your ruined, coffee stained, skirt and headed for his office.


“What happened here? I asked for neatly printed papers,” he stared you down.

“I tripped this morning and ruined the papers, sir. I printed out the same copies and Melissa said she’d take them from me and bring them to you. They were neatly printed when I gave them to her, sir,” you quietly told him. You had a sickening gut feeling when giving them to her but you were running late, still having to other things, so you willingly gave them to her without a second thought. You were rushing, your mind moving a million miles per hour and you wanted to get everything done and with a giving hand, you took the chance. Melissa never liked you though and you had no explanation as to why. You should’ve known better.
Your boss yelled at you for a good ten minutes and you rushed to get everything finished with for the day.

You finally finished work with more than ever on your plate. Your eyes were bloodshot and your stomach rumbled with hunger as you hadn’t ate all day. You rushed inside to get your stomach full and get ready for bed. You got food, ate, and headed upstairs. You change and head back for the living room. You plop down and turn the tv on as the door slams open.

“What’s up, babe,” Wesley laughed like it was the funniest thing ever. You already knew he was high off his ass and you didn’t want to hear it. He became a rambunctious, giggling, mess when he was stoned. You hated it and he seemed to be the worse when you were having a bad day.

“Shut up, Wes!”

“Why? I’m just having fun. You never have any fun,” he grabs your cheeks and stretches it out.

“Wesley, stop,” you were getting mad now.

“You’re so lame. Have some fun,” he attacks you in away of showing he wanted to wrestle you.

“Get the fuck off me before I beat your ass,” you yell at the top of your lungs, done with Wesley’s bullshit.

“Calm down,” he gets off you as you were harshly thrashing in his hold.

“I’m not going to calm down. I’m tired of you coming home high off your ass and messing with me. I’m tired of it, Wes,"you head for the stairs and huff in annoyance. You lay on the bed as tears slowly develop in your eyes as you realize just how bad your day was. You quietly sniff as they all rush down your redden cheeks.

"Don’t cry, baby. I didn’t mean to upset you. You’ve been just so down lately and I wanted to bring you back up,” he wraps you in his arms as you told him about your horrible day.

Keaton: You loved going to school and being friends with everyone. It was pretty awesome to talk to everyone and know everyone from every group. You couldn’t help yourself but try getting along with everyone. You were a peace maker, not a world breaker. You loved hearing people talk intelligently about their passions or just giving you mini life lessons because you were the only person that was openly minded to anything. You didn’t mind, you loved soaking in everything and keeping a hold of it. You wanted to know as much as you could about the world and people’s perspective and you took it all to your own advantages. No one really had a problem with you and if they did, they soon got over it. Teachers loved you and in a way, you were a teachers pet but no one ever talked of it. You weren’t bad. You got good grades, never went to a party, never smoked or drank, and as surprising as it sounded, you never had a boyfriend. Of course you’ve been asked out but you never felt a connection to them. So of course you disagreed kindly to the offer and moved along but that all changed as the new kid rolled in town. He changed everything about you. He barged in your life and took over.

You had to show him the school and help him out. You soon had to partner up with him for a project and you weren’t so happy with the idea. He showed no interest in you and if anything, he showed hate. He hated that you were so welcoming, so friendly, so open minded, so intelligent, and so amazing to the point he knew he would be no good for you. He hated every sweet thing about you and he promised to change it. To make you corrupted enough so he could have you. Yet he hated all of you, he wanted nothing more than to have you. He wanted to taste your plump lips to holding you down as you squirm in pleasure. He wanted you in every way possible, whether he had to make it happen or not.

You told him to meet at your house to get started and that your parents wouldn’t be home yet. You wait outside your house for the boy and you both hurry in to get the project done. You didn’t want to spend more time than needed on it. You go upstairs to your room and drop your bag on the desk and look for Keaton. He sluggishly moves into your room and plops on the bed. He watches as you struggle to get your sweatshirt off. Your shirt bundles inside the sweatshirt and you grunt from the inside of it, your stomach on display. You feel cold hands travel up your side and you hurry even quicker and finally get it off. You push his hands off you and pull your shirt back down. You blush at the feeling of his hand and your stomach becomes jittery. You plop in your desk chair and watch as Keaton grabs a bag out of his book bag and grabs a lighter and something rolled within the paper.

“What do you think you’re doing? You can’t smoke in here, my parents will be pissed.”

