I actually really liked E12, honestly.

I know people were pissed at it but it all made sense to me. But you just have to think of it in the right way, I think. Like Tengan was using Ryota as a Nuclear Option so he had to really drive Ryota to the point where he’d figure out the Hope video was the only solution to ending despair.

Not that I agree, of course, I just understand.

Still, the story isn’t over yet! Everything will finally cumulate in Side: Hope and we’ll get our resolution at last.

I do hope they do Sakakura more justice tho, I understand why they didn’t devote any time to him in E12 but I thought the symbolism with Munakata’s swords was pretty awesome. I think another user pointed out how his first sword represented Yukizome while the second represented Sakakura, you know the same swords he stabbed both with respectively.

I am curious about the Yukizome and Junko thing tho. It could be they’re in limbo or purgatory rather than any sort of afterlife. It could mean they’re ghosts and the theater setting is just a symbolic way to show they’re observing the events play out n real time. Or it could be that AI thing.

Who knows? I mean it begs the question where everyone else is at if they’re the only ones there.

Anyway I’m kinda impressed that Tengan, Yukizome, and Ryota all had a hand in this somehow.

And Ryota. Dammit. I was never one to believe he was a cinnamon roll from the get-go but as soon as they mentioned brainwashing in Despair I trusted him even less. He’s like the embodiment of “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”. I won’t deny he’s trying to do good but in reality he’s causing more harm to people. Which may or may not have been Tengan’s intention. Tengan talked about extremes so much but if this was his intention all along then he himself gave into another extreme.

Unless of course that was the entire point. The point being to show that neither extreme despair nor extreme hope were correct. They were already living in a world of extreme despair so if he showed that extreme hope could have the same consequences, what better proof against extremism is there?

Does that make sense? I mean the first killing game was for the sake of despair. The second was for the sake of hope. It would be poetic to see Hope destroyed by Despair just how Despair was destroyed by Hope before.

You know, to show neither is outright good or evil, just extensions of normal human emotions. That they are, in fact, two sides of the same coin. That just because you feel despair doesn’t mean you can’t also have hope. I’m not sure I’m explaining this right but basically saying negative emotions are normal and shouldn’t be rejected. Wallowing in positive emotions can be just as bad as wallowing in negative emotions.

Or I just think it would be an interesting direction but I don’t think they’ll actually go with that.

Still “It is always darkest” is an interesting title given the saying goes “it’s always darkest before the dawn” or something like that. So given how Yukizome said “now hope begins”, I guess that means to signify the dawning of a new era. But which hope? Yukizome herself said if more than one type of hope can come together, what kind of hope can they create. (I’m paraphrasing, I can’t remember what she said exactly, but I do recall her mentioning more than one kind of hope.)

The least morally dubious option I foresee is to use a video to revert everyone back to how they used to be before any brainwashing occurred. But that’s me.

I’m excited to see how it’ll turn out tho! And I love Ryota doing morally wrong shit with good intentions. I love morally dubious characters and I respect Ryota more now, as a character, knowing this about him. I never hated him or anything, I was just suspicious of him from the get-go. As the series went on, I did sympathize with him more tho so that was good.

But honestly I love all types of characters so yeah. Point is, I’m excited!