Some family history.  My great-grandfather Bill Keenan was an FDNY firefighter and enjoyed a full 40 year career from ~1920 to ~1960.

He served the majority of his career at now defunct ENGINE 327 on E23rd Street in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn.  On July 19, 1932 there was a fire at the Half Moon Hotel during which Bill fell through a floor and broke his knee.  After surgery Bill was transferred in-house from E327 to L169 and drove the rear of L169 which was a tiller ladder.

E327/E246/L169 were located in a large 3-bay Sheepshead Bay firehouse on E 23 St.  E327 had a massive Ahrens Fox rig.  Firefighters would hang off the sides L169’s wooden aeriel ladder.

E327 actually started as the 2nd section of E246 in the early days of the department.  When the box location was to the right of the firehouse, E246 usually exited first and took “1st due status”.  When the box was to the left, E327 responded in the lead.

E327 was disbanded in 1960 when E246/L169 moved to a new firehouse on E11 St.  E327 was originally going to get a new firehouse but that did not happen.