“Watch me,” he lights his joint and inhales as much as possible. He blows the smoke at you, making you cough to the new fumes developing and spreading through your lungs.

“Put that out, Keaton,” you go to grab it as he inhales more but he grabs your waist and rolls you onto your bed. He somewhat straddles your body and blows the smoke out, away from you. You blush as you realize what happened. Before you can tell what is happening, lips are on yours. He wasn’t playing any longer and he was putting his plan into action. You could somewhat taste the after drag in your mouth from his. You stay as still as a board and he pulls away.

“Kiss me back,” he takes another small hit.

“No,” you were angry, furious, nothing could describe it correctly. He stole your first kiss and he was breaking your parents rules. He also just exposed you to drugs, something new to you.

“Do it,” he takes the longest drag yet and without blowing it out, his lips once again are on yours. Without thinking, you give it a shot and kiss him back. Not even five seconds later, he blows his smoke in your mouth. It fills your lung in a chocking manner as you deeply breath it in. You cough it out as Keaton laughs at you. He was on his way to bring the bad out in you. He turned you into someone you never thought you would become but you couldn’t admit to the fact you didn’t mind.

Drew: You’ve been friends with Drew as long as you could remember. He was your first everything as weird as it sounds, well just about. He was your first kiss in ninth grade at a dumb party. It was nothing you’ve ever expected but you’d never forget that day. It meant the world to share your first with someone you trusted. Yeah, you both slipped a few times but it was all past you both. You knew not everything was great and that’s why you let it all go. Drew got into some messed up shit and brought you down with him but you learned from it all. You’ve both done everything in the book but you’ve became stronger from it. You’ve learned from your mistakes and vowed to never do some of those things again.

Drew was also the first person to introduce you to many drugs and alcohols. You knew just about everything of both. How messed up they would make you, how much to get or drink, the names for every size, and just about everything in between. It wasn’t weird for you to be asked to smoke. You both actually smoked and drank over just about every weekend, as bad as it sounds but you made sure not to do too much. You were still responsible for your actions and you made sure to be cautious of your doings.

Drew walked in with bloodshot eyes that could barely stay open. You already knew he was going to attack your fridge and eat everything in sight so you jumped on him for it. He always took your food and eat whatever he could.

“Stay away from the food, you fatass,” you hear his laugh ring throughout the house and you smiled. His laugh was magical to your ears. He took ever thing from you but your virginity. You were waiting for the right time and you felt weird to do it with Drew simply because you weren’t dating. You’d do it in a heartbeat if he was, possibly. You were odd about it all, not that it was a bad thing.

“I brought some bomb shit for you,” he walks in and hands you the bag. You smell it, savoring it’s aroma. You go to you room to get your favorite bowl and you fill it. You get a lighter and hit it a few times from your spot in bed, Drew watching you hungrily from your door way. You french inhale the smoke and you softly blow it out as it fills your lungs once again.

He wanted you so bad. He’s always wanted you though. He was going to make a move, he was going to make it happen. He was tired of sitting around, watching you move around so gracefully. You were in the palm of his hand yet far in the sky. He had you but he didn’t. He was going to get what he has waited patently for. He’s waited so long, too long. He was ready to pounce on you like you were a piece of meat and he was a starved lion through a period of three days.

He pushes you on the bed as soon as you lay your bowl on your side table. He attacks you everywhere possible and you no longer felt uncomfortable with the thought of him taking your prized possession.

Sorry if it wasn’t exactly what you wanted but I didn’t want them all to be the same.


