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e3 photoblog part 3/3

an inkling visits e3. Hands on impressions:

Star Fox Zero: The motion controls are a natural addition to existing Star Fox gameplay. Really feels like piloting an advanced fantasy starfighter. Accuracy is top notch and I love switching between tv and gamepad views. I wonder if difficulty will reach Sin and Punishment levels!

Blast Ball: At first, it seemed simple with Wolfenstein 1 type running and gunning. However, you can lock on the ball then use the gyro to hit particular parts of the ball for different effects, such as a pop fly or top spin. Fast paced and intense!

Mario and Luigi Paper Jam: Turn-based rpg battles with quick time action prompts. Very similar to Mario and Luigi Dream Team. Paper Mario is out of place, but amusing. Special attacks’ length can make repeated use tiring.

I don’t blog normally so these posts are a bit out of place. Please understand. E3 was very exciting, and I was happy to meet Nintendo staff, play games, and see the industry!