so i’ve watched s2 of voltron and i’m back and 

  • i’m a little disappointed with how little they featured lance and hunk (my bias is especially bummed about lance). 
  • i loved the story through the season though
  • although they handled the whole ‘keith being galra and allura being angry’ thing completely wrong, like immensely wrong and they made keith seem like the victim and idk
  • i’m glad we got to see heaps of keith though god bless (maybe a little too much but oh well) and i’m super happy they went through with the whole galra!keith plotline
  • a couple of cute shallura scenes (when shiro yelled out allura’s name in e12 it ended me)
  • the space mall episode was life and i love seeing my two babes lance and pidge bonding
  • haggar is (at least part) altean?? did not see that one coming but i love it, i always thought she was the most interesting character. 
  • “coran the gorgeous man”
  • “i can only express myself through my music” *blasts classical altean music*
  • allura
  • allura being super strong
  • allura getting her hair done by the altean mice
  • allura liking sparkly things
  • allura!!!!
  • lance being insecure
  • lance in a face mask and robe
  • pidge being a little cutie and being completely fascinated by all the new technology she finds
  • hunk being happy his cookies are appreciated
  • *two bros chilling in the altean pool 5ft away because they’re not gay*

so while i’m disappointed with a lot i’m also happy with a lot and i hope you enjoyed my mess of a ramble