Drew Imagine~Dramatic

We sat there at that table for I don’t know how long. Neither of us said a word, we were silent, the only noise was the small chatter in the background and the grinding of coffee. I don’t know exactly how it go to this but I know one thing for sure, neither of us saw this coming. If you saw us a couple months ago this silence would be unimaginable. But I guess thats fate, and time continues to move on. I used to look forward to the day he would be back from tour but as the date approached I began to wish tour lasted forever. His blank expressions inform its the same for him as well. This was the 12th time i heard coffee being made, and this isnt a popular cafe- we’ve been here for a long time this is going nowhere. I place both my hands on the table and look him in the eyes, “well if were done here, I’ll be going”. His eyes flashed with disappointment for a second then returned to his glassy eyed stare. I slid my bag on my shoulder, grabbed my copy and made my way out the door. He didnt even say one word. Not one. I feel a pain in my chest, maybe i’m not as over him as i thought. But this pain doesn’t take back what he did, what I did. We had our fair share of equal mistakes, we each got close with other people and stopped communicating for a good 3 weeks. He at bars, and me in tears at home. Why am I still thinking about it were done, over? Why is he so hard damn to get over. It’s just Drew. Oh, drew why dont you love me anymore? I remember living for those 3 am conversations we add, snow fights at christmas, those scary movies you made me watch so you had a reason to hold me. I miss you. I was reminiscing on those memories i didnt even realize where my feet had taken me, the beach. Our beach. My toes sunk into the sand, but my gaze remained on the horizon. What had we done? There was so much more to us than this, i thought it was love.. The sand next to me sunk, someones sitting next to me but what does it matter he’s there and im here. “You know we weren’t done there” it’s him, my head immediately turned to my side, but he wasnt looking at me. “I dont know, you werent saying anything, and i dont know where to begin”, i let a tear stream down my cheek. “I was trying to find the right words to tell you i still care about you, no matter what happens” oh God no, thats it his break-up speech. Even if we werent together together i thought it was all okay because somewhere somehow we still had that title. “Drew, you dont need to say it, I know were done” “were not done, i dont ever see me getting over you y/n” “you will, ive seen them theyre all beautiful, your fans. Theyre better for you then i will ever be” Thats when he actually looked at me. “Dammit stop. You were the best damn thing, that anyone could ever want. Do you think that this is easy for me?! Because i can assure you it is not, nothing makes sense. I thought that this is what i wanted but when you left that cafe i felt broken, hell it took balls not to break down in there! I fucking loved you, I love you. Dont make this anymore difficult and dont lie because i know you wished i would follow you. Wish granted im here” “Drew, I”. “No, y/n dont say your sorry tell me do you want me, this relationship?” Yes, hell yes. “Yes” “Then we need to go unpack your bags”.

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Wes trying to make you ride a motorcycle because were scared to go on it.

“Come on, babe, we have one chance to ride this,” Wes whined like a kid.

“You’re a celebrity, Wes, you could ride one of these whenever you want,” I argued.

“Not really, because I’m always busy with tour and music stuff,” he rolled his eyes. “And I really want to do this.”

“But -”

“And this is one of the best motorcycles of this nation,” Wes continued as he pointed to a red motorcycle. “We gotta ride them, (Y/N).”

“Wes, I’m scared to get on,” you say, getting closer to him as you pressed your hands on his chest. ‘What if I get hurt?“

"That’s impossible, I’m not letting anything hurt you,” he said, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing both of your foreheads together. “Because I’m going to ride with you and hold you very tight.”

“Very tight?” you asked with a smile on your face, a flirty one.

“Very, very tight,” he grinned.

“Then let’s get to it,” you smirked, pecking his lips before putting on a helmet.

Ok but Flynn Rider in Kingdom Hearts III

We all know Flynn is the most realistic male character who questions singing. We know he questions that Rapunzel’s hair glows when she sings.


“Oh come on! How weirder can this day be?!!! First I see Blondie using her hair power. And know there are talking animals! ANIMALS. Not to mention spikey boy over here wacking things with a GIANT KEY! THERE ARE ALSO WEIRD THINGS TRYING TO KILL ME OTHER THAN A HORSE.”

Emblem3 Preference #9 You and Your Child Surprise Him at a Concert *Requested*


“Every one quiet down for a minute we got a surprise for Wes!” Keaton shouted into the microphone, smiling the whole time. Wesley looked up at him confused but Keaton just smiled at him. He turned to Drew to see if he was gonna say anything. Drew brought the microphone up to his mouth like he was about to say something, but decided to keep Wesley in suspense. “Hurry up!” he whined. “Okay! y/n, you can come out now.” he grinned and Wesley instantly looked in every direction and smiled as soon as he saw you, along with your son Jaxon, who is two-years old. Jaxon instantly ran into Wes’ arms and Wesley bent down, picking him up. “Hey buddy” he grinned as Jaxon hugged him. “This is our new band member you guys, he’s pretty talented.” Keaton laughed and the crowd cheered.“Sing something!” Drew yelled before taking a sip from his water bottle. Wesley held the microphone up for him and Jaxon started “singing”. It was more like just baby talking into to the microphone with a sligth bit of rhythm, not really making out any words. “Hey look at that Wes, he’s already better than you!” Keaton smirked. Wesley just laughed and handed him back to you. “Are you staying for the whole show?” he asked. “yeah we’re gonna watch the whole thing.” you smiled. “Good. See you in a little while.” he grinned as he kissed you quickly before you walked off stage. 


Today you’d planned on surprising Drew during a performance, along with your three-year old son, Mason. Things didn’t go quite as planned when he ran out on stage during a song, he was pretty excited to see his dad. The whole performance stopped as he ran right up to Drew, who was already grinning. The silence was instantly filled cheers and aawwsss as he stood by Drew, hugging his leg. Drew leant down beside him so they were practically on the same level. “Where’d you come from? Are you here to sing with us?” he said smiling the whole time and handing him the microphone. The crowd went wild at this as Mason stood there with the microphone, his eyes growing wide as he took in the thousands of people who grew silent in anticipation. He remained still staring at the crowd wide-eyed before letting out some sort of squealing sound, almost a scream and dropping the microphone, running back into your arms. The crowd went wild again, half of them making “aawww” sounds and half of them giggling. Drew walked up to you, kissing you before saying. “Thanks for coming today I really missed you. Both of you.” he smiled.“I missed you too babe, but your audience is waiting.” you replied.“Okay, see you back stage.” he winked, kissing you on the cheek before rejoining Wes and Keaton.


“Keaton just close your eyes!” Wesley urged Keaton, they stood center stage at one of their concerts. “I don’t trust you guys!” he laughed as he refused to do as they said. “Keaton just do it! It’ll be worth it I swear…and we’re not continuing the show until you do.” Drew stated. “You better not be tricking me.” Keaton sighed as he reluctantly closed his eyes, giving you the chance to walk out on stage as the crowd cheered, making Keaton grow more nervous. You stood in front of him with you 4-year old daughter, Bella in your arms and waited for them to tell him to open his eyes. Right before doing so, Wesley hugged you quickly, kissing your daughter on the cheek, and telling Keaton to open his eyes. He opened his eyes and instantly broke out into a smile as he hugged you both. “I can’t believe you did this! I love you.” he said smiling as he took Bella into his arms. “I love you too.” you grinned as he leaned over and kissed you. “Can you say hi?” he asked Bella, only to have her stare blankly at the crowd as everyone waited for her to say something, which never happened. “Look Keaton, she’s just like you.” Wes laughed, along with the rest of the crowd. Keaton just laughed and handed her back to you. “Thanks for coming, this really means a lot.” he smiled. “No problem, she was pretty excited too, if you couldn’t tell…” “I’ll see you backstage, okay?” he said as he kissed your cheek and you walked off stage and music started blaring again.

Keaton Imagine

“Keaton, stop!” You yelled between fits of laughter. Keaton’s deft fingers tickled at your sides. You slid off the couch laughing so much your stomach began to hurt. You could literally feel your abs forming. Keaton continued to poke at your sides and laughed with you. You grabbed his hands and tried to push him away but he just comes closer. You banged your hand on his bedroom carpet to give him the signal that you can’t take it anymore. Keaton understands this signal and gives you a break.

“You are way too ticklish, (Y/N),” Keaton said with a wide grin on his face. You look at him wiping the tears that formed from laughing from your eyes.

“Shut up, Keaton,” You pouted at him. “I hate when you do that.”

“Come on, (Y/N), you know you love it.” As he said this he scooted closer to you on the carpet and caressed your cheek with his thumb. You looked down blushing a little bit and suddenly Wesley came barging through Keaton’s bedroom door. 

“What was all that banging in here?” You giggled as Keaton explained what was happening. Wesley looked at the two of you, turned around, and shook his head while muttering, “And I thought my little bro was finally getting some.” You both had heard what Wesley had said before he left the room. You looked over at Keaton and noticed he was blushing. You couldn’t help but smile at him for being so adorable. Keaton looked at you asking what you were staring at him for. You answer, “You’re just so cute!” Keaton smiled at you and kissed you on the lips and replied, “Not as cute as you.” He put his arm around your shoulders and held you close as you both sat on the floor leaning against the couch. 

“So it’s our three month anniversary! Are you sure you don’t want to do anything special, (Y/N)?” Keaton asked.

“Keaton, you know I don’t care what we do. As long as I’m with you, that’s all that really matters to me,” You reassured him. 

“That’s my girl,” Keaton smiled and kissed your temple.

You noticed the song in the background playing. It was yours and Keaton’s favorite song “Afraid” by The Neighborhood. You stayed silent listening to the music while Keaton sang some of the lyrics quietly in your ear.

Once the song ended you wrapped your arms around Keaton’s waist and said, “Actually, I was thinking we could get some frozen yogurt? I’m kind of craving that right now.” Keaton smiled saying, “No problem. I’ll just tell Wes we’re leaving then we’ll get going, yeah?” You nodded and Keaton pecked you on the lips and skipped off to Wesley’s room. 

Keaton came back into the room and said, “Wesley wants some yogurt too, so he said he’d just drive us. Is that okay with you, (Y/N)?”      

“Yeah, totally! Let’s get going,” You said while grabbing Keaton’s hand.

The three of you ate your frozen yogurt in the shop, since it was a hot day and the shop was very cool. While Keaton was eating his yogurt, you noticed him looking distant from you and Wes. You made a mental note to ask him what he was thinking about. Stepping outside into 90 degree weather was definitely a huge contrast. Once you all sat in the car, Wesley immediately rolled down all of the windows and turned on the radio. Despite the weather being too hot for comfort, somehow you were very content cuddling in the backseat with Keaton. 

You fanned yourself and complained, “Oh my god. I’m a sweaty mess!” Keaton smiled at you like you were the most amazing thing he had ever seen and said, “A beautiful sweaty mess.” You two gazed into each others eyes and were interrupted by a gag from the driver’s seat.

“Shut the hell up, Wes,” Keaton snapped. Keaton rested his head on your shoulder, his soft hair gently tickling your skin. You laid your head on his and continued to ride back to Keaton’s house.

Once Wesley parked his car into the driveway, he got out of the car, leaving all of the windows open. You and Keaton continued sitting in the backseat, except your positions were switched: Your head was laying on Keaton’s shoulder, his arm wrapped around you and his head resting on yours.

You both sat in silence until Keaton cleared his throat.

“(Y/N), I really like you. A lot, actually. I’ve never, like, felt this way about anyone else before. I truly care about you and I don’t want to screw this up. I just want to take this slow so we can actually get to know each other before we get involved in something, you know… serious. I’ve kind of been thinking about what Wesley muttered earlier and I want our first time to be special. ”

You intertwined your fingers with his and look Keaton in the eyes.

“Keaton, I really care about you too. And I completely agree with you. I don’t want to rush into things so early. We’ll just take it day by day and see what happens.” You squeeze his hand tightly and Keaton smiles at you with a look you’ve never seen on his face before. You both lean in closely. He caresses your cheek with his thumb and kisses you. This kiss is more passionate than all of the other ones. 

This is the start of something beautiful.


Keaton imagine

A/N: I give you all the  right to smack me if my next imagine is based in a park. This one is kinda cute/pointless

“Ninja attack!” you hear some one yell behind you. You immediately duck because you know it’s your boyfriend Keaton.You’re spending the day at a park and he’s been running off and then sneaking up on you trying to “Ninja Attack” you. “Keaton will you stop?!?"you say a bit frustrated.” No,NEVER! “he says before disappearing again.

You decide to walk over to the swing-set and sit down for a while waiting for Keaton to re-appear. You sat down and began to swing a little when you felt a hand on you shoulder, taking you by surprise. You turn and punched the person in the stomach without hesitation. The second you hit you "attacker” you realize that it’s Keaton.“KEATON!” you gasp “Y/N what the hell was that for?” he moans holding his stomach “It’s Reflex. I’m so sorry."you say letting him lean on you as you walk to a near by bench.

You rub Keaton’s stomach to help him feel better.Eventally you both agree to go home. While your walking back to the car he says ”“I guess you won. You are now the Ultimate Ninja.” he says giving you a peck on the cheek.

Preferences #44: Having Sex While Pregnant....Water Breaks (Xmas Shot #1)
  • Wes: I never once thought that I would start a family because I never really wanted to have kids. When I got with Wes things seemed to change but I didn’t know if I was ready for a baby, I had 2 months to get ready for this baby. I was 7 months pregnant with our first child, Wes was beyond excited to be a father but somethings where still unknown because I wasn’t sure if I wanted the baby. “How you feeling?” he asked. “Im good” I responded. “How is the little one” he said as he rested his hand on my belly. “kicking up a storm” I said as I moved his hand so he could feel the baby. “Wow” he said in response to the baby kicking. “Yea I feel that all the time” I said. “does it hurt?” He asked. “Not really” I responded to his question. “Are you still um horny?” He asked. “Always baby” I said as I kissed him softly. “i could fix that” he whispers in my ear as he laid me back on the bed. I put my arms on his sides as I continued the kiss between us,he hands moving up from my hips taking my shirt off as he makes his way to my back to unsnapped my bra. “baby I want you” I moaned into his ear. “You will have me” he responded as he stripped us both off. He moved us so our bodies were lined up with each other, him over top of me sucking on my neck. My growing belly between us but it seemed like Wes wanted me even more when I was pregnant. He moved his hips towards mine as he slipped himself into me, slowly thrusting as I ran my hands down his chest. “I love you” he said into my ear. “Yes Wes” I moaned as I put my arms around his neck. He started to pick up the pace as I started to moan into his ear, he held my legs so he could push himself more into me. He kissed me softly but with all the passion he had as we were contacted as one. “Wes baby” I moaned. “cum for me baby” he said as he thrusted harder into me. We both heard a pop and we couldn’t figure out what it was but once he pulled out there was a gush of water. “Um baby?” he asked. “My water broke” I said as I started to get contractions. “Shit” he yelled as he got dressed and helped me get dress and down to the car. We were off to the hospital, the contractions were coming fast and I couldn’t seem to catch my breath in between them. Once we got to the hospital I went a lot quicker than anyone thought because within 20 minutes of getting to the hospital I gave birth to our son. He came into this world at 9:08pm on July 14 weighting 7 pounds and 9oz. He was two months early but he was a healthy baby boy and once I saw him I fell in love with him and there was no more questions on rather if I wanted him or not.
  • Keaton: I always wonder why Keaton was with me and I just couldn’t figure it out. I knew loved me but he was a famous guy in a band so he had other options. He always told me that I was his high school sweetheart and that no one could replace me. It was true we were together for a while so when he got famous he took me with him which I didn’t mind. Sometimes the hate did get to me but Keaton tired his hardest to keep that away from me, because he hated to see me hurt. I was nearly 9 months pregnant with our first child, I only had a few more weeks before I was due and I couldn’t wait to meet her. I knew she would be the apple of Keaton’s eye and I knew he would be an amazing father. I was at the point in my pregnancy that I wanted her out, I was so over being pregnant and Keaton knew that so he tried to make me feel as comfortable as he could. “Keaton?” I asked. “In the bedroom baby” he responded. I walked into the room where he was shirtless making me wanted him even more, we had amazing sex while I was pregnant and boy did I wanted him more then anything now. “What you need?” he asked. “You” I responded as I kissed him softly. ‘Oh yea?” he said as he placed his hands on my hips pulling me as close as he could. With my growing belly it was hard to close to him but some how we made it work, he moved his lips down to my neck as he removed my dress. He pushed me down on the bed as he slipped his boxers off, sliding my panties off. “Keaton, I need you” I said as he pushed my legs apart. He didn’t waste anytime as he pushed himself into me, making me moan right away. They always say that pregnant women are more horny when they are pregnant well that is true because I always wanted Keaton more and more each passing day. “Feel good” he said as he started to suck on my neck. All I did was moan in his ear as he started to pick up the pace, I ran my hand down his chest down to his hips pulling him closer and deeper into me. “I love you” he moaned into my ear. “Yea Keaton” I moaned as I was getting close to my climax and that’s when a sharp pain hit me. “OW” I shouted. He froze as he didn’t know what I was screaming about, he pulled out and just looked at me. “Whats wrong?” he asked. “Just got a pain in my stomach” I said. “You want to go to the hospital?” he asked. “I don’t know if this is labor” I said as I got up. As soon as my feet hit the ground a big gush of water rushed out of me. “Baby your water broke” he said. “GET ME TO THE HOSPITAL” I shouted as the contractions started to pick up. We both got dressed and he rushed around to get everything and then he finally got me to the car and rushed us to the hospital. I was fully in labor but no where near giving birth yet. I stayed in labor for more then 14 hours and then Miss Aaliyah made her debut, she came into the world on August 19 at 3:09 pm screaming and crying. She weight 8 pounds and 9oz and she had her daddy wrapped around her finger from the moment he saw her. 

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